Monday, February 10, 2020

4 Helpful Tips to Take Care of Your Kid’s Backpack

Guest Post By: Eliza Gilbert

Being a parent is challenging, fun, and even rewarding. Getting the kids ready for school, preparing all the things they need, signing permits and consent documents- all of these are part of the beautiful life of a parent. For them, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing the happy faces of their children after a long tiring day.

Apart from the duties that most parents juggle daily, there's one more thing that they need to take into account - backpack care and safety. Most children get all too excited about the idea of bag tags, colours, and beautiful designs. But backpack care and safety often elude them.

Here are some helpful tips:

Go for backpacks with wide shoulder straps

The comfort value of a backpack is influenced by the width of its shoulder straps. Ideally, the children should wear bags with much wider straps instead of narrow ones.

Narrow straps are most likely to exert more weight on one region of the shoulder. When these straps start to cut into the child's shoulders, they press firmly onto nerves.

It restricts healthy circulation, and when this issue arises, the child may experience a tingling sensation and maybe even numbness across their arms. Wider straps distribute weight equally by increasing the surface area between the strap and shoulder.

Opt for bag tags for faster returns of lost backpacks

Because children often rush after lunch, and at times, get quickly engrossed about playing, they tend to lose their bags frequently. Fastening bag tags on to a child's backpack ensures that anyone who finds the bag can quickly return it to them. It will also eliminate the need for fumbling inside the bag to search for the owner's identification.

Consider the proper lifting of the backpack

Only a few children are taking this seriously, but this is one of the crucial aspects of backpack use. Not only does lifting a backpack impact its durability, but it also helps children maintain proper posture.

To do this, train your children to begin by bending their knees as if executing a squat. Next, see to it that they are holding the bag with both hands before standing up.

If it's a little heavy, tell them to put the bag on the chair first before turning to put it on their backs.

Clear out all the contents of the bag every week

One question that parents must consider- is everything inside their children's bag, by any means, useful to them? For sure, there are a couple of things that they would keep regardless of the value.

But what about crumpled receipts and sunglasses from last week's beach party? It may seem like this stuff doesn’t weigh much separately. But collectively, their combined weight can be significant.

It’s important that children are trained to get rid of unnecessary items from their bags from time to time to avoid clutter and too much weight.

Knowledge on backpack use matters

When it comes to carrying books and school supplies, backpacks provide an easy way to get it done. However, when it’s misused, it may lead to certain issues like health problems and early wear out.

Equipping children with proper knowledge makes their experience with their backpacks more enjoyable, and it helps them become more aware of their health as well as their belongings.

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