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It Isn't Christmas Without Lots of Candy from R.M. Palmer - Great for Filling Stockings and Making Edible Treats! (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Eek! It is almost time for Santa's arrival?  Are you all set with all your holiday shopping, wrapping, etc.?  This is the first time I have finished all my shopping and wrapping, with time to spare.  And, I have to say, I am loving the extra time that I can spend with my girls and family, enjoying the holidays.  We have been enjoying watching holiday movies, reading Christmas-themed books, and making some fun edible festive treats to enjoy with our movie and story time, as well as to share with family and friends, to get them into the holiday spirit.  

As I wind down my holiday gift guide, I can't help but think back to when I started blogging back in 2007.  The following year, I started to work with R.M. Palmer Company, and have been working with them every year since. It isn't a holiday without including them in my gift guides, or sharing fun edible treats and candy gift ideas using their delicious, mouth watering candy.  So, as I wrap this year's gift guide, which has over 300 gift ideas, I am happy to end with my favorite candy company, and one that I have enjoyed working with for over 11 years. And, what better to end my gift guide for 2019 than with chocolate! :-)

First, I want to share some of their new product additions for this Christmas season, and then will share some cute edible treats and kid-friendly craft ideas you and your kids can make and gift to teachers, neighbors, friends, and family.  And, as always, I want to thank the folks over at R.M. Palmer Company for sending a box full of chocolate/candy for my family and I to sample,a and help with my review.  Being a chocoholic, this sample is always welcome, and I love sharing all the candy with my family and seeing what they think, especially with the new product additions.  So, without further ado, here is all about the wonderful candy available now at most major retailers and grocery stores in the candy/seasonal aisles from R.M. Palmer Company -- all of which would make for great stocking stuffer ideas, to send in with your kids for holiday classroom parties, or just to grab and fill your candy dishes with, so that family and friends, and you, can enjoy as you count down the days until Santa's arrival.

Here is a photo my youngest daughter took of all the R.M. Palmer Company candy we received the other day in the mail....mmm, my mouth is watering just looking at the photo. :-)

And, here are my girls, holding up their "dibs" candy, they called for themselves... :-)

I was quick to call the Palmer Football Fantasy chocolate football, which is hollowed out chocolate, and a must have for footballs fans, young and old.  My youngest couldn't believe how big the chocolate football was, and was even more stunned when she got it out of the box to hold...

Before she handed over the football, there was a little fumble..and this is what happened...

While all the chocolate football shenanigans were going on, this is what my oldest daughter was up to...

Sampling her "dog" milk chocolate. When asked what she thought of it, I got a smile, followed by "Yum!" So, I will take that as she was happy with her R.M. Palmer Company goodies. :-)

As you can see with the photos above, including the first one that showed all the chocolate goodness we were sent, the folks at R.M. Palmer Company have you covered this holiday season when it comes to choosing the perfect candy to fill your family's stockings with, add to the candy bowl, or gift to chocoholics like myself.  Here are just some of the standout candies from them this season, you should be on the lookout for as you wrap up your holiday shopping.  Their candy will put a smile on everyone's face, who takes a bite of their delicious, mouth watering chocolate.  We haven't been able to stop smiling since receiving our box of goodies from R.M. Palmer Company, and I know once you sink your teeth into the chocolate football or reindeer chocolate pop, you will be all smiles, too!

Check out the top chocolate candy offerings from R.M. Palmer Company for Christmas 2019...

"Take your football season to the next level with this fun hollow football.  Made with Palmer's famous Double Crisp, this 5.5oz hollow football is not only delicious, it looks like the real thing (only smaller).  These make a perfect gift for youth sports team banquets, or just the big fan in your life.  This can also be used as centerpiece additions for Thanksgiving and holiday family celebrations, and as theme decorations for parties to watch college bowl games, pro playoffs and even The Big Game.  They are great as stocking stuffers too."

"Rudolph The Red-Nosed reindeer and his pals are now available for the holidays as delicious chocolate flavored novelties that are perfect for stocking stuffers and fun gifts.  Characters from the classic holiday special come to life in the form of Rudolph, Santa, Sam the Snowman and the "Bumble"."

"The most famous reindeer of all... Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is now available in a delicious holiday pop.  Made with Double Crisp, this decorated pop makes a perfect stocking stuffer."

"Have you been naughty or nice this year?  These adorable characters have obviously been naughty and have found themselves in Santa's Doghouse.  Delicious solid milk chocolate flavored pieces in a 3-pack that is a great stocking stuffer for the dog lovers in your life."

"What a great way to say Merry Christmas! This GIANT Double Crisp® Pop is decorated in cheery Santa foil and perfect for sharing...or save it all for yourself! 3 ounces."

"Wish someone special a happy holiday with this cute gift box. It includes six individually wrapped chocolaty Santas and Snowmen. 1.5 ounces."

"Leave Santa a treat better than cookies — R. M. Palmer’s Cookies & Crème Snowmen! He will love the sweet combination of creamy candy with crunchy cookie bits. 4.5 ounces. Also available in bulk."

"For all those "naughty" folks on the Christmas list, our Coal is just what Santa ordered! 3.4 ounces. Also available in bulk."

"Chocolaty balls with crunchy pretzel pieces.  Sweet and salty - a great combination for any holiday gathering.  4.5 ounces."

"Get in the holiday spirit this year with Santa's Merry Mix. Peanut Butter Cups, Fudge Bells and Milk Chocolate Flavored Santas and Snowmen will keep you and your family feeling merry all season long! 44 ounces."


These are just of the great chocolate options available from R.M. Palmer Company this Christmas season. You can check out all their entire seasonal candy line by visiting


As with all my R.M. Palmer Company candy posts, I wanted to share a few fun edible crafts and treats you and your kids can make together, all of which would make for great gift ideas, or fun festive treats to help you count down until Santa's big arrival.  We have been having a blast making these edible treats, and I know your kids will have fun with them, too.  Be sure to check out the "Making Candy Fun" tab on the R.M. Palmer Company website for other edible treat and crafting ideas for Christmas, and all the upcoming holidays in 2020.  I am always impressed with creative and fun crafts we find there. And, the girls love making them and bringing them to give out at holiday homeschool parties and gatherings...and, they are always a hit!

--Having Fun With Your R.M. Palmer Candy--


These decadent chocolate dipping spoons make cocoa a special occasion. Keep them on the counter for enjoying every day, or add them to treat bags for a thoughtful, elegant gift.


1 Palmer® Milk Chocolate Flavored Almond Bark
Palmer® Mint Favors
Palmer® Cookies & Crème Patties
Palmer® Double Crisp® Discs



Break the bark into smaller pieces and melt the Palmer® Milk Chocolate Flavored Almond Bark for spoon dipping first. Place a 1/2 cup of chocolate in a microwave safe bowl and microwave for 1 minute. Take it out and stir, then continue to heat it for 20 second intervals until melted.

Chop your favorite Palmer® candies into small pieces (we used Palmer® Mint Favors, Palmer® Cookies & Crème Patties and Palmer® Double Crisp® Discs).

Once your chocolate is melted, dip your spoon into the bowl. You’ll need to stir it around and turn it over to make sure you’ve got it all covered in chocolate.


Set the spoon on wax paper and sprinkle on crushed Palmer® candies. Allow chocolate to harden completely. If you would like to speed up the process, you can put the spoons in the refrigerator to harden.

Enjoy these chocolaty candy spoons with your next cup of hot chocolate or hot milk!


Decorate for the holidays with Palmer this year. These fun candy ornaments bring sparkle, shine and lots of color to your tree, mantle or staircase.


1–2 bags of Palmer® Santa’s Favorites
1 Styrofoam ball (4–6 inch diameter)
2 plastic balls that open in half (different sizes)
1 plastic craft ornament (oval shaped)
2–3 spools of ribbon & string of choice
1 pack of silver bells
1 pack of holiday buttons
Glue gun & glue sticks
Scissors & paperclips
Glitter glue

NOTE: Children should be supervised by adults when creating this craft.


Step 1

Start with the Styrofoam ornament. Establish the top and bottom of your ornament. Contort your paperclips so that they form a loop and twist at the bottom to secure. Push one clip into the top and one into the bottom (opposite each other) of the Styrofoam ball. Remove, add glue to the hole and insert the paperclips back in. Wait until they dry fully. Now you can start gluing on your candy. Set aside once all the candy is glued on and allow to dry completely.
*Note: The ball will have a tendency to roll toward the candy. Have something to prop the ball on while gluing to help with this issue.

Step 2

For the plastic balls that open in half—fill with the candy and bells. You can even fill one with one of the Peanut Butter Cup Reindeer (see craft instructions on how to make). Carefully close the ball.
The plastic craft ornament can be filled with your holiday buttons and bells, glue some of the buttons on the outside as well and use some glitter glue to paint on an initial, name or the year. We decided to paint on the Palmer Bunny Symbol.

Step 3

To finish your ornaments, loop string to the top of each ornament so that you can hang them. Make bows from your ribbon and attach to the ornaments at the top or bottom (the Styrofoam candy ornament has the looped paperclip at the bottom of the ornament for this purpose). Tie on some string and have some bells dangling. Have fun. This is your time to customize the ornaments any way you would like.
All your ornaments are complete and ready to be displayed on your tree, mantle or staircase. These ornaments are also great gift ideas.


Bring some magic to the Palmer® Sno Fun Mesh Bags with these Snowmen. They are jolly happy souls made of delicious Palmer candy, perfect for kids of any age!


3 Palmer® Sno Fun Mesh Bags
3 white pom poms
1 sheet of stiff black felt
Candy cane decoration with holly
3 brown pipe cleaners
Silver trim/ribbon
3 pairs of googly eyes
3 decorative Christmas light bulb gems
Glue and scissors


Step 1

Put together the snowmen’s faces by gluing an orange light bulb gem for the nose and two googly eyes onto each pom pom.

Step 2

Create the snowmen hats: Cut out three strips of the stiff black felt 5” x 1”. Twist strip to make the bulk of the hat and glue in place. Trim the top and bottom so that it is flat. Trace the top of the hat and cut out a circle to glue on top. Cut out a larger circle to glue on bottom for the brim of the hat. Wrap some trim/ribbon around the bottom of the hat and embellish with the holly found on the candy canes.

Step 3

Glue the head of the snowman to the top of each mesh bag. Once securely in place, glue the top hat on the snowman’s head. Wrap additional trim around the necks of the snowmen to make scarves. Cut each brown pipe cleaner in half and make to look like twigs. Weave through either side of each mesh bag for the snowman’s arms.
Cut out 3 heart shapes from the stiff black felt and glue to the bottom of each mesh bag for the feet. Finally, glue the candy cane in one hand of each snowman. Your Sno Fun Snowmen have come to life and are ready for display.


Count down the days to Christmas with Palmer. Fill this fun Advent calendar with Palmer candy and enjoy some naughty or nice chocolate each day.


1 bag of Palmer® Caramel Santas
1 bag of Palmer® Candy Cane Cups
1 bag of Palmer® Double Crisp Discs
1 mesh bag of Palmer® Double Crisp® Coal
1 mesh bag of Palmer® Milk Chocolate Coins
1 cork board 23″x35″
25 small brown bags
1 pack of color push pins
1 pack of white doilies
2 packs of number and letter stickers
2 sheets of glitter scrapbook paper
1 spool of ribbon
1 spool of silver string
1 pack of craft Christmas bulbs
1 pack of mini clothes pins
3 tubes of paint (blue, white, and glitter)
1 paint brush
1 print out of decorative images (pdf)
Christmas craft decorations
Scissors & glue


Step 1

Paint the corkboard to resemble the sky using the white paint for clouds and glitter paint for stars. Allow the board to dry completely. Once dry, glue on your doilies to resemble snowflakes. You can make your own snowflakes by cutting out round pieces of paper, folding twice and cutting out shapes as an alternative to the doilies. Also cut out the moon and Santa image (pdf) and glue to the bottom right hand corner of the board.

Step 2

In order to fit all 25 bags, the brown bags will have to be reduced in size. This gives you the opportunity to make different size bags for a more fun and quirky look. To do so, cut off the bottom portion of the bag and cut along the sides of the bag right down the middle fold. You should now have 3 pieces in front of you. Discard the bottom piece in the recycling bin. Take one of the remaining pieces and make a dart on both sides to shorten the width to desired size (this is the step where you can change the width of each bag to make them all slightly different in size). Glue down the dart. Cut the other piece so that it fits the same width. Place that piece behind the flaps and glue shut. Fold the bottom twice or more to change the height of the bag (again this is where you can change the height size of each bag to make them all slightly different in size). Glue down that fold.

Repeat for all bags.

Step 3

Now it is time to layout the corkboard to fit all 25 bags and know where to place the string. 
But first, we need to name our calendar. With your letter stickers, spell out Days Till 
Christmas at the top of the corkboard. Once that is completed, lay all 25 bags on the board
 into 5 rows (5 bags per row). With pins, mark where the string should go for each row. 
Remove the bags and cut string to fit the width. Pin the string in place—the pins represent 
colorful Christmas lights. It does not have to be perfectly straight lines. Once all the rows of
string are in place, tie on your light bulbs to add to the idea of the pins being colorful 
Christmas lights.

Once all the bags are decorated and dry, fill them with 2–4 pieces of Palmer® candy. 
And fold down the top to close the bag.

Step 4

Decorate each bag with doilies (snowflakes), decorative images (pdf), glitter, glitter 
scrapbook paper cut out like light bulbs or stars, silver bells and Christmas buttons left 
over from your Candy Ornaments (see craft), ribbon, etc. Don’t forget your numbers. Place
the appropriate numbers on each bag 1–25. Have fun, this is your time to be creative and
customize each bag. Make sure your 25th day is the largest of the bags so that it covers 
the image of Santa in his sleigh, making it a surprise behind that candy bag that Santa has


Step 5

To finish your calendar, write a fun message on the moon next to Santa and attach all the 
candy bags to the string with mini clothes pins. Now your calendar is ready for display. 
Hang it on a door or wall and let the fun begin in counting down the days to Christmas with
Get more R.M. Palmer candy craft inspirations by visiting... 
My girls love making their own homemade candy gifts to gift to family and friends, and 
everyone loves their R.M.Palmer candy gifts, year after year.  And, I always find fun new 
candy-themed craft and gift ideas when I stop by the R.M. Palmer website.  So, be sure to
 bookmark this page and  visit with each holiday for candy-inspired gift ideas and fun 
candy crafting with your kids.

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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