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DreamWorks Spirit Riding Free: Spirit of Christmas Special Now Streaming on Netflix + Check Out These Great Gift Ideas for Fans of the Show! (Review) #ad #SpiritofChristmas

Disclosure: Thanks to DreamWorks for the free DreamWorks Spirit Riding Free Toys and book to celebrate the holiday special, DreamWorks Spirit Riding Free: Spirit of Christmas. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

My girls were so excited the other day when they were scrolling through the Netflix shows and movies and saw that there was a new Spirit Riding Free holiday special that was now available for streaming. Ever since this DreamWorks animated series began streaming on Netflix, my girls have been hooked, and continue to watch all the seasons available, over and over again, in anticipation for new series to be released, as well as holiday specials like the new DreamWorks Spirit Riding Free: Spirit of Christmas.  The Spirit Riding Free series follows a free-spirited girl named Lucky, and her unbreakable bond between a wild stallion she befriends, when she relocates with her father from the big city to a frontier town called Miradero.  Since its release in May 2017, there have been 52 episodes to this series, with more new episodes expected in 2020.  The name of the series may sound familiar, as it is based on the 2002 animated movie, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron.  My girls saw this movie prior to finding about the new 2017 DreamWorks series, and loved it.  This was the first movie that got them excited about horses, and had them wanting to learn how to ride a horse.  And, once the DreamWorks animated series aired on Netflix, they fell in loves with horses, especially wild stallions, even more.  They love watching Lucky and her two friends Pru and Abigail go on fun adventures through the frontier, and watch the bond grow between Lucky and Spirit.  If it wasn't for this special bond with Spirit the horse, it would have been a harder transition from the big city to small frontier living for Spirit.  She was lonely until she stumbled across Spirit, and from that moment on, she was able to tackle things in life and go on fun adventures, which makes up each episode of this fun series for kids of all ages.

Like I mentioned earlier, there is a new holiday special streaming right now on Netflix called DreamWorks Spirit Riding Free: Spirit of Christmas. 

The PALs spot their favorite singer, Sally Jessup, on the train! This Christmas can't get any better! More to come in Spirit Riding Free: Spirit of Christmas on Netflix December 6!

Just having a fun, holiday-themed episode was a gift in itself for my Spirit Riding Free girls, but thanks to the kind folks at DreamWorks, they made the holidays even better, but sending along a present for the girls. My ears are finally recovering from the high pitched screams that the girls let out when they saw the big red gift wrapped box in front of the tree, when they came home from Girl Scouts the other night. My youngest was quick to notice the Spirit Riding Free gift tag attached to the box, and that is when the screaming got louder, as the girls knew what was inside...goodies and toys from DreamWorks about one of their favorite Netflix shows.

Here is a video I took of the girls doing an unboxing, to show off what was included in the box.  You will see that the box was filled to the brim with DreamWorks Spirit Riding Free goodies, that any fans of this animated series, would love to get at the holidays this year.


I wanted to share more about the DreamWorks Spirit Riding Free goodies that my girls showed off in the video above, so that you can pick up and share with that special Spirit Riding Free fan in your life for Christmas.  As you can tell with the video above, my girls were so excited to unbox their goodies, but were even more excited once the camera stopped rolling, to tear open the packaging and start playing with the Spirit & Lucky Grooming Paddock from Just Play and the Abigail doll and horse set also from Just Play.  And, that night once they were done playing with their new Just Play toys, they had to try out their new Spirit Riding Free mug and the oh so tasty Ghiradelli gourmet hot chocolate that came in the mug, as they snuggled up together on the couch to read through the DreamWorks Spirit Riding Free: Lucky's Guide to Wintertime Whimsy from Little Brown Books. 

I ended up picking up another copy of this book that will arrive next week, so that each of my girls can enjoy it, and do the fun activities that fill the pages of this holiday-themed book, which you see in the photos below...


"Bring home the adventurous world of DreamWorks Animation Television's Netflix original series, Spirit Riding Free! with the Spirit & Lucky Grooming Paddock! Even wild mustangs need grooming. After a long day of riding through the frontier, Spirit and the other horses love getting groomed by Lucky! The paddock is inspired by the show and comes with one poseable Lucky doll, one Spirit horse, and one foal. The playset features an upstairs loft, washing station, tack storage, and corral nursery. Store haybales in the paddock loft, which features a hinged floor to drop hay into the nursery corral. The washing station includes everything you need to give Spirit a bath after all of his adventures, and it even has a cabinet to store the shampoo, brush, and comb! The paddock also features a tack room to hang and care for all your Spirit Riding Free tack and accessories. The Spirit & Lucky Grooming Paddock comes with 21 pieces including stickers that can be used to decorate the barn. Look for the Spirit Riding Free Doll and Horse sets from the Collector Series (sold separately) to complete the Spirit experience! Ages 3+

  • Playset features an upstairs loft, washing station, tack storage, and nursery corral. Paddock loft features a drop floor so Lucky can easily feed her foal in the nursery corral.
  • Washing station features a hose and a cabinet to store the shampoo, brush, and comb.
  • Hang Lucky’s saddle in the tack room.
  • Ages 3+

What's Included:

  • Includes 21 pieces: one Paddock, poseable Lucky doll, 7” Spirit horse, foal, haybale, feeding trough, saddle, bridle & rein, tack box, curry comb, comb, shampoo bottle, grooming brush, shower base, shower tank with hose & nozzle, Paddock supports, shelf, bench, and stickers."

"Relive the adventures of Lucky, Spirit and all their friends from the new DreamWorks Animation Television series, Spirit Riding Free! This Doll and Horse set is a perfect start to a new horse collection.  Abigail stands 5" tall and is accompanied by her horse companion, Boomerang. Abigail features poseable arms and legs that allow her to be moved into fun action poses! Abigail can also ride Boomerang. Boomerang has a thick mane that can be groomed to promote nurturing play. Abigail and Boomerang's size is perfect for little hands and great for imaginative frontier adventures! Look for the Spirit: Riding Free Barn Playset and the Horses from the Classic Series (sold separately) to complete the Spirit experience!  Ages 3+."
  • Abigail features poseable arms and legs for imaginative play.
  • Perfect size for little hands and collectability.
  • Collect all three Doll and Horse Sets: Lucky and Spirit, Abigail and Boomerang, and Prudence and Chica Linda.
  • Each set sold separately.
  • Ages 3+.
What's Included
  • Set includes: one 5" Abigail doll and one 7" Boomerang horse.

Pairs Available: Pru & Chica, Abigail & Boomerang, Lucky & Spirit, Ursula & Bing Cherry, Maricela & Mystery, Bebe & Sergeant


Buy now from Amazon for only $10.48
About this book:

"Celebrate winter with Lucky, and the rest of the PALs in this interactive guidebook that includes a giant poster, stencils, postcards, crafts, recipes, quizzes, games, and more! In this cozy guidebook, Lucky Prescott and her friends celebrate all the things they love about winter with the help of their trusty steeds! 

The PALs and other key characters from the hit Netflix show guide readers through pages of interactive quizzes about what gifts to give loved ones, recipes for holiday treats, easy-to-make winter crafts, and other seasonal games and activities! With nonfiction elements about horse care in cold weather and fun pop-out pieces, this guide is a holiday must-have for DreamWorks Animation's Spirit Riding Free fans."

DreamWorks Spirit Riding Free: Lucky’s Guide to Wintertime Whimsy Licensee: Little, Brown 
SRP: $12.99 
Available: 10/15/2019 
Retailer: Wherever books are sold


My girls received the DreamWorks Spirit Riding Free holiday box of goodies on Friday night, but haven't stopped playing with it.  They woke early on Saturday to continue playing with it, and asked to cut out family day out short so that they could return home to watch the holiday movie again on Netflix and play with their new Spirit Riding Free Just Play toys.  And, this AM was the same at Saturday, in that they woke early just to play with their new Spirit Riding Free toys. They pulled out all their other Spirit Riding Free toys that they have acquired the past few years, to act out their favorite scenes from some of their favorite episodes, as well as come up with new holiday themed story lines to play out with the new and old Just Play playset and doll and horse sets. 

If you have a Spirit Riding Free fan in your life, and you have access to Netflix, you definitely have to check out the new holiday special, DreamWorks Spirit Riding Free: Spirit of Christmas which is streaming now. We have watched it three times so far, and love it!  I see us watching it a few more times, at least, before Christmas arrives. And, when the girls aren't watching this new holiday DreamWorks special, the girls are having fun playing with all their Spirit Riding Free Just Play toys and playsets that they recently received, and already owned to bring this wonderful animated series to life. 

The Just Play toys I mentioned above, along with the new holiday book from Little Brown Books, would all make for great gift ideas this holiday season, for the special Spirit Riding Free fan in your life.  You can see how excited my girls were to get their box from DreamWorks, and your kids will be as excited when they wait to find Spirit Riding Free toys wrapped under the tree, just waiting for them to open and play with, time and time again.

You can learn more about the Spirit Riding Free: Spirit & Lucky Grooming Paddock Playset and doll and horse set from Just Play by visiting their website at

 Disclosure: Thanks to DreamWorks for the free DreamWorks Spirit Riding Free Toys and book to celebrate the holiday special, DreamWorks Spirit Riding Free: Spirit of Christmas. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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