Monday, December 30, 2019

5 Signs You Need A Nanny

There is no denying that raising a family can be tough. It’s a full-time job in itself! Most parents manage thanks to the support of their extended family and friends. But, some parents don’t have a support network they can depend on. As a result, they feel quite anxious and, in some cases, isolated.

The good news is that you can depend on a nanny! In a nutshell, nannies are fully-trained professional childcare providers that you can hire. Some people hire nannies on a part-time basis, while others have them live in their homes with them. If you’re unsure whether you might need a nanny, these telltale signs could point towards a “yes”:

1. You don’t have any immediate family near you

One of the most significant telltale signs that you may need a nanny is when you have to do everything alone. Your nearest family member might live some hours away from you, and so you can’t ask them to babysit your offspring. You may even be estranged from your family, and so you wouldn’t want to ask them for any help anyway.

2. You’re reaching breaking point

Even if you’ve got an extensive support network around you, there might be times where you feel you’re reaching breaking point and find yourself asking family and friends for help all the time. If that’s the case, you will most likely benefit from hiring a nanny.

3. Your work commitments are increasing

Some parents feel they need help with childminding if their careers demand a lot of their time. In an ideal world, you would have a career break for a few years to stay at home with your kids. But, the reality of the situation is you need to earn money to pay your bills!

4. You are recovering from major surgery

The sad truth is that some parents may find they have little choice but to hire a nanny. If a parent is recovering from major surgery, they need to take some time out to get better. As you can imagine, that would become a prolonged process if you still had to take care of young children.

5. You want to be a better parent

There’s no question that being a parent is a tough job. It can be even tougher even if you’ve got more than three children to take care of simultaneously! When you’ve got your hands full with looking after so many offspring, it makes sense to have some help.

How to hire a nanny:

If you’ve decided that it makes sense to hire a nanny, what are the next steps? Well, some parents advertise for one themselves, and in a way, it’s a better idea as you can thoroughly scrutinize each candidate before making a decision.

As an employer, which is essentially what you’d be, you would need to consider things like setting up a payroll for nannies, organizing tax affairs, contracts, and so forth. You would also need to ensure you’re complying with all local and national laws regarding the hire of a nanny.

Last, but not least, you’d need to consider whether you want the nanny to live at your home with you all, or if you only want help during the day.

When it comes to advertising for a nanny, it makes sense to do so online. That way, you’ll get a better response rate than with offline (i.e., newspaper) advertising.

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