Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Snow Will Be Here Soon Enough -- Get Ready with Your Snow Tubes from BigMouth, Inc. (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Snow is in the forecast this Friday for New Englanders.  While right now it is looking like a dusting of snow then turning to rain, both of my girls are super excited for the first snowfall of the season.  They have already pulled out their snowsuits, boots, gloves, hats, etc. and have them waiting near the door so that they can slip them on Friday and play out in the snow.  I told them not to expect too much, but you know kids, they hear snow in the weather forecast, and think "snow day." Yes, even homeschooled kids hope to get a day off from school to play out in the snow.  And, this year, the girls are even more excited as they were recently sent a giant pink flamingo float to use in the snow from BigMouth Inc.

Even though this float says it's a pool float, it can also be used to slide down the hill in the snow.  Usually each year, we use our BigMouth Inc. pool floats for snow play, and get two seasons out of the floats.  The girls love how they can enjoy these fun and playful pool floats during the summer in their pools, and then inflate them again and use them to race down the hill when there is snow outside.  

This is Savannah's Corgi pool float from BigMouth, Inc. that she can't wait to use to slide down this snowy hills this winter. :-)

And, this year is no exception, now that they have this super cool and oh so big giant pink flamingo pool float from BigMouth, Inc.  

If pink flamingos are not your thing, there are so many other great pool floats available that will have you wanting to get out in the snow this winter, and race your kids down the hill after a snow storm.  Here are just some other pool floats from BigMouth, Inc. that can be used as snow floats/tubes...

I am not usually a fan of the cold weather and snow, but when I see the girls having so much fun playing in the snow and zipping down the hill in our backyard, it is hard to stay indoors.  I usually will join them for a little bit and we take turns with their BigMouth, Inc. floats going down the hill to see who can go the furthest and the fastest.  It is so much fun, and we make so many great memories playing out in the snow.  I can see why they are excited for the snow on Friday, as I know they will want to try out their new giant pink flamingo float...and, if it snows, I will join them, too!  

So, while many people are not looking forward to snow just yet here in New England, I will cross my fingers with my girls and pray for snow for Friday.  If it doesn't come, though, there will be chances for snow this winter, and we will definitely be getting out to play with the snow and race down the hill with our giant pink flamingo float, along with our other floats from BigMouth, Inc.

So, with winter fast approaching, why not pick up a few floats for you and your kids, so you can enjoy racing down the hill and playing in the snow together.  Head on over to BigMouth, Inc. and browse their selection of floats/tubes that will make winter even more fun this year.

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Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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