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Let Your Skin Reap the Benefits of Dead Sea Products This Holiday Season with the Dolmen Wellness Line, Sourced from the Dead Sea (Review)

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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Have you ever used dead sea mud on your skin?  I was first introduced dead sea products a few years ago when my husband and girls surprised me with a spa day at a nearby day spa and they used these products on my skin and in my hair.  

About Dolmen Natural Dead Sea Products:

"Dolmen Natural Dead Sea Products offers a full line of wellness and beauty products sourced from the Dead Sea, now available in the USA. Consumers here can now benefit from the products’ unique formulations that include up to 21 minerals with their products which include Bath Salts and Loofa Soap; Body Care products, including Intensive Body Butter, Foot Care Cream and Body Mud; a Facial Care offering that includes Facial Toner, Intensive Anti-Age Cream and Facial Scrub Soap; and Facial Masks.

Mineral extracts from the Dead Sea are natural moisturizes that protect, rejuvenate and fortify the skin from everyday exposure and stress. Several of our products contain ingredients available only from the Dead Sea, adjacent to the multitude of spas that each year draw thousands and thousands of visitors from around the globe. We respect the unique and special nature of the Dead Sea by allowing its minerals to replenish themselves naturally. We produce our products using methods that are non-polluting and respectful of the environment.

Well-established in the Middle East and East Asia, we’re extremely pleased to now offer these unique, exceptional products to consumers in North America. The secrets of the Dead Sea and its minerals are now yours to unlock! The products are available in the USA at"


The kind folks at Dolman Wellness recently sent along a few of their dead sea products for my review.  I was sent their natural soap with loofah, dead sea foaming bath salts and herbs body mud to try out.  

First, let me say how amazing these products smelled when taking them out of the box they came in.  I have tried to duplicate my spa experience a few times by picking up dead sea mud products, but either the products had an unfavorable smell or they left my skin feeling weird, like with a film or a caked on feeling, and not a deep clean like you would expect when using a bath and body product.

I have sensitive skin so was pleased to see that these products worked well with all skin types.  This review came me an excuse to have "me time" in the evening, to take a long, hot soak in the tub using the dead sea foaming bath salts to relax my tired muscles and relieve stress and tension.  I really enjoyed the smell of the bath salts, and they really helped in relaxing my and my tired muscles.  

The next day I tried out the Dolmen Herbs Body Mud while in the shower.  I applied it all over my body, from face to feet . While rinsing it off I could feel my skin feeling smoothing, without any residue left behind.  It also had a soothing effect to it with the essential oils that are added to the dead sea mud and selected clays.  You really can smell the lavender, chamomile, and Damania scents, to name a few.  After I got out of the shower and toweled dry, I found my body was so relaxed, and I was ready for bed.  That night I couldn't believe how quickly I fell asleep.  With my body feeling so relaxed, it was like I laid down and fell asleep, and stayed asleep all night.

For my morning shower the next day, I used the Dolmen natural soap with loofah.  Just like the other two Dolmen products, this one also smelled amazing, and left my skin feeling clean and refreshed.  The loofah was gentle enough on my skin to remove any dead skin, without irritating it.  

I was so impressed with my experience using the three Dolmen dead sea products that were recently sent my way to try out.  I love when I have a product to review that gives me time to pamper myself, or take a little longer in the shower and bath.  Dolmen provided me with a must needed "me time" break, before the craziness of the holidays set in. But, I know that when I need to unwind and relax, and soothe my aching and tired muscles, I can draw a bath and add the Dolmen dead sea foaming bath salts to truly relax.  It is like a spa day, without having to leave home...or pay a fortune!

With the holidays fast approaching, why not gift mom or that special someone on your holiday shopping list with a sampling of Dolmen natural dead sea products?  You could create a little at-home spa basket for them complete with Dolmen Wellness products, a pair of new slippers, maybe a bathrobe, a magazine or journal and maybe some calming chamomile tea.  They will love the thoughtfulness of your gift, and feel loved when they try out their dead sea products from Dolmen.  You can learn all about the different dead sea products by Dolmen Wellness by visiting

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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