Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Kids Will Love Learning How to Draw Disney Frozen 2 Characters and Making Bath Bombs Inspired by the Upcoming Frozen 2 Movie (which Arrives in Theaters This Friday) (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Just this AM my youngest daughter woke up and said, "Is it November 22nd yet?"  She was all upset that it was taking so long to get here already.  And, because for a moment it had slipped my mind what the significance of November 22nd was, she was quick to fill me in with her Frozen II song and dance.  How could I not remember this new movie arrives in theaters on Friday?  She has it written and decorated on all the calendars in the house, and even has a snowflake chain going in her room (which she started last month).  But, I snapped back to reality and got on the ball, thanks to her enthusiasm and excitement for this big day.  She is already planning our day out -- wake up super early (for no reason at all), then eat breakfast, get dressed and ready, and then watch the first Frozen movie, before heading out for the 12 PM showing of Disney's Frozen II.  She is hoping the theater will not be as crowded because kids are in school (one of the perks of homeschooling -- getting the movie theater to yourselves during weekly day time movie showings.  To say she is excited about the new Frozen II movie is an understatement.  And, I know she is not alone in this excitement, as her friends all want to see the movie, and some even dressed in new Frozen II costumes which were released prior to the movie releasing so kids could dress up for Halloween.  

I told my girls I had a Frozen II surprise for them this afternoon if they finished their school work on time -- Wow! I never saw them whip through improper fractions, decimal work, three-digit multiplication and division word problems and journaling so quickly.  They knew we had an art class to attend later in the afternoon, so they were hoping to enjoy the surprise before we left.  So, what Frozen II surprises did they get?  Check out these two new creative activity books inspired by the upcoming Frozen II release, available now from Quarto Knows...

"Learn formulas, practice ratios, combine chemicals, and use the scientific method to form bath bombs that are uniquely Frozen 2 and uniquely yours!"

"The step-by-step drawing exercises in Learn to Draw Disney Frozen 2 will have you drawing Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff, Sven, and the new characters from Disney Frozen 2 in no time!"


If your kids are all about the upcoming Frozen II movie, these two activity books would definitely put a smile on their faces, like they did with my two girls.  My girls couldn't stop smiling, and were quick to grab white paper from the printer to try their hand at drawing the different Frozen characters in the new Learn to Draw Frozen II book.  

As show on the cover of the drawing book, this new book comes with tracing paper and practice pages included with the book. But, if you have multiple children, make sure you have extra tracing paper or white printer paper handy, as they will all want to get in on the fun trying to draw Olaf, Kristoff, Anna and Elsa, and all the other Disney Frozen II characters.  My girls spent over two hours trying their hand at learning how to draw the Frozen II characters.  They both liked how the instructions were set up to take kids step by step through the whole drawing process. And, while it took a few tries with a couple of the more detailed characters, they both enjoyed the book, and can't wait to draw more characters this evening after dinner.  I wanted to show some of the drawings they did, but they said I had to wait until they showed their Daddy first, before adding to my post, as they were so proud of their drawings and wanted it to be a surprise for him . They didn't want him to see the blog post with photos, in case he follows my blog during the day at work. :-)

After my girls were done with the Learn to Draw Frozen II book, they moved on to the Frozen II Make Your Own Bath Bombs books.  This book is a kit and includes a 32-page book that includes fun science behind the fizz experiments, a basic bath bomb recipe, as well a handful of fun Frozen II inspired bath bombs kids will love making, including Elsa's Ice Castle Bath Bombs and Olaf's Natural Elements Bath Bombs.  There is even a fun Kristoff's Hot Cocoa Bath Bombs recipe that my girls want to make and gift to me for Christmas, as they know just how much I love hot chocolate, and would enjoy soaking in a bath that smelled like it. :-)  In addition to the book filled with all the step-by-step bath bomb recipes and science behind the fix, the kit itself comes with citric acid, Frozen 2 molds, liquid coloring, baking soda and bubble powder (the secret ingredient!), to get kids started on making all the bath bombs in this new Disney Frozen II Make Your Own Bath Bombs kit, available now from Quarto Knows.  

Because the girls have a class an hour away, I told them that we could read through the book and get a feel for how they would be making the different bath bombs, and then make a few tonight upon our return. The bath bombs have to sit in the molds for  a few hours minimum after making to harder and set, so I told the girls it would be a process and that we couldn't rush it, or they would just crumble into pieces if removed too early from the molds.  We are going to make Olaf's bath bombs tonight, along with Anna's Candy Bath Bombs.  Then, tomorrow when they wake (probably early again), they can have a bath and try out their new Frozen II inspired bath bombs they made using this new book/kit.

My girls were so happy the two Frozen II surprises I had for them, and couldn't wait to get to art class today to tell their friends all about them, and give them the Frozen II drawings they made for them.  I know their friends' parents will be asking me about these two creative activity books, as Frozen II is all the talk right now with kids especially, as we are only a few days away from its release in theaters.  These two books from Quarto Knows would make for a fun surprise gift to give kids upon returning how from the movie, to continue the fun at home. Or, buy now and wrap and leave under the tree for the special Disney Frozen fans in your life.  They will be all smiles when they see these two books, and they will be entertained for hours, learning how to draw the different Frozen II characters and making their own bath bombs to enjoy in the bath, or to gift to friends.

You can learn more about these two new Frozen II inspired releases by visiting the Quartro Knows website: https://www.quartoknows.com/.  While you are there, make sure you take time to look at their wonderful selection of books and gifts for kids of all ages, that would also make for great presents left under the tree, like these books...

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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