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Kids Will Love Joining the Toothless Monster for a More Magical and Meaningful Tooth Fairy Experience with Each Baby Tooth They Lose -- This Boxed Set Makes a Great Holiday Gift Idea, Too! (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Has your child started to loose their baby teeth, or is their first tooth getting loose?  If you said "Yes," to either question, and you have been looking for a fun new way to celebrate and share the fun of losing their baby teeth with them, then I have the perfect gift for you to pick up gift them...The Toothless Monster. :-)

I have two girls, and my oldest daughter was quick to lose a lot of her baby teeth due to her always falling and hitting her face and knocking either her teeth out, or loosening them.  I think I got a lot of gray hairs on my head a couple years back when she took a couple tumbles that had me wondering if she permanently damaged her adult teeth that were like shark teeth coming in behind her baby teeth up top. It was touch and go on one occasion, as we had to wait and see if her nerves/roots would stay affected.  Knock on wood, though, she got (and I) got through this and she has thankfully not taken any more tumbles that have loosened her teeth.  She went to the dentist a few months back and he said she is done loosing teeth for a while, and should lose the rest in a couple years.  So, I am hoping this holds true.

While loosing teeth was stressful with my oldest, as they weren't your usually baby tooth gets wiggly and then you fidget with it until it comes out, but loosened by unexpected trauma, it didn't give us time to really think how we wanted to address what happens when she finally started to loose her baby teeth.  As a child, I had a tooth fairy that came and left change under my pillow in exchange for my teeth.  But, my husband who was from El Salvador didn't have a tooth fairy.  He wondered if there were other fun ways or traditions to start with the girls when they lost teeth.  But, we weren't expecting the need for a tooth fairy or other option so soon, but when the teeth started to fall out and rather consistently, we opted to go with the standard tooth fairy.  But, we did say that with our youngest, we would look for other things to do to celebrate this milestone with her.

My youngest daughter was late in loosing her tooth, and only started to loose them this year.  We started off by using the tooth fairy, until my youngest started to ask lots of questions, like "What does she do with all the teeth?, "Does she have her own teeth?," "Where does she get all the money", and "Why do other kids not have a tooth fairy, or get toys in place of money?"  With so many questions, we were looking for away to answer her questions.  It wasn't until I stumbled upon the Toothless Monster last month, that I turned to my husband and said, I found our new alternative tooth fairy tradition to do with our youngest.  

What is the Toothless Monster?:

"TOOTHLESS MONSTER (, a delightful combination of storytelling book, plush toy and collecting that’s ideal for a families whose kids are losing their baby teeth.  Indeed, it keeps the “Tooth Fairy” alive for many years."

The boxed set includes a hardcover book, plush monster and a set of teeth for the monster.

Remember the Toothless Monster does not replace the Tooth Fairy, but, rather adds to the fun, imaginative conclusion to the question many kids ask..."What does the Tooth Fairy do with all the teeth?"  Well, now you can answer this question, and they can see what happens for themselves when they see their Toothless Monster's mouth fill each time the Tooth Fairy pays a visit, by adding a new tooth to its mouth.


After sharing all about the Toothless Monster with my husband and showing him the set with plush Meli monster I was recently sent to review, we both agreed that this is what we had been looking for, and couldn't wait to share it with our girls.  My girls see all the products sent to our house for review, and had seen this box on my office desk, so they were both quick to ask about it.  We sat them down one night and as my daughter wiggled a loose tooth, we read the story.  

And, before we could get to the end of the story, we had another loose tooth on our hands, and one happy little girls ready to try out her new Toothless Monster tradition.

That night at bed, our daughter put her tooth in the secret pouch located under the Monster's tongue (this area securely holds the tooth until the Tooth Fairy removes it). I really loved this idea, as I spent countless attempts with our oldest trying to play MacGyver and move her without waking her just to find the tooth in the baggy she put under her pillow.  With her being a light sleeper, Tooth Fairy time was never fun for me, as I was always afraid I would wake her, and she never made it easy for me to slip the tooth in baggy out and slide her money from the fairy under her pillow.  But, with this secure spot to hold the tooth, I didn't have to worry about struggling to find the tooth or digging under pillows for it.

What I loved about the whole Toothless Monster tradition is that we still use a Tooth Fairy coming to the house to gather up the tooth that has fallen out and leaving money.  But, now when my daughters have all these pressing questions about what their fairy does with the tooth, etc., we now have an answer, as well as a cute book and plush to go along with our explanations, that make them believable to our girls.  My youngest daughter was so happy when she woke the next morning and found her adorable purple plush Meli monster with a few teeth in her mouth. Because she had lost some teeth before we introduced the Toothless Monster, we left a little note with her money to let her know that the fairy added a few more teeth to go along with how many she has lost to date, so that going forward they would fill their mouths with adult teeth together. :-) My daughter loved this idea, and loved seeing her Meli plush grinning with new pearly whites in her monster mouth.  Note that when you snap a tooth into the monster's mouth it is stuck there and cannot be removed.  So, if you plan to do the Toothless Monster with multiple children, it is best to get them each their own monster plush set to use with each of them.  My oldest, after seeing her little sister with her Meli Toothless Monster, is now hoping that when she loses teeth in the future, that the Tooth Fairy will leave her a plush monster and fill its mouth with teeth, too!  I guess we will be buying another one of these to stash away for when that time comes. The plush monsters are available in either purple or blue. 

There is even an option to buy fun glow in the dark teeth for your child's monster, too!

In addition to the book in the plush book gift set, there is also a monster-shaped tooth loss chart in the back of the book that you can record each date that a child loses his/her tooth, and gave it to his/her monster. I really like this tooth loss chart, as with our oldest daughter, we just stuck all her loose teeth into a Ziploc bag and hid in one of dresser drawers.  But, I have no idea when she actually lost all of them, after the first initial Tooth Fairy visit.  And, I never thought to note each addition tooth loss in a chart.

With the holidays fast approaching, why not consider picking up the Toothless Monster book and plush set to gift to that special child in your life that is about to loose their first tooth, or like my youngest daughter, just started to, but has so many questions you are struggling to find answers to, about the tooth fairy and all these teeth she gathers up. I know this isn't a toy that kids would expect to find under the tree on Christmas, but once you share the cute storybook with them and explain what happens the next time they loose a tooth and leave the monster friend next to their bed, they, like my daughter, will be so excited and think this is the coolest thing ever. They will look forward to losing their teeth and seeing their monster friend's mouth fill with teeth, each time the Tooth Fairy comes to visit.  

I could go on and on about just how great the Toothless Monster is and how this is a fun new Tooth Fairy tradition to add to the mix with your family, but, instead, why not pick up the The Toothless Monster book and plush set from Three Little Hens today and check it out for yourself.  Once you see this cute book and plush set in person, you will see why my girls love the addition of the Toothless Monster to our Tooth Fairy tradition, as well as so many other kids who have been gifted this cute set.  You can learn more about the Toothless Monster by visiting

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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