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Kids Will Love Getting Mail Each Week from Sunny the Mail Snail When You Sign Them Up for this Creative Snail Mail Subscription - Makes a Great Gift Idea for the Holidays! (Review) #sunnythemailsnail

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Are you looking for a fun and unique gift idea for kids that will get them excited about reading, and have them running to the mailbox each day looking for snail mail for them?  If so, then you will want to check out Snail Mail for Kids.  This new snail mail subscription will introduce kids of all ages to Sunny the Mail Snail, as he travels the world delivering snail mail to his new and old animal friends. He then shares his adventures with your kids through a personalized letter he sends to them each week.   I love the whole idea of the snail mail for kids, and having them correspond with friends and family, as well as pen pals through the mail.   

Both of my girls run to the mailbox each day hoping for mail for them, so I knew they would be all smiles once they started to get snail mail from Sunny the Mail Snail,  learning all about about fun journeys.

More about Sunny the Mail Snail:

"SUNNY is a lovable, hard-working MAIL SNAIL who delivers mail to animals around the world. He writes weekly letters back to kids (ages 4-8) telling of his silly adventures and interesting facts about the animals and places he visits. He is a positive role model who encourages imagination, kindness, silliness, laughter, learning, and of course, reading.


"Sunny was created many years ago while I was homeschooling my kids. My youngest wasn't interested in books and was a struggling reader. It was such a chore to get him to read. I not only wanted him to read, but I wanted him to LOVE reading! As a child, I grew up with my nose in a book. I learned about the world and traveled everywhere through books. So, dismayed but determined, I created "Sunny the Mail Snail" and sent my son a weekly letter. He felt so important getting his own mail every week. He would run to the mailbox and read and re-read Sunny's letters. Through these letters he learned about the world, animals, and insects. Eventually, he caught on that Sunny was in the same realm as the tooth fairy and Santa Claus, as they all do. But, by then he had cultivated an interest in reading and a curiosity for learning that couldn’t be undermined by knowing the truth.

Recently, I pulled out those letters, dusted them off, and polished them up so I could share them with kids around the world. I imagine parents reading the letters with their children and discussing the questions and facts on a deeper level. I hope the letters provoke questions, giggles, and pique curiosity. It is my intent to promote imagination while creating a love for animals and travel."

How it Works:

SUNNY THE MAIL SNAIL will send your child a weekly adventure letter.  They will hear about animals and places in the world.  

The letters are silly, fun and educational.  Plus kids feel important getting their own mail.  Engage their curiosity in animals and nature.

Features of this snail mail subscription:

1) Sunny’s letters are personalized and arrive weekly. So, kids are much more engaged, excited and full of anticipation. We have parents telling us that kids are waiting on the porch for the mail person to arrive every day! It’s like a book chapter every week! 

2) Sunny the Mail Snail includes an adventure box where kids store their letters, plush Sunny the Mail Snail friend, exciting treasures, and a special world map poster to help track Sunny’s location.

3) Sunny is a gift that keeps on giving! Gift the gift of adventure and a life-long love of reading with this creative snail mail subscription! Choose from month to month, 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months), and enjoy the fun!"


With the holidays fast approaching, now is the time to think outside the box when it comes to gift giving for your kids, or that special child in your life. Yes, toys are nice, but after the newness wears off, kids will be wandering around looking for something to do or something to entertain them. This is when having a subscription to Snail Mail for Kids would come in handy.  

My girls have been enjoying their weekly letters from Sunny the Mail Snail, and know that either Friday or Saturday of week that they will be getting a letter in the mail from Sunny.  They will run to the mailbox after seeing the mail carrier leave, in hopes of finding a letter. And, when their letter arrives each week, they rush back in the house, grab their adventure box that came with their first letter from Sunny, along with their super cute and cuddly Sunny the Snail Mail plush, and settle in at the dining room table to read the letter. 

They really get excited reading about the new adventure Sunny goes on and all the places he visits, delivering mail to his friends, new and old.  The girls use the stickers that are included with the letters to decorate or mark up their full-color maps of the world, which is also included with the first Sunny the Snail Mail shipment.  

They also love writing to Sunny with the little postcard and envelopes enclosed with the welcome kit -- I respond to their letters :-)

And, when they are done adding their stickers, they pull out a postcard that they have been adding letters to each week that eventually will spell a special message that can earn them a surprise when they message the folks at

My girls have been receiving letters from Sunny for over a month now, and love it!  We homeschool and are learning about US and World geography this year, so the addition of Sunny and his snail mail travels have really added to our curriculum and learning about the different places around the world and the animals that live there.  Each personalized letter, which comes addressed to your child so they feel extra special getting mail for themselves, is filled with fun facts and a cute story about Sunny's travels.  Sometimes there is even a silly joke that will have my girls giggling, and wanting to call their Papa to tell them their new joke.  

I am so glad that I stumbled upon Snail Mail for Kids and Sunny the Snail Mail, and had the opportunity to try out this snail mail subscription with my girls.  We have done a lot of subscription boxes over the years, but this is the first snail mail one, and one that has kept my girls' attention and had them looking forward to getting mail from Sunny each and every week.  They love sharing their letters with friends who also think this is so cool and wonder why they aren't getting mail from Sunny.  I end up telling their parents about it, and showing them them letters and welcome package with the cute Sunny plush toy, and they love the idea, and want to sign their kids up. Some just like the idea of getting their reluctant readers to read a letter each week, while others like the anticipation that will build with their kids as they wait for their weekly mail from Sunny.  Whatever reason they like this snail mail subscription, I share with them that we have been getting letters for over a month now, and my girls really enjoy it.  I know that their kids will love the fun stories and facts that Sunny will share with them, as they learn about the world, geography, animals, etc. 

If this sounds like something your child would be interested in - come on, what child wouldn't want to get snail mail each week addressed to them? -- then, head on over to and sign up to start your subscription today.  Then, sit back and wait for the first letter to arrive, and see just how excited your kids get as they read or listen to you read about Sunny and his fun snail mail journeys. After you tell your kids that they will be getting letters each week in the mail, they will be so excited and want to run to the mailbox each day to see if that is the day they get their special Sunny Snail Mail.  :-)  

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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