Thursday, November 7, 2019

Give the Gift of Warmth this Holiday Season with Gloves and Socks from Heat Holders (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

This winter you can make you and your family's life warmer by reaching for and wearing Heat Holders hats, gloves, socks, slippers, etc.  

And, with the holidays fast approaching, this is the perfect time to pick up some of Heat Holders products to add to your family's stockings, or surprise them before you head out to do a little caroling in the neighborhood, or to walk around and check out holiday lights.  In our town of Putnam, they do a Razzle Dazzle parade down Main St. the Sunday after Thanksgiving.  This light parade draws thousands of people to see the hand-made floats from local organizations and businesses.  It is a great time to be outside with your family, as you get into the holiday spirit.  But, the weather is usually a factor for many families, and that leaves them inside their home missing the beautiful lights show, or leaving early to go home and get warm.  This used to be us a couple years ago, as the girls would start complaining once we got there (as you have to get there early to get a good viewing spot) and were waiting a half hour, that they wanted to go home where it was warmer.  Even with all the layers they were in, they always complained that their feet and hands were the coldest.  

"Heat Holders® are the warmest socks ever! They are over 7x warmer than regular cotton socks and nearly 3x warmer than ordinary thermal socks. They are better than heated, electric or battery operated socks because you can just put them on without fussing with batteries, wires etc. Heat Holders® means No more cold feet! They are made using a unique 3 step process which makes them the Warmest Thermal Socks™! See our video below so you can learn what makes them so warm and comfortable!"

Things changed, though, when I started buying and outfitting my family in Heat Holders products.  

These socks alone are "7x warmer than regular cotton socks and 3x warmer than ordinary thermal socks" and really are the world's warmest socks.  I love Raynaurd's Syndrome, which means I have poor circulation in my hands and feet, and these parts of my body are always cold.  But, I have found by wearing Heat Holders socks and gloves that my hands and feet finally get warm and don't look icy blue or are cold to the touch.  That alone makes Heat Holders a godsend. Knowing firsthand how well their products are at keeping you warm, I make a point each holiday season/winter to buy and gift my family and friends with Heat Holders.  

"Heat Holders® are specially developed with cashmere-like acrylic yarn which provides high performance insulation against the cold with superior moisture breathing abilities. Your feet are staying warm and dry all day."

This is one gift they never think to ask for or buy, but once they try on a comfy pair of socks or soft insulated gloves, they can't live without them.  I know longer have to worry about my girls wanting to go home early from the light parade in our town, as they have gotten smarter and dress dress to toe with Heat Holders.  

As we watch the floats and marchers go by, my girls always turn to me and comment how they are "snug as a bug in a rug."  And, I couldn't agree with them more, as, I too, and comfy and warm in my Heat Holders gear. :-). 

With Heat Holders®, you can give the perfect gift of warmth! Heat Holders® hats, gloves, or socks make for a fun and thoughtful stocking stuffer, or the perfect holiday gift for a loved one, friend or colleague.  

To learn more about Heat Holders and browse their selection of gloves, hat, sock, and more for men, women and children, head on over to  

These Heat Holders socks for kids would be a great surprise for your kids who love Frozen, seeing that the new Frozen 2 movie will be releasing soon. :-)

And, while you are there, why not pick up a few extras to donate to those in need this holiday season, so they can enjoy the warmth of Heat Holders this holiday season and all winter long.

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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