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Just in Time for the Holidays -- 3 New Super Cute Cry Babies Doll + Cry Babies Magic Tears Surprise Collectibles! (Review) #CRYBABIES #MAGICTEARS

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

I know many of you don't want to hear this...but, there are only 75 more days until Christmas.  This AM, my girls woke me at the crack of dawn to tell me there were 20 days until Halloween and then followed up with 75 days until Santa comes.  They skipped right over Thanksgiving. But, how can I blame them, as you walk in a store right now and they already have Christmas decorations and trees up.  It seems every year they rush the holidays more and more.  This year it felt like Halloween only got a couple weeks in stores, right before the kids returned back to school.  And, now it is all about Christmas.  While I am a lover of Christmas as it is a magical time of the year, it would be nice to slow down a bit and savor the beauty of fall, and then Thanksgiving, before we rush into the hectic Christmas season. Right?

Because we only on have 75 days until Christmas, my girls thought it was a must do today to write up their letters for Santa.  They thought that if they get their letters in early, they have a better chance of getting what they are asking, as Santa and the elves will get their wish list first and start working on it, before the flood of letters from kids all over the world start arriving at the North Pole. "Good thinking", I told them! :-)  They spent over an hour today sitting at the dining room table talking to each other about what they would like to get, before grabbing the iPads to look online at the new must have toys for Christmas.  They then sat and wrote out their lists.  I made them keep it to one sheet -- to them, that meant double sided. Ugh!  Then, they added to an envelope and had me walk them to mailbox to drop off, so that mail carrier could pick up today.  Now that that is done and out of the way, they can hopefully relax a bit and enjoy the next few weeks leading up to Halloween.  We will see, as they came in the house after dropping the letter in the mailbox asking if we could put up the Christmas tree this weekend.  It is a little to early for me for that, though.  So, they will have to wait until early November.

Before my girls sealed up their letters to Santa, I asked to take a look at them, to see what types of things they were asking for.  Just like with last year's wish list, Cry Babies from IMC Toys were top on their list.  Maybe it is because they recently were sent two new Cry Babies to help me review, along with a few of the super cute Cry Babies Magic Tears Surprise dolls?  Or, maybe it is because they are hooked on the Cry Babies YouTube cartoon series.  Either way, I was happy to see Cry Babies on their wish lists as I really like these dolls, and they are one toy my girls received from Santa last year, and continue to play with.  This AM, my girls were doing a tea party in the living room, and all their Cry Babies were around the table they set up, ready for their tea and treats. :-)

If you are looking to get a jump start on your holiday shopping, so you aren't going crazy once the holiday rush begins, why not consider picking up one of the new Cry Babies which include Lady, Dotty, and Fancy and the rarest of all… Dreamy, the magical unicorn?  And, while you are out shopping for the newest Cry Babies dolls, make sure you look for the Cry Babies Magic Tears.  They come in a cute Series Bottle Bottle surprise packaging that kids will love opening to find  8 accessories and 1 of 12+ Cry Babies mini dolls to collect.  The accessories are hidden behind little windows in the packaging, and this makes it even more fun for kids to tear off the doors to expose all the different accessories.  

Like I said, my girls were recently sent two of the new Cry Babies dolls, as well as three of the Cry Babies Magic Tears to enjoy, and help me review, and boy did they have fun with the review process!  

Being such huge fans of Cry Babies dolls, they were all smiles when they saw the promotional Cry Babies boxes arrive, and couldn't wait to pull the lids off each box to see which Cry Babies goodies they received for review.

My girls were so excited to find Fancy and Lady in the big box. Now all they need Santa to bring them is the rare Dreamy the magical unicorn.  "Santa I hope you are listening!" :-)

Cry Babies are back with new cuties to love and collect! Join us in welcoming Lady, Dotty, and Fancy and the rarest of all… Dreamy, the magical unicorn! Flying in from a far away land, the new Cry Babies are as adorable as ever. Ready to play in soft animal print onesies, they come with their own special accessories.

As cute as they are, Cry Babies are true to their name. You can practice nurturing skills and use their pacifier to comfort them when they cry real tears! So fun to care for and cuddle! Get ready to welcome your new BFFs! 


  • 3 new super cute characters: Lady The ladybug, Dotty the dalmation, Fancy the flamingo, plus 1 rare: Dreamy the magical unicorn
  • Comes with removable and washable animal print onesie and special pacifier that helps soothe them
  • Movable arms and legs for standing or sitting
**Cry Babies are available at Target and Amazon for $29.99.**


Can’t get enough of Cry Babies? Meet the Cry Babies Magic Tears!  

With 12 new characters and fun blind packaging, your soon to be favorite collectibles are yours to discover.
This is what the inside of the surprise series bottle house looks likes -- it includes one Cry Babies mini doll and 8 accessories.  There are 12 dolls to collect in this series.

Here are some of the photos I took of the girls doing an unveiling of the Cry Babies Magic Tears "Series Bottle House".  I also included a video of them showing what it looks like when you open the surprise packaging, and how much fun it is to see which accessories you get.  You will see with each of the photos shown just how excited my girls were with their Cry Babies products.  

"Mom, can we open the box already?!" :-)

Your kids will be smiling, too, when they wake on Christmas morning to find a new Cry Babies doll and Cry Babies Magic Tears (perfect for stocking stuffers) for them to enjoy and play with.

Savannah couldn't get over how cute the plastic (reclosable so you can store your Cry Baby doll and accessories) Bottle House was...but, she also couldn't wait to open it up and see what it looked like inside. :-)

These are the windows you open to expose the 8 different accessories for you Cry Babies Magic Tears doll

And, all this was inside her Cry Babies Magic Tears Series Bottle House -- Again, look at that big smile! :-)

The girls loved how they each got a different Cry Babies Magic Tears doll to play with

And, here is Bella's doll crying real tears :-)

Savannah loved making hers cry, too!

This is the quick video I took of the girls, as they wanted to do an unboxing and let you experience what it felt like when they opened their Cry Babies Magic Tears bottle house to see what was inside...


The fun doesn’t stop there, these mini cuties have their own web series!

There's never a doll moment in a world full of magic and friendship! Now you can follow all your favorite Cry Babies Magic Tears adventures on their new YouTube channel - Kitoons! Be sure to follow the fun by subscribing!


So, with the clock ticking down to Christmas, now is the time to order your kids their Cry Babies dolls and Cry Babies Magic Tears, before they sell out in stores.  

They were a hot toy last holiday season, and will be a must have toy on many kids' wish lists...come on, just look how cute they are!  Who could resist these new adorable Cry Babies dolls?!   You can learn all about the different Cry Babies available by visiting  They can also be found in most major toy retailers like Walmart and Target, as well as online at

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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