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HuePets Makes it Fun to Eat Your Veggies (Review) #tryazon, #huepets #huekids #hueparty

Disclosure: I was provided with promotional product to help facilitate a Tryazon party from the vendor, in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Last week I hosted a handful of my girls' homeschool friends for a HuePets Tryazon party.  Before we wound up at our house for a fun party with games, healthy snacks and fun, we started the day with a visit to a nearby apple orchard where we did some apple picking.  After the apple orchard, we visited our nearby Big Y supermarket for a field trip, where we got a behind the scenes look at the different departments.  The kids loved this field trip, as they not only got to learn about the different departments, but they also got to touch a lobster, try their hand at checking out groceries, and even decorated a cupcake in the bakery section.  While at the market, we visited the produce section and chose a selection of fruits and vegetables to bring back to my house, to go with our HuePets party.  I didn't go into too much details about what HuePets was, as I wanted it to be a fun unveiling party when the kids and their parents came back to our house, with bags of tasty fruits and vegetables to sample and enjoy. 

I had the kids choose a selection of fruits and vegetables they were familiar with and ate, as well as picked up some others that they had no idea what they were, so that we could do a little taste testing/sampling.  My oldest daughter is a picky eater, so I was hoping the HuePets party would help add some more food options to her small list of foods that she will eat.  I was surprised to find that some of the other kids who were over for our HuePets party were also picky eaters, with most not being fans of vegetables. And, those who ate fruits and vegetables weren't getting the recommended amount daily.  So, I was hoping that the HuePets party would help with this to, and make it easier for the moms and dads in attendance to help add more variety of healthy fruits and vegetables to their children's meals.

So, what is HuePets and why should you know about....especially if you have young children?

Mission:  "To create a grassroots movement and nourishing community that serves as a well-being resource for parents and children, encouraging joint life-long consumption of colorful fruits and vegetables, physical activity, and a greener lifestyle."

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To help with my HuePets Tryazon party, I was sent a handful of Huey Squishee, which the kids all loved!  

In addition to the cute squishess, I was also sent a fun HuePets coloring book, a Boggle-type mini game, a Dole Inspired Kids' Cookbook and a Bananagrams game for everyone to play.  

Prior to the party, I made sure to download the HuePets app from the Google Play and App store on my iPads and phones so that the kids could try out the app for themselves when they came to the HuePets party.  Having a background and degree in public health, I am used to teaching kids about healthy eating habits, so it was nice to be able to utilize my knowledge to make a fun HuePets for kids and parents to enjoy together.  We ended up playing a fun colors of the rainbow fruits and vegetables BINGO game where kids won healthy snacks to bring home, as well as had kids come up with fun ways to set up their lunch totes with tasty fruit and veggie options.  I also had on hand visuals for kids to see how much sugar is in different juices and foods they are are used to eating, which really resonated with the kids.  But, I have to say the best part of the party was introducing kids to the different fruits and vegetables available at their local supermarkets, and letting them taste each and everyone.  The kids had to eat all the colors of the rainbow and rank them favorite to least favorite before they earned their Huey Squishees toy. :-)

Once we were done playing all our games, I had the kids work in teams of 2, along with parents, to try out the HuePets app. 

Everyone loved this app, and how it turned daily healthy eating into a fun game.  Kids had a blast scanning in the fruits and vegetables we picked up at the supermarket and at the farm stand/apple orchard, to feed their HuePet.  

And, whenever they unlocked a prize or their HuePet grew bigger, they were all excited and wanted to show one another.  Kids really liked how they could choose their own HuePet to raise, accessorize, earn potions for, and more!  

This HuePets app playing time ended up going for over an hour, as the kids (and parents) really got into it, and wanted to try it out for themselves.  I informed parents that when they download the FREE HuePets app through the Google Play and App Store right now that they will be entered for a chance to win a Huey Plushie Bundle (winner chosen this fall).

Overall, everyone in attendance at my HuePets Tryazon party had a blast, and are still talking about the party and the app online and in person.  

And, I am seeing my picky eater finally trying new fruits and veggies, as she knows she can scan in foods she actually eats in the HuePets app.  So, this is a fun incentive for her to try to eat more fruits and veggies.  And, my youngest is also on the healthy fruits and veggies kick, trying to make sure she eats the recommended amount each day, as she watches her HuePet grow, and earning potions, etc.  I am also hearing from those who attended the HuePets party how their kids are also eating more fruits and veggies, and how when they go food shopping, the kids are now helping shop and pick out different fruits and veggies that they want to eat. So, thanks to HuePets, they have made eating your fruits and veggies fun!

I could go on and on about how much fun the HuePets app is, but instead, why not download it today and try it out with your family. Make sure you have on hand a rainbow of fruits and vegetables (including white) before you introduce your kids to the app.  This will make using the app and getting the full benefit of scanning the different fruits and vegetables that much more enjoyable and fun.

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