Tuesday, October 1, 2019

How To Give Better Christmas Gifts

Christmas seems to be always upon us. No sooner do we take the tree down and pack up the baubles, it is time to think about doing it all again. We often spend months thinking about Christmas. From getting in all of the food that you need to last through a season of decadent eating and drinking, through to getting the right gives for the most significant people in your world. 

But year after year, how often do you find yourself running around in a state of panic in the run-up to the festive season not knowing what to get. In the end, you probably end up just pulling something random off the shelf out of sheer desperation and stress. 

Giving gifts should not be like this. Gift-giving is about showing people in our lives know that we care about them and also that we think about them. Buying a knock-down item from the Black Friday sales does not do this. Picking up whatever is left on the shelf the week before Christmas fails to show someone that you care.

When consumerism has become the most important aspect of Christmas, it can be very depressing. It takes the personal edge off the gifts that you choose to buy. Making the gifting experience more special should be central in your planning of gifts, and if this is something that you have thought you should do in the past, there has never been a better time to get on and do just that. 

Make A Gift

There is no better way to show someone that you care about them than to spend time making them a gift. The fact that you are will willing to put in the effort to create something speaks volumes compared with picking up something off a shelf. 

There are lots of gifts that you could make at home; from personalized mugs, through to items of clothing such as shirts and dresses. Often homemade gifts tend to be treasured by their new owner, and you could be their favorite presents. 

You may want to think about making some soap using your loved one's favorite fragrance oils. You could create a whole batch up and give them to a number of friends and family members. 

Hope made confectionary is always a winner. Over the Christmas season, it is so easy to get bored of the shop-bought confectionary that we end up with mountains off. If someone has made something for you, then you are likely to enjoy that more.   

Give An Experience That They Will Never Forget

Your friends and family members may have dreams that they have never fulfilled. They might have always wanted to fly in a hot air balloon or drive a Ferrari or a racing car. Visiting a particular place may have always been important to them. These are all things that you can arrange and gift as a gift. 

For many experiences, there are plenty of companies that can arrange these things for you. However, if you create the itinerary and can put together a memorable day with everything is taken care of, then your loved one will really love and appreciate it even more. 

Another thing that you may want to look at doing is paying for a course. You may think that they will enjoy learning how to make dresses or join a painting class. If you think that they would enjoy learning a language, why not find out about evening classes and pay for the course fees. 

Buy An Antique Gift

It's so easy just to pick something off the shelf. There is not a great deal of thought that goes into that. Also, when you consider the number of new items that get produced each year, buy continually consuming, we are always creating the demand. There are, however, plenty of lovely gifts out there in Antique shops.

You may want to buy a piece of jewelry, an ornament, or even an item of clothing. Whatever you buy, there is probably a story behind it. There may have been a whole life that the item has led, and the beauty of it all is that it will go on to give someone else joy. This is a concept around a gift that you cannot put a price tag on. 

Antiques need not be expensive. However, it is always useful to try and get an idea of the value of the item that you are looking at before you purchase it. It may be drastically overpriced, in which case you should look to haggle, or not waste your money. On the flip side, it could also be underpriced. In which case, you will be buying your loved one something that is inherently much more valuable. 

Giving Up Your Time

One of the best ways to show someone that you care is by giving them your time. Spending time doing something for them can be valuable as it shows that you think enough about them that you are happy to put in the effort in a different way. 

Think about any particular skills that you may have. You could be a great cook or handy at decorating. Why not host a dinner party for them, or cater a party for them. You could decorate part of their house, or help them with some long overdue jobs around the house that they either can't afford to fix or find fixing themselves overwhelming. 

Buy From Independent Craftspeople And Sellers

If you really must buy a gift, think about getting something from an independent retailer. Hunting down a gift from somewhere that is not a mainstream shopping destination shows that you have put in the effort to find something unique. You may find items that have been made by the seller or things that you can get customized. Try and find gifts that are completely different from anything they may have seen before, and that really appeals to their interests and passions.  

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  1. I love giving out my home made jams for X-Mas!! To me it makes it more special!!