Thursday, September 26, 2019

Moms, Here's How To Get More Me-Time In Your Life

So, when did you last have some me-time in your life?

As a mom, you might not remember the last opportunity where you had some valuable time to yourself. 

From managing the household chores to taking care of your children, it's little wonder that you don't get a lot of time to focus on your needs. But find the time you must, because you need to have the opportunity to binge-watch what you want on Netflix, above and beyond your family movie nights. You need to find the time to read your own books, without having to read to your children at their beck and call. And you need to find the time to enjoy a good soak in the bath, without having to worry about a queue of people at your bathroom door.

In short, you need the time to de-stress, relax, and do the things that you enjoy without having to worry about the needs of others.

Here are some suggestions.

#1: Find windows of opportunity

There should be times during the day when you have some time to yourself, so grab them when you can. So, you might find opportunities to binge-watch Netflix when the kids are in school or in child care. And you might have opportunities to read or take a bath when the family have all gone to bed. No matter when these opportunities arise, make the most of them. Don't fill in all of your time with the housework. Don't assume you have to busy yourself with any other such household activity. Instead, put your feet up, go for a walk, or do anything else that will help you reconnect with you!

#2: Remember you're allowed to say 'no'

You don't have to answer to every beck and call of your children. You don't have to attend every social arrangement organized by your friends. And you don't have to be the perfect mom and attend every PTA meeting at your child's school. Remember the word 'no,' as you will over-commit yourself if you don't, and then have less windows of opportunity than you might have had otherwise. And don't feel guilty about it either, as while people might accuse you of being selfish, you might return the same sentiment to them for caring about their needs over your own. 

#3: Take advantage of the smaller windows

When you have dropped your children off at the after-school club, don't then hang around waiting for them to finish. Nip into town and grab yourself a coffee! When you're sitting in the traffic when you're in between your daily tasks, don't spend all of your time fuming at the other drivers who are holding you up. Put on an audiobook or play some music, and take the time to do something that enriches you. And consider the same for any of those other little windows of opportunity that open up. Make the most of them, even if you only get five or ten minutes at a time.

Moms, you deserve more me-time in your life. You will only hit burnout if you don't. So, follow these suggestions, and if you have any more tips for our readers, be sure to share them with us!

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  1. My Son is older now,but I know what it was like to be so involved in the many different activities he was in! Great tips to help you to take time for yourself!!