Friday, August 23, 2019

Gifts That Wow

Finding birthday presents for the person who has everything is a chore, that takes up too much of your time. You lose heart and patience when it comes to finding something that is unique and the perfect fit for a loved one and so end up buying the same gifts, year in and year out.

We’re here to level up your gift buying game and get you on top with gifts that are going to blow your special someone away. Take a look at our top four gifts that are as unique as you are.

1. Escape Room

What says: “I love you” more than solving a series of clues and escaping from a locked room together?

In fact, this is the perfect gift experience for a couple who know each other well and love doing exciting new things together. Putting together your collective wits to beat the clock brings out the best in you both and gives you so much to talk about once you’re safely out and heading off for dinner. A great experience and a lot of fun.

2. Hit Broadway

One of those things you often talk about but rarely get around to doing. But why not? Grab tickets for Broadway shows and take your loved one on a tour of the greatest shows on earth. Grab pre-show dinner and post-show drinks for a classically romantic evening in the city that never sleeps.

3. Get a Pet

Yes, that’s right. Show your commitment by getting a pet for you to share. You know how much they love dogs so how about a puppy that’s going to become a big part of your family?

Image courtesy of Pixabay: CC0 licence

Please do note that you need to make sure that you are in a great position to look after a pet so do plenty of research before you go ahead and buy a puppy or kitten.

4. Take the Next Step

If you’re buying for your romantic partner then how about surprising them completely. Could it be that you’re ready to get married, to move in together or start saving for the holiday of a lifetime or a move abroad? Think about that exact thing that’s going to take their breath away and come up with an ingenious way of presenting the idea to them.

Hide a copy of your house key inside a giant box. Pop the question to the background of fireworks, thanks to the help of some friends, or bring along a brochure and start planning your global trip together. 

Just a few simple ideas that will change the course of your relationship for the better. Ditch those flowers from the gas station or that box of chocolates you found in the store and start thinking about how you can up your offer with presents that wow. Tickets for a show, a shared experience or by showing your commitment afresh. The only problem you’re going to find is how to beat your current gift for next year’s birthday.

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