Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Check Out These New PBS Kids Titles Streaming in August on PBS Kids Prime Video Channel (Review)

Disclosure: I was provided with screeners from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.


"This August, PBS Distribution will stream the new one-hour special, “PINKALICIOUS & PETERRIFIC: A PINKAPERFECT BIRTHDAY!” It’s Pinkalicious’ birthday and her wish is granted: all of Pinkville turns pink! Also streaming in August is “LET’S GO LUNA!: VOLUME 3,” which includes five episodes that take Luna (voiced by actress Judy Greer) and her friends around the world to learn about different cultures.

The subscription rate for PBS Kids is $4.99/month with an Amazon Prime or Prime Video subscription. Families can also find full episodes of PBS KIDS series for free on PBS Stations, the PBS KIDS 24/7 Channel and PBS KIDS digital platforms, including and the PBS KIDS Video app."


PINKALICIOUS & PETERRIFIC: A Pinkaperfect Birthday

"Happy birthday, Pinkalicious! Pinkalicious and her brother Peter get ready to celebrate her
birthday in A Pinkaperfect Birthday, a one-hour special. Since Pinkalicious imagines creative
possibilities everywhere she looks, Pinkalicious looks at her town of Pinkville and makes a
birthday wish to turn the whole town pink. Let’s see if her wish comes true!"

Streaming Date August 6
Episodes 1 (Movie)

My Thoughts:

My youngest daughter is a huge Pinkalicious fan, and was excited when PBS Kids introduced the Pinkalicious series a while back.  Ever since airing, she hasn't pissed an episode, as has had me buy DVD releases from PBS Distribution, as well as sign the girls up for the PBS Kids Prime Video Channel, so that they don't miss a new episode release.  Having access to this streaming channel also allows them to watch their favorite Pinkalicious episodes whenever they want -- at home and on the go!

In the already aired A Pinkaperfect Birthday, Pinkalicious wants to have her birthday celebrated in style -- by having the whole town pink.  Kids will love watching this episode to see if her birthday wish comes true, and if it does, what her down looks like all pink.  Both of my girls sat and watched this episode a handful of times since we received the preview link the other day.  My youngest was quick to give the episode two thumbs up, and said it was her favorite Pinkalicious episode to date.  Fans of the show will definitely want to check it out and watch it, now that it is streaming on the PBS Kids Prime Video Channel.


LET’S GO LUNA: Volume 3

Let's Go Luna logo.

"Luna and her three friends travel around the world to learn about other cultures. In Volume 3, Luna goes missing in Delhi in Where’s Luna/Pulling Strings. Her friends Leo the wombat, Carmen the butterfly, and Andy the frog try to track her down. In Boomin’ Boomerang/House Music, Carmen enters a boomerang competition in Australia as Andy discovers the Opera House in Sydney. In You Can’t Move the Moon/Lizardzilla!, the gang is in Japan where Luna goes head to head with a Sumo wrestler in Tokyo. Meanwhile, Leo overcomes his fear of Lizardzilla movies. Other episodes that will be streaming include Guitar to Sitar/Spring Has Not Sprung and Didgeridoo and Carmen Too/Not Home on the Range."

Streaming Date: August 9
Episodes: 5

My Thoughts:

This was the first time my girls saw the show, Let's Go, Luna!, and found themselves wondering after the first few minutes, why they hadn't sat and watched it before.  The story and characters were fun and engaging, and they both liked how it taught about different cultures from around the world.  I was not aware of this show, until I sat to watch the new Vol. 3 which will begin streaming on August 9th, and was pleasantly surprised at not only the story line, but how it introduced kids of all ages to different cultures, as they traveled around the world, without leaving their couch.  This year in homeschooling we will be studying world history and touching on cultures and differences between regions/areas, and I see this PBS Kids series being a great addition to our learning.

If your kids are fans of Let's Go Luna, then you will want to share the upcoming Vol. 3, which contains 5 full-length episodes, when it begins streaming on PBS Kids Prime Video channel on August 9th.

Disclosure: I was provided with screeners from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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