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Young Fans of the New Toy Story 4 Movie with Love the New Peelable Nail Polish and Scented Lip Balm Sets from TownleyGirl + Enter to #Win the Toy Story 4 Glammin' Backpack Now! = Review and #Giveaway

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.


How was your 4th of July holiday weekend?  Not long enough?  It would have been nice if it was a few days longer, right?  But, at least we made the most of up, and got in time away, as well as pool time and trips to the movies to see some great movies, including the #1 movie for the second week in a row, Toy Story 4.  Have you seen this movie yet?  If you haven't, and you loved the previous three Toy Story releases, you definitely have to see it.  Even though movie goers have no idea if they plan to release another movie in the popular franchise, this new release does give closer for one of the main characters, and will have you tearing up and smiling at the same time, at the ending.  We ended up seeing this movie twice -- once when it was first released, and again this past holiday weekend.  And, it was even better watching it the second time around.  Who knows, maybe we will see it for a third time.  All I know is that we will definitely be picking it up on DVD/Blu-Ray when it releases in stores hopefully later this year, in time for the holidays.

Seeing just how much fun my girls had watching this movie for the second time, and how they are all about the new Toy Story characters including Forky, Bunny, Ducky, and Duke Kaboom, I was excited to recently receive samples from the new Toy Story 4 collection from TownleyGirl.  You may recall I recently shared a review/feature of their Aladdin product line inspired by the new movie, as well as classic Disney animated film, the folks at Townley Girl are back at it with their fun Toy Story 4 collection, that includes character lip balms, nail polish, mirror and so much more. 

I wish you could have saw my girls' faces when they opened the box and saw all the Townley Girl goodies inside to review.  Just know I am finally getting my hearing back after their loud screams of excitement. :-)   This new TownleyGirl Toy Story 4 collection is now available through the TownleyGirl website. Prices vary, but start at $1.99 and go up to $17.99 -- all very reasonable if you ask me, based on my experience with their product offering, and quality of product.   And, when you visit their website you will see how many of the lip balms sets can be used at party favors for upcoming Toy Story 4 themed birthday parties.

Take a look at the TownleyGirl Toy Story products we were sent...

Toy Story 4 Glammin' Backpack

"She’s a girl on the go with this Toy Story 4 Glammin' Backpack! Packed up inside are lip balms, nail polish, and everything she needs to get that cool toy look. Now she can glam anywhere, anytime! Perfect for back to school time and holiday season."
About the Product:

  • Backpack including 2 nail polish, 2 shimmery lip balms, 1 lip gloss compact with brush, 1 nail file, 3 hair ties and 1 sheet of nail stickers 
  • Nail polish is washable and water-based, peelable, non-toxic and bubble gum scented; shades include opaque shimmer peach and blue
  • Lip balm colors and scents include light purple grape and rose strawberry; lip gloss compact is grape scented, and shades include blue, rose and light purple
  • Disney  Pixar's Toy Story 4 packaging

Toy Story 4 Nail Polish Set with Stickers, Glitter Tattoos and Bonus Bag

"You nailed it! The perfect gift for a Toy Story 4 fan who loves to polish her nails! Fingers and toes look infinity and beyond-ready with an assortment of nail polish shades. She can carry her polishes on-the-go with a cool Bo Peep inspired bag. Also included are peel-off body stickers and glitter tattoos, so the fun never ends!"
About the Product:

  • Assortment of 3 nail polishes, 1 sheet of glitter tattoos, 5 sheets of peel-off body stickers and 1 bag
  • Polishes are bubble gum scented, non-toxic, water based and peelable with glitter; shades include blue, peach and purple
  • Disney Pixar's Toy Story 4 packaging 

Toy Story 4 Lip Balm Party Favors- 7 Pcs

"These Toy Story 4 lip balms make for the perfect gift. Use them as party favors or let your little one keep them all! With so many colors and flavors, the options are endless and the fun never ends!"

About the Product:
  • Assortment of 7 shimmery lip balms on perforated cards
  • Colors and scents include: rose strawberry, dark purple grape, teal watermelon, red cherry, blue blueberry, yellow bubble gum and orange berry
  • Disney Pixar's Toy Story 4 packaging

Toy Story 4 Kiss it Paint it Set with Bonus Tin

"Kiss it! or paint it! She loves all things Toy Story 4, and with this fun beauty set, she can create a look just like her favorite Toys!"
About the Product: 

  • Assortment of 1 lip tube, 2 nail polishes, 1 sticker, 1 sheet of nail stickers and bonus bag
  • Nail polish is peelable, water-based, non-toxic and bubble gum scented; shades include opaque shimmery purple and pink
  • Lip gloss is blue glitter colored and cotton candy scented
  • Disney Pixar's Toy Story 4 packaging 

Toy Story 4 Lip Balms with Finger Puppets

"Playing with your favorite toys just got even more fun. Now your little one can moisturize his or her lips with 5 shades of lip balm, fruity and flavorful. And  Toy Story 4 finger puppets will top it all off with fun!"
About the Product:
  • Assortment of 5 shimmery lip balms and 5 finger puppets
  • Lip balms colors and scents include: pink cotton candy, red cherry, blue blueberry, yellow bubble gum and dark purple grape
  • Disney Pixar's Toy Story 4 packaging

Toy Story 4 Lip Balms with Mirror and Stickers

"Check her out! She'll turn heads with these Toy Story 4- inspired lip balms that'll add some real-life shimmer to her look. Plus bonus stickers and a 3D hand mirror is included, perfect for beautifying on the go!"
About the Product:

  • Assortment of 2 shimmery lip balms, sticker sheet and 3D hand mirror
  • Lip balm shades and scents include blue blueberry and red cherry
  • Disney Pixar's Toy Story 4 packaging 

Toy Story 4 Lip Balm Ball Party Pack- 8 Pcs

"Which Toy is she feeling like today? She can have a blast with all of the signature characters with this adorable lip balm set. 10 lip balm pots featuring her favorite Toys are sure to get her attention. She can even invite her bffs over to join in on the fun! These lip balms make great party favors!"
About the Product:

  • Assortment of 10 shimmery lip balm pots
  • Colors and scents include: dark purple grape, peach, pink raspberry, teal watermelon, rose cotton candy, blue bubble gum, red cherry, blue blueberry, light purple berry and pink strawberry
  • Disney Pixar's Toy Story 4 packaging 

Toy Story 4 Glam on the Go Keychain

"What a treat! This Toy Story 4 Glam on the Go Keychain is deliciously scented, and the keychain included is perfect for clipping onto a backpack. We know you want to dance away with this one-- so go ahead!"
About the Product:

  • Keychain includes 1 hand sanitizer, 1 lip balm, 1 keychain with puffy icon and 1 squishy ball
  • Lip balm color and scent is red shimmer cherry
  • Hand sanitizer is non-toxic, blue- colored and blueberry scented
  • Disney Pixar's Toy Story 4 packaging


My girls always love seeing what TownleyGirl come out with, and love when they have products from their favorite shows like Fancy Nancy and movies like Frozen, Disney Princesses, Aladdin, Emoji and even Trolls. And, now with the addition of the Toy Story 4 line, my girls get to pamper themselves with all the fun character lip balms, polishes, nail stickers and glitter tattoos.  They loved the assortment of product and the storage bags/tins that many of the TownleyGirl sets came with. As you will see in the videos below, my girls split the samples sent evenly, and each got four products to review.  My oldest chose the Toy Story 4 Lip Balms with Mirror and Stickers, and really loved the Bo Peep mirror that came with the set. Usually my youngest will grab the mirror and hairbrush products that TownleyGirl sends, but my oldest was quicker this time around, and was able to score the mirror, which was well made, and has become a staple on her vanity and part of her morning prep getting ready. She will sit and look through the mirror at the back of her hair, and also see how she looks with the different lip balms she applies from the different ones she received.  

The girls love pampering and applying lip balms, especially flavored/scented ones like they get from TownleyGirl, as they say it adds a little shine to their lips, without looking too done up with makeup.  That is good, as I don't think I am ready for my babies to grow up and being leaving the house all done up in makeup.  Even though they think they are big girls, I am still holding on and enjoying these pre-teen years with them, and reminding them to enjoy being kids, as they will miss it when they become adults.

I especially love how their nail polish peels off, as I don't like using nail polish remover with all the harsh chemicals on my girls' nails.  Also, they both love giving their Daddy a makeover and manicure, and he likes how he can simply peel off the polish once done playing model and posing for the girls.  He was never a fan of sporting bright colored nails at work, as he couldn't get off with the nail polish remover we have. But, knowing how easy it is to peel off, he is all for the girls' playing beauty salon with him. :-)
Bella couldn't believe all the new lip balms she has :-)

My girls both agree that they love each and every product from the new TownlyGirl Toy Story 4 line, and say that you should check them out, if your kids love the new movie and franchise just like they do.  :-)  I also excited to offer one lucky Inspired by Savannah the chance to win one of the Toy Story 4 products I was sent for review and shared about above, thanks to the kind folks at TownleyGirl.  

Read on to learn how one lucky Inspired by Savannah reader will have the chance to win the Toy Story 4 Glammin' Backpack, which my youngest daughter chose and loves. 

Look at all the goodies you get inside the backpack...

She has been wearing it all around, and using it to store her TowleyGirl nail polish and lip balms, as well as other Toy Story 4 toys she has bought recently.


Thanks to the kind folks at TownleyGirl, one lucky reader will win the new Toy Story 4 Glammin' Backpack to share with that special Toy Story 4 fan in their life.  To enter, please complete the entries on the Rafflecopter form below.  Good luck!

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Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.