Sunday, July 14, 2019

The White Noise Machine from Etekcity is a Must Have for Both Kids and Adults Looking for a Restful Night's Sleep

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Even though we live in county, away from busy bustling streets with cars zipping through at bedtime, my girls still have trouble falling asleep.  It isn't that they aren't tired, but whenever they place their head on their pillows to sleep and it is quiet all of a sudden, they start to pick up on all the noises of the house, and sounds they hear outside.  While to many these sounds may be peaceful and resting, to my girls, they are just another reason to try and stay awake, as to do something and not lay and hear all the noises.  But, thanks to a new white noise machine I was recently sent from the kind folks at Etekcity, not only are my girls going to bed on time and without fuss, but I am also finding myself being lulled to sleep to the relaxing sounds from the EWN-S12 White Noise Machine.

This is the not the first white noise machine we have owned and used, but it is the first one that has come with so many sound options, as well as the opportunity charge and have the battery run for so long (up to 12 hours on one full charge). Also, the compact size of this white noise machine makes it perfect for bringing with you on personal or business travel, or anywhere you need a little white noise to drown out surrounding sounds.  I personally have been tucking the EWN-S12 White Noise Machine in my weekend tote I pack for quick getaways with my family, and run it at bedtime, to help the girls fall asleep with ease, and not wake in the night to unfamiliar sounds.

Here is a quick video I took to show the 18 different nature sounds you get with this one white noise machine...

Did you hear a few sound bytes that were relaxing, and that would help you relax and drift off to sleep at night time.  For me, I am all about the fire crackling sound, all the water and rain sounds, and even the Rain forest sound.  Having tried other sound machines in the past, I can say that one offers a better selection of noise cancelling sounds (all from nature), that really are enjoyable to listen to, and are truly relaxing.  I also like how you can adjust the volume with a simple tap of a button.  What is also great about the EWN-S12 White Noise Machine is that it comes with easy to set up instructions, as well as a little cheat sheet that explains what each button does. I say it is a cheat sheet, as people like my husband would appreciate it, if you don't like to first read instructions from the box, and just look at a product and figure out how it works.

Here are some more stand out features of the EWN-S12 White Noise Machine, making it a great white noise machine to invest in for yourself or your children (of all ages)....

Key Features:

  • A Variety of Sounds From Nature :Stream water bird, Summer night thunderstorm, Fan sound ,Ocean,Rainforest and so on, lots of sound from nature It creates a relaxing atmosphere for many occasions like baby room, bedroom, office.

  • High Fidelity Sound and Precise Volume: The volume control allows you to set to your most comfortable volume and features a powerful loud speaker cavity structure, delivering premium acoustic sound effectively reducing the distracting effect of outside noises and providing a relaxing environment.

  • Portable &chargeable:Featuring a compact make it can easily fit into a handbag or suitcase USB cable make you can charge by computer, mobile charging or car charger and so on making it perfect for office, car or travel use.

  • TIMER& FUNCTION:Featuring 5 timer options, 30, 60, 90 min 2h,7h auto-off timer options available, so you can sleep more soundly without the worry to manually turn off the machine; it will remember you set, automatically restores your previous volume sound.

  • Two-year warrant and Extra features:It is also a Bluetooth stereo speaker with LCD light, two-year warranty and a clock function (with the option to extend it by 1 extra year). From video tutorials to emails and calls, our team in Southern California provides excellent lifetime support with purchase.


Looks and sounds like a great white noise machine? It really is one of the best I have tried out first hand, and love.  Even my girls are talking to their friends about this Etekcity white  noise machine, and how it helps them fall asleep at the end of the day, and wake up feeling well rested and recharged. Just getting one night of a restful sleep without my girls waking for me is a victory in my eyes.  And, I have been enjoying this achievement for the past few weeks, thanks to the Etekcity EWN-S12 White Noise Machine.  

At only $39.99, you can't go wrong with the price and what you get with this white noise machine.  I will definitely be buying more from Amazon so that I can have one in each of the bedrooms in the house.  I ended up giving the sample I was sent to my youngest, and she isn't into sharing it.  So, if we all want to enjoy these relaxing nature sounds, we will nee to get our own machine that will not break the bank, and that will deliver a restful night's sleep. You can learn more about this and other products from Etekcity by checking out their website here:

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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