Monday, July 1, 2019

The Giant Corgi Pool Float and Matching Dog Beverage Boats from BigMouth Inc. are a Must Have for Dog Lovers (Young and Old) This Summer! (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Are you a dog lover? If you are and you have plans for a pool party this summer, then you must pick up the new Giant Corgi Pool Float (3 ft. long), to float in style in the water. 

And, while you are at it, be sure to pick up the Dog Beverage Boats to compliment your Corgi pool float. :-)

The kind folks at BigMouth, Inc. sent along the giant Corgi pool float and dog beverage boats for me to review, and share with my with family.  We are a dog loving family, and my oldest daughter is all about dogs.  You can find her wearing some sort of dog clothing each day, and toting around a book featuring a dog.  To say she loves dogs is an understatement.  So, when she saw these two new summer products from BigMouth, Inc., she let out the biggest scream I had heard, before running towards me to get a closer look of the float and beverage boats, before asking to open and blow them up.  

Even though we no longer have our above ground pool -- we had to take down as my youngest is allergic to pool chemicals and chemicals, and it was just easier to take down than to convert to salt water -- that didn't stop my girls from enjoying the super cute and oh so big corgi pool float.  They pooled their money the other day and bought a blow up pool to swim in, and cool off with during the hot summer months.  The pool was big enough to hold the pool float, as well as the beverage boats.

We have only had our pool set up for a few days, but that hasn't stopped the girls from making the most of their new Giant Corgi Pool Float from BigMouth, Inc.  

And, when they needed a refreshing drink, they love reaching for their drink cups they placed in the adorable corgi and pug inflatable pool party beverage boats, also from BigMouth, Inc.  

As you can see in the photos above, my girls are also smiles with these two new pool products from BigMouth, Inc.  They can't get enough of them, and have spending hours a days in the pool, just to enjoy the pool float and beverage boats.  And, when they aren't in the pool floating around and relaxing, I have also caught them using the pool floats as make shift seating in the living room, as they watch television. Just last night my oldest took a bath and needed to have a drink nearby -- that was just an excuse, as she wanted to use her corgi beverage boat in the tub. When her long soak was over, she brought the beverage boats to her room to store her water cup for bedtime.

My girls can't wait to visit their Nana and Papa at their summer place, so that they can bring and try out the Giant Corgi Pool Float in their saltwater pool.  And, they will be sure to bring along the matching beverage boats, for a fun day floating in the pool, enjoying cold drinks. :-)  They sure do have the life. And, now thanks to BigMouth, Inc., they can show off their love for dogs with these super cute pool products. If you or someone you know loves dogs, especially corgi and pug breeds, then you need to pick up these new products from BigMouth, Inc. to enjoy this summer.  

Not a dog lover?  Don't worry as BigMouth Inc. has a wonderful selection of pool floats offering designs for both kid and adults, so that you can float in the pool in style.  Just look at these other fun designs, available now, in addition to the Corgi pool float...

Spotted a favorite pool float?  I know, I know, they are all so cute, and would make for a fun pool float.  Why not pick up a few of these pool floats from BigMouth, Inc. so that the whole family can enjoy time in the pool this summer.  I can't wait to hear which pool floats you chose, and how much you love them.  Like I said, my girls can't get enough of them, and are out in the pool right now, floating in their Corgi pool float, enjoying their summer vacation.  

How much better can it get?! :-)


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Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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