Thursday, July 11, 2019

Introducing Kids To Computers: 5 Simple Tips Every Parent Needs

Children are using technology at a younger age than ever before. Most kids will have a cell phone by the time they reach middle school while their introduction to computers is likely to come at an even earlier time. Given the importance of tech literacy in the modern age, all parents need to ease their son or daughter into the digital world.  
There are a lot of factors consider, though, which is why you need to prepare and build a winning strategy. Here are five factors to put on your list.  

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Start With A Tablet  
It’s hard to get kindergarteners to use a keyboard when they are still learning to spell simple words. Whether it’s an iPad or an Android tablet, the touch screen and home screen buttons are an ideal way to introduce kids to the internet as well as simple games. As a parent, you should accompany your child when they use YouTube and the internet to check that they don’t access inappropriate content. Alternatively, you can simply turn off the Wi-Fi and 4G and let them play offline games.  
Look For Educational Games  
Your child will always use workbooks and traditional learning activities to develop their key skills. However, the use of educational games and software can be used to support their development. It'll also be key for developing computer literacy skills. This makes learning fun, especially when there are animations and other interactive features. It is the perfect way to support your child through the transition from tablet to computer, as they can start to use the keyboard and mouse at their pace.  
Set Clear Boundaries  
As a parent, it’s important to set boundaries to protect your child in all aspects of life. When dealing with computers and online interactions, there are many aspects to consider. In addition to using parental controls, you should learn how to use the Apple ID sign in features. This will protect your bank balance above all else. Finally, it’s equally crucial that your child knows that they can only use the computer at certain times of the day. Otherwise, the risk of addiction will skyrocket.  

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Use Bookmarks    
Youngsters can get frustrated when they fail to access the sites that they are trying to reach. Unfortunately, it only takes one spelling error to ruin their path to the site in question. Saving bookmarks and using cookies to store their log-in details for games sites will prevent these problems. Your child will be in a position to access the desired URLs, games, and information in the quickest and least stressful way. It also helps you now that they are visiting appropriate sites.  
Help Them Be Creative  
Learning to type or use spreadsheets will be vital in later life. Still, you should not overlook the creative capabilities of computers. Whether a child loves photography, filmmaking, drawing, writing, or designing clothes for dolls doesn’t matter. There’s plenty of software and hardware features that can encourage their development in a fun way. When your child is having an enjoyable time, the chances of absorbing information are greatly increased.

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