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Incorporate a Fitness Plan for Your Kids Into Your Summer Break w/ the Help of My First Workout (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

It's sad that when schools are impacted by budget cuts, the first things to be written out of the budget are electives like art, music and even gym.  Not only do kids lose the opportunity to participate in these classes , but good teachers are lost, too.  In recent years, I have seen schools in our area get shaken up with budget cuts, and many teachers sent walking. It is like teachers are not valued anymore.  And, they can't even teach the way they want, as they have to follow strict guidelines and teach so that kids pass or score high on standardized testing. This is one reason I chose to homeschool my girls, as I didn't want to deal with all the budget cuts and classes taken away.

My educational background before becoming a blogger and stay at home homeschooling mom was in public health, with a concentration in community health education.  When I wasn't working in a hospital setting providing educational resources and programs to patients and the community on a wide variety of health topics, you would find me in the schools, at open enrollment days at companies, and out at community health fairs and events doing health screenings and sharing fun, educational hands on presentations to educate kids and adults on ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You would think this would be an easy thing to do and really not need a lot of guidance, but with all the technology we have at our disposal, people are opting to skip the gym to stay home and play video games or watch television. And, with families always on the go and parents busing kids back and forth to sports and extracurricular activities, if is easier to grab take out and eat on the go, instead of waiting to get back home after a long day, to cook up a healthy meal.  

So, when you factor in all these budget cuts, busy lifestyles, etc. it is no wonder why physics fitness is overlooked by both kids and adults.  And, I am seeing more and more schools doing away with recess and rushing kids to finish their lunches in 15 minutes just to get back for the classroom to do more work. How is this healthy?  Young children, especially, need the exercise, as it helps them not only relax so that they can concentrate better during the long school days, but playtime is supposed to be fun and an opportunity for kids to make new friends and learn important skills like teamwork.  When you take recess away from kids , you are oftentimes taking away their only real exercise for the day. Some kids go straight home from school and sit on the couch all afternoon as their parents can't afford after school sports fees or have the means to drive their kids around as they are working long hours just to make ends meet.  And, when parents get home after a long day, the last thing they want to do is go exercise or walking with their kids.  

While all of this shouldn't come as a shock to you, as obesity rates in both kids and adults are on the rise, so is the rise in newly diagnosed diabetic cases, many of which could have otherwise been prevented with a proper diet and exercise.  So, what can parents do to help their kids and themselves get back on the fitness wagon and lead a more healthy lifestyle that their kids can follow? Simple...make the time to exercise or go on a walk with your kids, make the time to eat healthy well balanced meals, and be pro active in your kids' life and not let them be consumed by their phones, video games or electronics. I know it is easier said than done.  But, today I wanted to share a great product, developed by a mom.and fitness expert, that will get your kids off the couch and wanting to exercise. Yes, exercise can be fun, and the My First Workout product line makes it just that - FUN!

Thanks to Michelle Miller, the owner and founder of My First Workout, my girls were recently sent the complete The Kit (Ages 8-10) Option A, along with extras supplies so that both of my girls could work out together and not have to wait to borrow fitness equipment.

"MY FIRST WORKOUT® is a progressive exercise program carefully designed by Certified Personal Trainer and Founder, Michelle Miller, who has over 20 years' experience in the fitness industry as a personal trainer and group exercise instructor. The first program comes inside the kit and prepares the body for 11 more programs in the series. Each exercise is demonstrated by children under the guidance of Michelle in a fun and personal video, and is available for individual purchase!"

The Kit includes:
  • Program One Exercises – instructional video and step-by-step poster
  • Two sets of triangle free weights
    • 3lb, yellow
    • 4lb, green
  • 3 meter long adjustable jump rope (blue)
  • Easy-grip sand ball (5lb, yellow)
  • Comfortable non-slip, eco-friendly exercise mat (pink)
  • Aerobic step that doubles as a storage case for all of your child’s equipment (max supported weight: 265lbs)
"My First Workout® is an answer to prayer for parents who are looking for an alternative to technology this summer.  My First Workout® is a brand new product on the market and this strength and conditioning program is for kids age 5-10 to do at home with a parent!  It comes in a kit with 8 pieces of custom kid size equipment and programming in both video and poster format so parents can confidently teach the exercises to their children from the moment it arrives.  This product was created to help children learn a habit of fitness from the earliest age possible and connect with their parents while learning it.   This product provides a fun balance to sedentary activity and paves the way for healthier lifestyle habits to be formed early on.  Kids who work on their fitness during the summer will confidently approach the new school year in a body they feel healthy and strong in.  Just two or three days per week for 25 minutes is all it takes to start a lifelong habit that will positively empower and equip these children with skills that will last a lifetime. "

I couldn't get over the My First Workout kit when it arrived at our door.  

It was heavy and you could tell that each of the exercise equipment pieces were made well, and that they were durable, too.  In the past I have bought fitness equipment for my girls and after a few uses the pieces started to break down, or they weren't made for kids in mind, weight Wise. But this My First Workout kit was made with kids in mind, and my girls were excited to start using it.

After watching an introductory video on the My First Workout website, we set up the My First Workout kit in the living room.and gave it a try.  My girls do weekly CrossFit classes and usually leave sweaty and having got in a good workout running around and playing fitness games. But, I have been looking for an at home fitness program I could do with my girls to keep them active and moving. So, after seeing them use the My First Workout kit, I knew I had finally found what I had been looking for...and I couldn't wait to share it with you all. :-)

Summer is the perfect time to try new things with your kids as your schedules are less hectic than when school is back on session. You don't need a full gym set up in your house to get a good workout, just the right workout gear.  We started out doing 15-20 minute workouts in the living room, but found on the cooler summer days, it was nice to get outdoors and exercise on the back deck. My girls were eager to exercise and would always wake asking if it was a My First Workout Exercise Day as we would go one day on, one day off, from exercising as I didn't want to push them too much and have they hate exercising.  Then, after a week of our exercise regime, I found the girls asking if they could get In a quick workout with their complete My First Workout kit, as it was a lot of fun.  They found themselves with free time.and didn't want to sit around and watch TV.  Instead they were thinking about how much fun thy have exercising and how good it makes them feel when they are done.  I am so proud of my girls for taking the initiative to lead a more healthy lifestyle by watching what they eat, and adding exercise into their daily schedules. It makes this public health educator/mom so proud. :-)

Why don't you and your family join my girls and I and make this the summer that you become more active?  There are better things to do than sit on the couch, and by adding in a 10-15 minute workout to your kids summer schedule each day, you will see their behavior/mood improve, as well as know that they are taking steps to live a healthier lifestyle. 

Benefits of Exercise for Kids:

Besides enjoying the health benefits of regular exercise, fit kids sleep better, handle physical and emotional challenges better — and show enhanced cognitive ability in the classroom.

Other benefits include:
  • Better food choices
  • Improved blood pressure
  • Improved quality of sleep
  • Moderate, fun orientated exercise burns off excess harmful hormones & increases release of healthy ones
  • Improved mood
  • Stronger bones and muscles
  • Improved immune function
  • Improved weight management
  • Decreased symptoms of ADHD
  • Breathe better and sweat more which both detoxify the body
  • Increased energy levels
  • Aerobic activity increases size of essential brain structures & the number of neural connections
  • Increased potential exercise habit continues into adulthood
  • Confidence and better self esteem
  • Better memory
  • Stronger bone structure
  • Reduced risk and symptoms of depression and anxiety
  • Increased blood flow to body tissues
  • Enhanced oxygen and nutrients to the body’s cells
  • Higher test scores in reading and math
  • Lower triglyceride levels
  • Reduced weight circumference
  • Reduced risk of diabetes and pre-diabetes
  • Reduced restlessness and hyperactivity

Don't wait for back to school for recess or gym class to provide exercise for your kids, as you never know when they decide to cut these from your child's schedule to save money. And. for those kids who don't do after school sports, an at home fitness program is just the thing to keep them moving, without breaking the bank or needing space in the house to keep bulky fitness equipment.  What I love most about the My First Workout kit that we were sent is that everything stores in the Aerobic step, making it easy to store away in a closet, or slide into a corner until it is ready to be used again.

So, what are waiting for? Head on over to the My First Workout website and browse their selection of fitness gear for your kids (two kits available -- one for 5-7 year olds, and the other for 8-10 year olds, with option to choose exercise mat color (blue or pink) and option to add on additional exercise equipment pieces for siblings). 

Then, get ready to have fun with fitness this summer and have your kids reap the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, with the help of My First Workout. And, while they are exercising and getting fit, why not join them and be a positive role model and support on their fitness journey. Don't stop once school is back in session, either.  You will find that it doesn't take a lot to get in a good just have to have the desire and drive to get up and start moving with your kids today. 

Be sure to follow MY FIRST WORKOUT® on their social media channels below, to stay up-to-date on new product additions, special offers, new and more...

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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