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We've Experienced Them and Have to Agree...BuddyPhones WAVE is Truly the Best Kids Wireless Headphones Ever Made! #buddyphones (Review)

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

"BuddyPhones PLAY are the safe, comfortable and durable Bluetooth headphones you have been waiting for. The incredible 14-hour battery life allows for up to 6 days of use without charging (2-3 hours/day). They feature an adjustable headband so that they can grow with your child and soft hypo-allergenic cushions make them super comfortable for years to come. Works with all Bluetooth enabled devices such as iPads, iPhones, Amazon Kindle, car DVD players & more."

How is your summer going so far?  Hopefully you have been able to spend quality time with your family, and get in a few day trips or memorable moments that everyone will remember for some time to come.  This is the first year we have taken time off from homeschooling, as for the past 5 years we have been schooling year round.  This allowed us to take the whole month of December off to enjoy the holidays, as you all know December is a crazy time of year, and what kid will sit for school work knowing that Santa is coming. :-)  But, I have to say, having this little summer break is much deserved and much needed, and it wasn't until we had a full week of vacation under our belt that I felt it.  Homeschooling is just like being a teacher in a public school, as I have to put together curriculum and lesson plans and teach my girls.  But, unlike teachers, I am with my girls 24/7, without a break.  So, having a little breather in the summer so far, not worrying about lesson plans and teaching, has really made this free time spent my with my family more enjoyable and less stressful.  

We've had a few day trips and weekend getaways under our belt, and just last week we were away most of the week.  Our vacation up north was cut short due to car issues, but overall it was a great trip, and one that I know I will remember, as my girls tried so many new things including going down water slides by themselves, and swimming back and forth the length of the pool without any issues and on their own.  And, looking at photos I took of the girls on my phone, I am feeling a little sad, as I am seeing that they are growing up right before my eyes and starting to look more grown up.  In a few short weeks, my oldest will be turning 9.  She is already talking about college plans, followed by getting her own apartment and animals of her own.  While I tell her to slow it down and enjoy being young, I know that I was the same way, as are most of us when we are young...wishing we were old already.  But, then we find ourselves old and wish we could back to the good 'ole days with less worries and responsibilities.  Funny how that is, right?

During our recent trip up north, I made sure to pack busy bags for my girls, stock up on new DVDs for them to watch during the 4+ hr. drive each way, and lots of snacks and water.  I also added something new to the mix, which I knew the girls would love, and that my husband and I would, too --- Wireless, Volume-Safe Kids BuddyPhones WAVE Headphones.  


I was sent two pairs of the BuddyPhones WAVES headphones for my girls to try out (thank you BuddyPhones as you made it so that they wouldn't fight over these super cute unicorn headphones by sending the each a pair).  

Both of my girls love unicorns, so they were all smiles when they saw magical unicorn design on the headphones.  

Now, this is the not the first set of headphones my girls have owned...but, it was the first wireless pair.  And, after using them all week in the car and in the vacation rental, my girls will not go back to the clunky wired headphones, which always seem to get tangled up, or don't have long enough cables for girls to plug into the DVD players in the car, and sit back comfortably in their booster seats.  My girls said they felt like "big kids" with the wireless headphones, and loved how comfortable they were.  

Check out all the features of the BuddyPhones WAVE wireless headphones, which you can purchase through the BuddyPhones website at, as well as at Amazon...

(Prices vary depending on color/style, but range from $49.99-$69.98)
There's even an option to buy wireless headphones with a hard case.

"With more added features, the BuddyPhones WAVE is truly the best kids headphones ever made. The WAVE is waterproof, wireless with over 20 hours of battery life and features four distinct SafeAudio listening modes.


  • 24 Hr Battery Life
  • 30ft Range
  • AudioShare Cable
  • SafeAudio 75/85/94 dB
  • Hypo-Allergenic Cushion
  • Foldable Design
  • Spill/Waterproof IP67
  • Custom Name Tags
What's Included:

  • BuddyPhones WAVE Headphones
  • Micro-usb charger cord
  • BuddyCable audio sharing cord
  • Soft Travel Bag
  • Custom Nametag Stickers
The BuddyPhones WAVE headphones come in a few design styles -- the unicorn ones my girls were sent, as well robot, monkey and bee.  

I have to say, if I wasn't sent the unicorn samples, it would have been hard to decide on which style to go with as they are all fun and cool looking. :-)

One of the features that I really love about these wireless BuddyPhones is the way that they fold up for easy storage in the bag included with the headphones.  

This makes it easy for my girls to store them in their backpacks without taking up a lot of space, or in the seat pocket in the car.  And, with no wires like you have with the wired headphones, I don't have to worry about untangling wires, or having the headphones break as the girls pulled the cord or damage it in some way.

Another great feature of these wireless headphones is how you can adjust the volume based on your child's age and listening needs.

With four modes to choose from, you and your child are sure to find the right sound/volume setting.  We used the travel mode in the car, and the girls were both able to hear their own DVD players without interference from their neighboring DVD player of their sister, or the  radio playing in the front seating area.  In the past, long distance travel was difficult and stressful, as the girls would always fight over what movie they would watch on the dual DVD players.  Then, we bought separate DVD players that played their own movies, and this only made the girls fight more, as one would wear headphones, and the other wouldn't, but they could still both hear each others movies playing.  Or, the phone forced to wear headphones would complain about the short cord, or that after awhile their ears would get sore from the headphone pieces.  I dreaded long car rides because of the backseat fighting and complaining, and was looking for a way to curb it, especially knowing we had a summer vacation planned.  But, thanks to the BuddyPhones WAVE wireless headphones, we all got to enjoy a quiet car ride, without kids fighting over the radio or need to cancel out each other's DVD sounds.  It was nice to enjoy the scenery and the 4 hr. drive up north listening to music my husband and I like, and the girls were content in the backseat switching between their DVD player and phones listening to their own music selections.

I asked my girls the other day what their favorite part of the trip was, and they both were quick to say it was the BuddyPhones.  Yes, the trip was fun and they did a lot of cool and new things, but having their own headphones that were wireless, waterproof and oh so comfy to wear, was the stand out for them.  They kept raving about their headphones to me, and then to their friends who asked about their trip.  If only I had known about BuddyPhones headphones sooner...the past long car ride trips could have been more bearable.  Well, at least we have them now, and I am already planning an end of summer getaway. And, instead of going crazy buying stuff to keep the girls busy in the car, I will just make sure they have their BuddyPhones handy, and we are good to go.  For Christmas this year, I also plan to buy my nieces and nephews, as well as some of our close friends' kids their own BuddyPhones WAVE wireless headphones.  It will be a gift that will be welcomed by both parents and the kids. :-)

Yes, they are even waterproof.  How cool is that?!

If you are planning an upcoming long car rides, or or reluctant to travel far with your kids due to the stress of backseat complaining, why not pick up BuddyPhones headphones for each of your children. Once you experience a car ride with BuddyPhones you will see why I am adding an extra summer getaway in (no I am not crazy), and why my girls (and I) love these headphones so much.  Too bad they weren't around when I was younger.  I would have loved to had put these cool and stylish headphones on and drained out the 50's and 60's music my parents would listen to, or hearing my brothers handheld video games non-stop for hours.  At least now my girls get to enjoy their backseat entertainment (movies, music, etc.) without bothering those around them.  And, I get to enjoy a nice, peaceful drive there and back.  It's a win-win for everyone.

So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to BuddyPhones and browse their selection of headphones. In addition to the wireless WAVE headphones I was sent for my girls to help me review and enjoy, BuddyPhones also offers wired headphones.

No matter, which headphones you go with, know that they are excellent quality and offer so many wonderful features that kids and adults will like. This is one investment you will be happy you made, and a product your kids will enjoy for years to come.

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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