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Kids Will Go Crazy for the New ZURU OOSH Cotton Candy and Cotton Candy Cuties -- Scented Fluffy Slime with a Surprise Cutie Inside! Collect All 4 Colors and All the Cuties! (Review)

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

I always find myself saying, what will they come up with next when talking about Zuru.  You may recall a couple weeks ago I shared their new Bunch O Balloons Party Starter Pack which lets you blow up and tie 40 balloons in 40 seconds.  If you missed my post, you can read it here:  I would never have imagined the ability to blow this many balloons up, and then have them self-seal and already have ribbon attached.  It was amazing to see, and has made decorating for parties and gatherings that much easier.  No more fussing with balloons, having sore fingers from tying, or that nasty chemical powder taste you get from blowing up too many balloons.  So, after trying this new product release from ZURU, I found myself wondering what they would come up with next.  And, I didn't have to wait long to be wowed again, as they also released a new toy line called OOSH that features OOSH Cotton Candy and OOSH Cotton Candy Cuties, which my girls fell in love with instantly, and can't get enough of.

The kind folks at ZURU sent along samples for the girls to try, and they couldn't wait to make a video to show what the new OOSH Cotton Candy (refill slime) and OOSH Cotton Candy Cuties line (Series 1) is all about.  Before I show their video, I will share a little bit of information about these new collectible toys, which are available now at Walmart and Amazon.

About OOSH Cotton Candy and Cotton Candy Cuties:

"OOSH Cotton Candy and Cotton Candy Cuties New Cotton Candy Cuties look so real and smell so good!

Our latest innovative fun, fluffy slime is the new must have compound! This scented, squishy fun foam comes in four awesome colors.

Cotton Candy Cuties items each contain a surprise Cutie inside! Combining two things girls absolutely love – fluffy, sweet smelling compounds and cute, collectible slow rise squishy toys. 

Oosh Cotton Candy SRP $5.99, Oosh Cotton Candy Cuties SRP $9.99 on Amazon and Walmart ."

As mentioned above, my girls made a video to show you the OOSH Cotton Candy Cuties.  They are just like the OOSH Cotton Candy, but the Cotton Candies Cuties come with a collectible Cutie, in addition to the scented, squishy fun slime.

My girls really enjoyed the OOSH Cotton Candy Cuties samples that were sent, and can't wait to buy more so that they can collect all the adorable cuties in Series 1.  And, when they are not playing with their collectible Cotton Candy Cuties, they are having a blast playing with their scented, squishy fun slime that stretches, can be torn, molded and even bounces.  

The girls had fun mixing and matching the colors, to mold unique creatures and animals that they imagined.  And, when they weren't shaping and sculpting those, they were making homes for their Cotton Candy Cuties to live, and little cars for them to drive around in, complete with wheels they made with the scented squishy fun slime.

I will admit, even though I thought the OOSH Cotton Candy and OOSH Cotton Candy Cuties looked fun and really caught my girls' attentions, I didn't think it would be something they would go back time and again.  But, I was so wrong!  The girls love the unique feel of this squishy, fluffy slime, and the added bonus of it being scented, makes it even more fun to play with.  
Like I said we were sent samples a few weeks ago, and the girls continue to play with the OOSH Cotton Candy fluffy slime, at home, and even on the go.   With the cute plastic cotton candy shaped holder with faux paper stick (which is actually plastic, so is sturdy and easy to hold, especially for little hands), the girls are able to store their squishy slime to keep it from getting dirty, as well as for easy transport in the car, or to bring to a friend's house to show off and play with.  

You can see in the video the girls made above they are really loving these new OOSH Cotton Candy + Cotton Candy Cuties products from ZURU, and are hoping to collect all four scented colors, as well as all the Cotton Candy Cuties.  And, my youngest is already hoping for a Series 2, as she can't get enough of the OOSH cuties.

If your kids love getting their hands on new collectible toy products, or love playing with squishy, stretchable slime (don't worry it isn't the wet and sticky kind), then you will want to pick them up these new OOSH toys from ZURU.  Your kids will be excited to see which Cotton Candy Cutie they get, but the really fun is had when they start playing with the scented squishy slime, and seeing what they can make with it, or see how far they can stretch it. :-)  

To learn more about the new OOSH Cotton Candy and Cotton Candy Cuties from ZURU, head on over to  What will they think of next?! :-)


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Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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  1. These are such nice toys! I love the Cuties. Their expressions are so sweet. My granddaughters would have a lot of fun playing with the slime!