Tuesday, June 11, 2019

It Isn't Summer Without a Water Gun Fight -- This Year Come Prepared with the New X-SHOT Fast-Fill from ZURU -- Just Dunk, Fill and Close + Shoots Up to 30 Ft.!

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

We have a new way of celebrating the end of our homeschool year -- a water gun fight!  Thanks to the folks at ZURU, they sent along two of their new X-SHOT Fast-Fill water blasters for my girls to try out, and help me review.  

Not only is this a big step up from the cheap $3-$4 water guns they have used in the past, but it also let them totally drench each other.  It was hard to aim and shoot at each other as they were both laughing uncontrollable and having so much fun.  Now I know if they ever have to settle a sibling dispute, I will hand them their X-SHOT Fast-Fill water blasters and let them go at it. :-)  

More about the new X-SHOT Fast-Fill from ZURU:

The Fastest Filling Water Blaster in the Game!

"The X-SHOT Fast-Fill is the fastest filling water blaster ever created. The Fast-Fill allows you to refill in just One Second and get back to the water blasting action long before your opponents. Just dunk, fill and close with rapid sealing technology. 
Just dunk...


And, close -- You are ready to go!

It shoots up to 30ft/10m and you can fill it anywhere. Because a Fast-Fill is everything. Up Your Game!
  • Fast-Fills in just One Second !!
  • Rapid-Sealing Technology
  • Blasts water up to 34 feet / 10 meters
  • 700 ML/ 24 Fl. Oz Water capacity tank
  • Water-Pump Action
  • Peak Performance Water Blaster
X-SHOT: Up Your Game!

X-SHOT packs both speed and versatility in the Water Warfare Range! Soak your opponents before they can even see you! From the stealth action of the Nano Drencher to the monstrous power the Hydro Jet packs, no one leaves the field dry when X-SHOT is around. Summer has just gotten a lot more fun and refreshing"

Don't have a pool to dunk the water blaster in?...no need to worry, as you can still dunk and fill this super cool water blaster into a large bucket or simply fill up with your garden hose.  

Within seconds you can fill it, close it up, and are ready to get back in the game. Here is a quick video I took of my girls using the X-SHOT Fast-Fill water blasters for the first time...

When it came time to refill their water blasters, they made a quick pit stop at the outdoor faucet and refilled lickety-split, and then were back in the game, ready to run around and blast away, from close up, or at a distance.  

The girls have been waiting all year for the warmer weather to get here, not just to wear sandals and shorts, but also to get wet.  :-)  Usually they will run through the sprinkler or take a dip in their inflatable pool, but now they have been asking to cool off with their X-SHOT Fast-Fill water blasters. You can buy these new Fast-Fill water blasters from ZURU over at Amazon for only $9.00.  They used to be $19.99.  I ended up ordering a handful of these water blasters to have on hand for when family and friends come for summer cookouts or gatherings.  You never know when someone challenges you to a water gun fight...and you have to be prepared. :-)  

With the extra X-SHOT Fast-Fill water blasters I picked up, the girls have been having their neighborhood friends over after they get out of school, to cool off and get soaked.  I love watching them run off their energy as they do circles around my house, chasing and trying to hide from each other.  All I hear is laughter, and see the kids smiling from ear to ear.  And, when all is said and done, they are soaked, cooled off, and ready to go again. :-) 

So, if you family loves water gun fights, or you have been looking to upgrade your kids' water blasters, you will definitely want to check out the new X-SHOT Fast-Fill from ZURU.  

To learn more about the X-SHOT Fast Fill from ZURU, head on over to https://zuru.com/brands/x-shot .  You can also purchase the X-SHOT Fast-Fill at Amazon for only $9.00.  A steal, if you ask me! :-)

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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