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If You Grew up in the 90's, Then You'll Love These New Retro VHS Releases to Blu-Ray from Mill Creek Entertainment (Review)

Disclosure:  I was sent screeners from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

If you grew up in the 90's, then you probably saw all or most of the following comedy and action movies below.  Leave it to the folks at Mill Creek Entertainment to release yet more retro 90's VHS movies to Blu-ray so that Generation X fans like myself can add them my movie collection to watch time and again, as well as introduce these movies to my girls, to let them experience the types of movies I grew up watching.

If you follow my blog, then you probably have seen posts in the past where I shared VHS to Blu-ray/DVD releases from Mill Creek Entertainment.  

Last Action Hero - Retro VHS Look - Blu-rayWho's Harry Crumb? - Retro VHS Look - Blu-ray

I remember I shared one post at Christmas time announcing the new Retro VHS Look releases, and had many readers reaching out thanking me for sharing, as they loved these movies as a kid, and couldn't wait to pick up a copy for themselves, as well as gift a few for the holidays.  So, when I saw that Mill Creek Entertainment was releasing more Retro VHS movies to Blu-Ray for June 2019, I wanted to make sure you were all in the know, so that you could pick up and share with your family during upcoming summer movie nights, or watch with your sweetie during one of your at-home date nights.  My husband and love watching movies from the 80's and 90's once the girls go to bed.  Many of the movies make us laugh with the limited budget stunts and effects that are shown, as well as looking at how actors and actresses looked 20+ years ago.  Then, we are reminded we are old, as we grew up watching and loving these movies, so it isn't funny anymore. :-)  Oh, how I remember going with my brothers or friends to Blockbuster on a Friday night to rent a few movies to watch over the weekend.  After grabbing some new releases as well as classics, you couldn't help but grab microwave popcorn and boxes of candy as you went through the line waiting to be checked out.  Ah, the good 'ole days.  Well, now you can relive renting some of these great 90's movies, without the need for a Blockbuster card or trip to the movie kiosk.  Instead, just buy these releases from Mill Creek Entertainment, and they will arrive at your door, so that you and your family can view during a movie night soon, and for years to come! :-)

Here are the movies I was recently sent from the folks at Mill Creek Entertainment, to enjoy with my family...

"In the world of cons...Eddie's a pro.
Dana Carvey stars in this comic romp about a down-on-his-luck con man who stumbles onto the greatest scam of his career.  On the run from an angry gangster, small-time con artist Eddie Farrell (Carvey) and his bumbling partner Lou break into a luxurious suburban Chicago home. When the owner's parents, Milt and Mona, mistake him for the house sitter, Eddie quickly scrambles and ends up impersonating an Ivy League financial whiz. Soon he finds himself Vice President at Milt's company and wooing his beautiful daughter (Julia Campbell, Bounce). But there is one hitch in this con that Eddie didn't bank on: falling in love."

“Dana Carvey is big-time funny.” – Pat Collins, WWOR-TV

Check out this retro trailer!
My Thoughts:
OMG, I was so excited to see this movie release to Blu-Ray, as it was one of my favorite movies to watch as a kid.  I remember this being one of those movies I tried to record when it was on television by putting tape over one of my brother's old VHS tapes.  Who doesn't love Dana Carvey?  He was so funny back the in this movie, as well as on SNL with all his impersonations.  And, when I wasn't watching this movie, I was watching Wayne's World on repeat.  I recently watched this with my husband who had never seen the movie, and he couldn't stop laughing.  He loved Dana Carvey in all his other comedic roles, but said that this was one of his favorites to date.  We plan to watch this movie again soon.

"A crash course in kidnappings, car thefts and other rituals of dating.
Desperate for attention, Emily Hope (Silverstone) stages her own kidnapping. But before Emily can enjoy a happy reunion with her father, her car gets stolen-with Emily still inside. Quirky, cool and hilariously romantic!
“very funny.” – Roger Ebert
Starring: Alicia Silverstone (Clueless), Benicio Del Toro (Sicario), Christopher Walken (Hairspray), Jack Thompson (Breaker Morant), Harry Connick Jr. (The Iron Giant), Nicholas Turturro (TV's NYPD Blue)"
Check out this classic trailer
My Thoughts:
Many people were introduced to Alicia Silverstone in Clueless, and then went on to watch all the movies she was in after that release, including Excess Baggage.  While I loved her in Clueless, I have to say my favorite movie of hers is this one.  She had a great chemistry with Benicio Del Toro, and she left behind the prep girl look for leather and a bad girl attitude.  If you haven't seen this movie, or its been a long time since you saw it last, now is the time to pick this Blu-Ray up, and watch the hiliarous romantic adventure between Emily and Vincent unfold.


They Don’t Play By The Rules!
Jean-Claude Van Damme and Dennis Rodman team up as a world-class counter-terrorist and his flamboyant but deadly weapons dealer in this explosive action/adventure thriller.
“A stylish action show…high-style, high-energy, high-speed.” – Michael Willmington, Chicago Tribune
Starring:  Jean-Claude Van Damme, Dennis Rodman, Mickey Rourke, Paul Freeman
My Thoughts:
The 90's was all about Van Damme and his martial arts movies.  I remember having to sit and watch these movies, especially Bloodsport, over and over again with my brothers, as they thought he was the coolest.  Then, when this movie came out and took it up a notch with this action/thriller that had Van Damme paired with Dennis Rodman, this movie was on repeat in our house.  To this day if you were to ask my oldest brother what is favorite Van Damme movie is, he says its a toss up between Double Team and Bloodsport.  So, I know that they would personally love to own this new Retro 90's VHS to Blu-Ray release.  Hey, maybe if he is lucky I will let him borrow my's the least I can do after recording over his copy years ago with Dirty Dancing. :-)

"Justice, Shortchanged.
Pauly Shore stars in a riotous comedy of disorder in the court as a jobless freeloader who gets appointed to a sensational murder trial and will stop at nothing to keep deliberations going as long as possible.
“A little Shore goes a long way.” – Lisa Schwarzbaum, Entertainment Weekly
Starring:  Pauly Shore, Tia Carrere, Stanley Tucci, Brian Doyle-Murray, Abe Vigoda, Charles Napier, Shelley Winters, Andrew Dice Clay"
My Thoughts:
Love him or hate wasn't the 90's with the wacky Pauly Shore.  It seemed like most of the comedies that were releasing during that time started Pauly Shore. And, you couldn't help but laugh when he appeared on screen. Yes, you wondered if you should be taking him seriously whenever he talked, but then you found yourself loving all the roles he played, and wanting to watch his movies time and again.  This movie was one of my favorites, and one I will still watch when flipping the channels and stumbling upon it.  But, now I don't have to wait for this, as I own the Blu-Ray and can watch it whenever I want. :-)
Were these some of the movies you grew up watching in the 90's?  If you said, "Yes," and you loved them back then, and would love to see them again now, well, now is your chance to pick the Blu-ray of these movies, complete with the Retro 90's VHS cover art.  I am loving these Retro VHS releases and can't wait to see what other movies they add to this collection of movies of one of the best decades ever! :-)  You can learn all about these, as well as all the other recent and upcoming releases (perfect for the whole family) by visiting today.  Then, get ready to have the best summer ever with a wonderful selection of classic films, all at affordable prices!

Disclosure:  I was sent screeners from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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