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Griddly Games' New Just Add Sun Solar Science and Art Kit Will Entertain and Educate Kids During the Summer Break -- Includes a Solar Oven You Can Cook S'mores and Even an Egg With! (Review)

Even though the kids are winding down with the school year, doesn't mean you can't plan some fun educational activities with them during the summer months.  I, for one, love activities where the kids have so much fun they forget they are learning.  That is when I notice my girls retaining a lot more information and really engaged with what we are doing.  This held true the other day when we did a handful of activities/experiments from the Just Add Sun kit from Griddly Games' STEM line of products.  

This isn't the first STEM kit I have shared with the girls from Griddly Games.  Last Christmas, Santa surprised the girls with the Just Add Milk science activity craft kit, and they girls went crazy for it.  

They loved all the experiments and crafts that you could do with milk and other items you find around the house, as well as the supplies that come jam packed in the STEM kits from Griddly Games.

So, when the folks at Griddly Games reached out a few weeks ago to see if I wanted to review their new Just Add Sun STEM Kit, I jumped at the opportunity, knowing just how much fun the girls had with their previous kit.  The Just Add Sun kit is new this year, as are the Just Add Sugar and Just Add Glue Kits from Griddly games.  I plan to pick up these other two kits to use with the girls in the fall as part of our schooling and hands-on science fun.

Just Add Sugar Box 1Just Add glue contents

Like I said, we just enjoyed some of the activities in the Just Add Sun solar science and art kit, which is geared towards kids ages 5+, and even includes a solar oven that you can actually cook s'mores, nachos and even an egg with.  It has been in the 80's here the past few days, so we took advantage of these hot days, and put the solar oven to the test.  It was easy to set up, as the solar oven is part of the box cover to this STEM kit.  There was no need to add or buy addition supplies to complete the oven, which I loved.  I dont' know about you, but I hate when I buy science and STEM kits and find that they don't come with the ingredients/supplies needed to carry out the activities that make up that particular kit. Then, I have to run around buying up supplies and this just adds to the cost of the box, which in the end isn't worth the time or money.  But, Griddly Games' STEM kits come with most of the supplies needed -- the other supplies needed you will find in your pantry or laying around the house.  We did 6 experiments/activities the other day, and I have all the ingredients handy, which was great.

Here is more about the new Just Add Sun STEM Kit:

"Our Just Add Sun Science Kit includes a variety of activities that are incredibly fun- from nacho-making to thermometer-building.  There’s something in it that’s guaranteed to entertain each member of the family!
But, what makes Just Add Sun into the perfect gift for anyone whom you want to encourage a budding love of science and a spark of creativity in?
Learn more about what makes Just Add Sun an unforgettable  STEAM kit!

1. It teaches children about Eco-friendly energy alternatives.
Just Add Sun talks about concepts such as cooking your food and warming objects using sunlight- making a lasting impression on kids about the possibilities of using alternative energy sources!
2. It talks about important science concepts such as heat-transfer.
Learning new concepts can be difficult until you apply what you’ve learned. With Just Add Sun, the whole family gets the opportunity to see amazing science concepts in action- right in your own home!
3. It allows kids to be creative!
Just Add Sun provides a set of instructions, yes, but we also encourage experiential play! Having kids learn about the scientific method by recording their own process and results can be a deeply rewarding experience.
4. It’s interdisciplinary!
The activities in Just Add Sun are all a blend of different subjects- mix science and art together to achieve incredible things!
5. It encourages reflection.
Learning isn’t simply about following instructions- it’s about reflection. Just Add Sun provides the perfect opportunity for thoughtful learning experiences by engaging and challenging kids during each activity in the kit.
Just Add Sun is community-conscious 
A portion of the proceeds from Just Add Sun is donated to Solar Cookers International!
Make family time into an unforgettable (and educational) experience with this amazing activity kit! Buy your own Just Add Sun here."

As mentioned above, we completed 6 experiments the other day which included the following:
  • Mystery Pop Balloon -- We blew a black balloon up inside a clear white balloon, and using a magnifying glass, was able to pop only the black balloon.

  • Dark vs. Light -- We took a black and white balloon, attached them to two empty bottles and left them out in the sun.  After a short time one of the balloons started to blow up on its own -- Don't worry I will not tell you which one blew up -- you will have to buy this new STEM kit to see for yourself, and try out all the cool experiments, too.
  • Vinegar + Baking Soda -- We did an experiment where we added a balloon filled with baking soda to a bottle filled with vinegar. What do you think happened?  The girls were laughing and had to do this particular experiment a handful of times as they enjoyed it so much.  Just be warned -- you will want to do this one outside.

  • Soda Pop and Candy -- We did another experiment where we added a particular candy and a balloon, to soda to see if there was a reaction.  This was another fun one!
  • Melting Ice -- The girls were amazed at this experiment as they guessed wrong on what they thought would happen when you add an ice cube to certain colored papers.
  • Solar Oven -- As mentioned above, we used the solar oven that you convert your STEM box into and cooked up s'mores, nachos and even an egg.  The girls can't stop talking about this, and can't wait to cook more food outside on their super cool solar oven.
These were just some of the cool "Just Add Sun" experiments that you can do when you pick up this new STEM kit. There are also fun art projects you can do using the sun, crayons, canvas, etc.  We will be doing these art activities over the weekend, as the girls haven't stopped talking about this STEM box and wanting to do more, since I shared the kit with them the other day.
I could go on and on about how wonderful this science activity craft kit.  I still can't believe all the science and art activities that you can do in this box, with most of the supplies included the box for you -- and, it only costs $29.00!  A real steal if you ask me.  So, with the kids home for summer vacation, why not consider picking up this and/or some of the other STEM science and art activity kits from Griddly Games to keep them engaged and entertained during the school break.  Like I said in the beginning, they will have so much fun that they will forget they are learning at the same time.  You can learn more about STEM kits by visiting the Griddly Games website here:

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  1. The Just Add Sun STEM kit seems fantastic! All of the experiments sound very interesting. My oldest granddaughter would enjoy trying them out!