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Dads Who Love to Cook Can Add the Perfect Touch of Salt to Their Dishes w/ Foodie Flair, When You Gift Them the Salt Shaver Set for Father's Day (Review)

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Does your husband or dad know how to cook?  No, I am not talking about being able to boil water to make pasta or the kids' mac and cheese.  I am talking a real gourmet cook, who knows his way around the kitchen.  Oh, how I wish my husband was able to cook, as it would be nice to switch off every once and again and have him cook up a meal, especially when my oldest daughter is picky and I am usually cooking up a meal for her, and then one for my husband, other daughter and myself.    I have tried to teach my husband the basics in the kitchen -- so far he can make eggs for the girls, as well as is in charge of "Pancake Sunday" in our house for him and the girls.  Slowly, he is getting comfortable in the kitchen, and trying his hand at spices and salting dishes.  Who knows, maybe one day he will surprise me with a meal cooked from scratch, like you would get from a fancy restaurant....a girl can only dream, right?!  

Well, if you got lucky with a husband or even Dad who knows his way around the kitchen, loves watching all those cooking shows on television, or is even a grill master, why not consider gifting him a unique foodie gift this Father's Day.  I am talking about the Salt Shaver Set from The Spice Lab, which retails for only $19.99, and comes in a nice glass jar with screw lid, to hold the Himalayan Salt Stones and stainless steel shaver.

About the Salt Shaver Set:         
Naturally infused with 84 minerals and trace elements. Large Himalayan Pink Salt stones are distinctively packaged with a stainless steel shaver, ideal for gourmet cooks to add just the perfect touch of salt with foodie flair. Forget the traditional grinder or shaker and hand grate these salt stones for a dramatic table-side presentation.

Himalayan Pink Salt is hand-mined deep inside the Himalayan Mountains from salt beds formed over 200 million years ago. Our 100% natural Himalayan Pink is the highest quality, gourmet food grade salt with its rich pink color coming from the 84 natural minerals embedded in the rock salt. The darker the color, the more mineral content contained in the salt crystal. This is a pure product, with no additives or preservatives and is considered a healthier alternative to chemically refined and bleached white table salt."

The kind folks at The Spice Lab sent along a sample of their Salt Shaver Set for my review, and I have to say I am loving it.  I, personally, love being in the kitchen cooking and baking, and am always looking for unique kitchen gadgets and projects to try out. So, when I saw this salt shaver set on their website last month, I reached out to see about reviewing.    
I have used Himalayan Pink salt before in place of table salt and kosher salt, as I have read it it better and healthier for you.  But, I had never seen a set that let you shave your own salt.  So, when I saw this one, I thought it was neat, and wanted to see it and try out for myself.    I was impressed with just how big the salt stones were, as well as the fancy glass jar that you store them and the blade in.  
Dads Who Love to Cook Can Add the Perfect Touch of Salt to Their Dishes w/ Foodie Flair, When You Gift Them the Salt Shaver Set for Father's Day (Review) - Learn more bout this Himalayan Salt Stones and Stainless Steel Shaver set from The Spice Lab here: 
Looking for things to use with the Himalayan Pink Salt, I pulled out a few cookbooks.  Then, I purchased ingredients at the market to cook up some tasty dishes, adding just the right touch of salt to the dishes with my new Salt Shaver Set. I started off by using a grilling board and topped it with shaved pink salt.  Then, I cooked up some shrimp that I paired with homemade cocktail sauce.  Then, I found a recipe for a Tuscan herb salt that you can add to pasta and chicken dishes.  I ended up making enough for myself, and to give to my mom and friend to try.  They both loved it, and couldn't believe how it added just the right about of salt to their dishes, and tasted better than basic table salt or kosher salt.
I even found a recipe online for a Himalayan pink salt bath scrub that I was able to use this salt with, and pamper myself with in the bath.  :-)  I had fun trying out the different recipes that called for Himalayan Salt, and being able to shave just the right amount.  Just last night I thought to try it on popcorn the girls and I popped up, and it tasted amazing!  We now have a new way to enjoy popcorn without adding butter or table salt...and it's so yummy.  We get reaching for more, and were sad when the bowl was empty. But, that just means I get to shave more Himalayan salt tomorrow when we have another movie day, as it is expected to rain out for the better part of the afternoon, so the girls will be inside and looking for something to do.
I could go on and on about how great the salt shaver set it and how many uses I have found for using the salt with cooking and even as a bath salt scrub.  But, if you cook, or know someone who is, including your husband or dad, then you will want to pick up a salt shaver set, to try out firsthand. You will all love being able to use the stainless steel shaver to shave just the right amount of pink salt to add to your dishes, and you will be able taste this delicate flavor -- remember a little goes a long way when sprinkling on the salt.  My husband was a little hand heavy the other day, and he learned the hard way, what a pinch of salt really is. :-)
 The Spice Lab Seasoning Collection - Ultimate Culinary Gift Set - Perfect for All Around Cooking-BBQ Gift Set
You can learn all about the salt shaver set, as well as check out their others salts, spices and seasonings by visiting The Spice Lab website.  They also offer loose teas and sugars for mixology drink fans, too.    
Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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