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Celebrate the Upcoming 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing with the Fun New Picture Book, "If You Had Your Birthday Party on the Moon" - Complete with Facts About Outer Space (Review)

Sterling Publishing

If you could have your birthday anywhere, where would you want it?  Well, this was the question asked in this cute new children's picture book, and the response was "On the Moon."  So, if you were to plan a party on the moon what would you bring, and how would you celebrate?  I posed this question to my girls before we sat down to read this cute new children's book, and just hearing them describe the decorations they would bring and put up, the games they would play, and who they would invite, was so much fun.  While it is impossible to have a party on the moon...or is it?! :-) ... this book will have your and your kids imagining a super fun out of this world party on the moon, complete with a moon walk.  Even the family dog was brought to the moon party in this book, and my oldest who is a dog lover thought it was so cute seeing the dog in a space suit. :-)

As you read through this book, not only will you get to enjoy a fun story about a birthday on the moon, but kids will also get to learn fun facts about the moon and space.  Like did you know that "at bedtime, astronauts have to strap themselves down so they don't float around and bump into one another."  or that "Nobody knows for sure how the Moon was created , but we do know it happened when the Earth was very young."  There are so many interesting facts about the moon and space filling the pages of this book, that kids who love outer space will be in their element as they read this book with you and share fun facts that they already know, while also taking in all the great facts shared along with the cute story.

We had so much fun reading this book, and plan to read it again on July 20th, as part of our lesson for homeschooling about the first moon landing.  Can you believe this happened 50 years ago?  This is the perfect book to celebrate this monumental achievement with, and my girls are already looking for the fun-filled activities I have planned, including a creative writing assignment in their journals, where they will think more about a party on the moon, and share in words and pictures what their moon party would look like. :-)

This new picture book, both entertaining and educational, would make for a great summer read this summer, and become a favorite of kids of all ages, for years to come.  We have only had this book for a couple weeks, and the girls continue to ask for it at bedtime, and will grab it from the bookshelf to read on their own.  They can't get enough of it, and I know your kids will love this book, too!

About the Book:

"Kids will learn all about the Moon and what it would be like to visit in IF YOU HAD YOUR BIRTHDAY PARTY ON THE MOON by Joyce Lapin (April 2019).  Complete with sidebars and a glossary, this lunar birthday bash is the perfect way to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, happening on July 20, 2019!

This cool picture book combines fun and facts to help kids learn all about outer space.  

If you had your birthday party on the moon, what would it be like?  Who wouldn’t want to ride in a rocket to the Moon?  On earth, your party would last one day – on the Moonyou’d be partying for a whole month! Who needs a bouncy house when you can jump and glide along the Moon’s surface?  You may do crafts at parties here on earth, but on the Moon partygoers can make “moonangels” in the thick carpet of lunar dust – which will last for thousands of years!"

Pub Date: 4/23/2019
ISBN: 9781454929703
Price: $16.95 / $22.95 CAN
Format: Hardcover Picture Book
Pages: 40 pages, all in color
Trim: 8.5 x 10.875 Inches
Territories: World
Category: Juvenile / Science
Age Range: 7 and up
Publisher: Sterling Children's Books

Joyce Lapin is very active in SCBWI. This is her first book for young readers. She lives with her family in Simsbury, CT.

Simona Ceccarelli is a freelance illustrator who has worked as both a scientist and an art director. Originally from Como, Italy, she’s now based in Basel, Switzerland.

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