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All He Loves Offers Handpicked Premium Lifestyle Products in Their Monthly Subscription Boxes for Men + Score 10% and 15% Off Now! -- Perfect for Father's Day and Dad's Birthday! (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Are you or your kids signed up for any monthly subscription services?  While there are many monthly boxes with women and kids in mind, it is hard to find ones for men that actually contain a box substance and good quality product.  Last year, my husband asked why he wasn't getting any monthly boxes in the mail, like the girls and I do. That got me wondering what was out there and available for men. The only boxes I found that looked like something he would like were either socks or clothing boxes.  But, after a few shipments I knew he would get bored of those.  We did try some of those snack boxes, but the boxes weren't worth the price we paid, as most contain sample size products which would be free if handed out to you at events or demos, or we only actually ate or enjoyed a handful of the samples, not making it worth the price spent, to waste the rest of the food.  

Since trying out socks, clothing and snack boxes with my husband, I was about to give up.  I wasn't finding new monthly subscription box services popping up like I do with ones for women and kids (as you usually see new ones being added each month online).  My husband told me not to waste money on the boxes, if it wasn't worth it.  Hoping to find a box just for him, I continued to look.  Finally, last month I received an email from the CEO/Founder of the All He Loves box, a monthly subscription box for men that includes handpicked premium lifestyle products centered around tech, style, food, every carry, gear,etc. 


After reading the email, I thought this monthly box for men was too good to be true. I had spent months before scouring the Internet and asking friends in person and online about men's monthly subscription boxes, without any good leads.  So, when I heard about the All He Loves box, I wasn't expecting a "Wow" box.  But, I was so wrong!  I checked out the All He Loves website and was able to see previous monthly subscription boxes, to give me an idea of the types of products included in a monthly box.  I could see my husband using and enjoying all the products included in the boxes shown, especially because they weren't filled with clothes, socks or self-care products.  After the few boxes I got him last month, he said he had enough clothes and beauty products to last him awhile.

"All He Loves is box filled with awesome products that all guys love - like handyman tools, premium electronics, survival gears, unique gadgets and much more! This box is a great way for guys to discover their new favorite products and upgrade their lifestyle. Each package contains over $70 in items and boxes are curated around a theme each month. The folks at All He Loves also ensure that each product included in their boxes are not only interesting and unique, but also couldn't be found at local mall."   

I reached out to the folks at All He Loves, and they were kind enough to send along their "The Every Day Carry (EDC)" box for my husband and I to review.  

When it arrived,  I couldn't wait to check out the goodies.  

Even though I saw them online, I was curious to see how they looked up close. 

And, when I read the handout included with the box that explains the products included and their retail price, I couldn't get over the value of the box.  Just for the three products included, if I was to buy them separate, it would cost me $106.50.  

But, by ordering through the All He Loves online store, you can score the EDC box, featuring innovative items to help you be prepared for whatever the day brings, for only $47.00!  Yes, you read that right, $47 for $106.50 worth of product. You are saving over 50% just by buying the EDC curated box and having it sent right to your door.

I loved the products in the EDC box, especially the unique goat mug, and couldn't wait to hear/see what my husband thought about it. So, that night when he got home I told him he got his own monthly subscription box in the mail.  Before I could show him the box, he said, "Oh, please, not more socks."  I smiled and said this men't subscription box service doesn't include clothing including socks, or self-care products. Curious, he tore into the box, and had a big smile on his face.  He took out each of the products, and studied each one.  

At first he wondered why there were only a few items in the box, as he usually sees the boxes the girls and I get filled with stuff.  But, like he has told me in the past, many of the stuff we get in a box is junk or sample size, and not worth what we pay for them.  But, then he looked at the sheet explaining the products and their retail pricing, and could tell that this was a high-quality box.  Not knowing if I bought this, he was curious as to how much I paid for it, seeing that the three products alone cost $106.50.  I told him it was a sample sent for review, but that if I was to buy it would have cost me only $47.00 "Wow, only $47 for all this?" he said, as he continued to look at and try out the three products from the EDC box from All He Loves.  

After checking out the EDC box, I showed him the All He Loves website and the other boxes that you can buy right now through their online store.  

In addition to these boxes, you can also sign up for the monthly subscription box (no contracts -- cancel anytime), for $35 or $45, depending on the box you choose -- classic, advanced or seasonal.

All He Loves has 2 tiers for customers to choose from:

CLASSIC: $35/month + shipping. All products included in the box will have $50+ retail price.
ADVANCED: $45/ month + shipping. Retail value will be $70+

**They also offer a seasonal box that offers a one-time purchase if the customer just wants to try out All He Loves. 


My husband couldn't get over how cheap these boxes were, especially after seeing a box up close for himself, and seeing how the products were unique and innovative, premium lifestyle-quality products. He was excited, as was I, to finally find a monthly subscription box for men, that actually contained products he would use and love.  Before I could ask if we would want me to sign up for the All He Loves box, my husband was quick to ask if I could sign him up.  He was curious to see what other goodies would come in future All He Loves boxes.  I guess he is like the girls and I in that he likes getting mail that isn't bills, and that is like a surprise in a box. Seeing just how much he loved the Every Day Carry box from All He Loves, I will definitely be signing him up for a monthly subscription. And, right now you can score 15% off the June Box for Father's Day.  To take advantage of this offer, purchase your box through this link:

Take a look at what you will get in the June box....

The theme for June is HANDY  and this box includes practical & well-designed products that enable you to deal with any challenges that come your way.

Key Smart Pro
1. KEYSMART Pro - $60

Wilderness Survival Card
2. Wilderness Survival Card 2.0- $13

Odor Eliminator
3. Revivex Odor Eliminator - $9

In addition to the 15% off Father's Day Savings for the June All He Loves box, Inspired by Savannah readers can also score a sweet deal -- 10% off your first box (cannot be combined with other coupons/offers).  Simply apply coupon code GIFTGUIDE10  at checkout to receive 10% OFF your first All He Loves box.    


So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to All He Loves today and sign up for either the monthly subscription box, or buy one of the other available in the online shop. And, be sure to use either the 15% coupon code for June, or the 10% off coupon code (GIFTGUIDE10) set up just for Inspired by Savannah readers.  Then, get ready for the special man in your life to smile when he gets his own monthly subscription box, and sees all the goodies hand picked just for him in mind.

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Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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