Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Moms (and Neighbors) Will Love Their New "Kindness" Wind Chimes from UpBlend Outdoors - Great Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Idea! (Review)

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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"Wow, that is so melodious!"...this is not something I expected to hear from the Fed-Ex delivery guy when he came to my door this AM to get a signature for a package.  He said he heard the chimes as he walked to my back deck, and waited a moment before ringing the doorbell, just to listen to the chimes.  And, when I came out to sign for the package, he was all about the es, asking where I got so that he could pick one up and hang outside his house.

I know what you are thinking, what is the big deal about these wind chimes, and why did it have the Fed-Ex guy on my back deck for over 10 minutes, just talking about and listening to the chimes, as they swayed back and forth with the wind, playing a tune that the birds seemed to enjoy and sing along to. Well, first let me start by telling you who makes these chimes (which you can order right now from Amazon, and receive in time to gift for Mother's Day to that special mom in your life, or pick up as a gift for yourself).  UpBlend Outdoors, the people behind these Kindness Wind Chimes, is "a growing company offering excellent decor pieces and exceptional customer service to shoppers from the comfort of their own homes."  I first learned about UpBlend Outdoors when they reached out last month to see if I wanted to review and share their Kindness Wind Chimes as part of my Mother's Day Gift Guide.  I jumped at the opportunity, as i have always been a fan of wind chimes, and love sitting out on our back deck in the warm summer months watching the girls play on the swing set, and having the wind chimes swaying and adding a nice musical accompaniment to our summer afternoon.

Now, when I say wind chimes, I am not talking the ones that make a tinny or clangy sound...those drive me bonkers, and probably are not a favorite of my neighbors either.  The wind chimes from UpBlend Outdoors are not like any of the wind chimes I have owned in the past, or seen in stores.  They say that their wind chimes are "for people who like their neighbors," and I would have to agree, and add that it also is pleasing to not only the birds but all the Fed-Ex driver, too! :-)  I still can't get over his reaction today, and how he said he hopes for more deliveries so that he can stop by and listen to my wind chimes.

(Available in Red or Silver)

The folks at UpBlend Outdoors recently added a new wind chime to their line up, called the "Kindness Chimes (available in Silver or Red) .  This new addition would definitely make for a great Mother's Day gift this year, and be on gift mom will enjoy throughout the year.

"PEOPLE BUY A WIND CHIME FOR A MILLION DIFFERENT REASONS both happy and sad; from anniversaries and Mother’s Day to funerals and in memory of a loved one. The ONLY THING THEY ALL HAVE IN COMMON IS KINDNESS. Each one is given by someone who wants to share the peace and warmth that comes from a well-tuned chime.

There are as many different wind chimes as there are reasons to buy them. This one was DESIGNED BY A TEAM OF MUSIC TEACHERS who endeavored to find the precise frequencies to provide tranquility and calm enjoyment; a feeling of zen. The right tones ended up being the f-major pentatonic scale.

AS A WAY OF SAYING THANK YOU and paying tribute to those acts of kindness, we are including a gift with your chime. Each box will include an engraved, hand painted rock with one of four inspirational messages. Keep the rock for yourself or pass IT REALLY STRIKES A CHORD, in fact, it strikes a perfect F-major Pentatonic scale while resonating with the joy that comes from paying it forward. The surprise prize of an engraved stone in each box provides an extra message of hope and love for you home."


  • This medium chime is 29 inches long from the top of the metal, heavy duty s-hook to bottom of wind catcher. 
  • There are six, large, deep tone, melodic aluminum tubes that range in length from 9.25" to 13.5". 
  • At the top, the beechwood suspension platform is 5.5" wide, the striker is 2.5", and the wind catcher 3.5" wide.

  • Even though I didn't try out their "Kindness Wind Chimes," the folks at UpBlend Outdoors did send their #1 selling wind chime on Amazon, the Wailua Chime (29 inches in silver) for me to review.  


    • A BEAUTIFUL BLEND OF FUNCTION AND STYLE using sustainable & recyclable bamboo and aluminum. The Silver reflections bounce off the natural color of the wood. The long, straight lines of the pipes along with the hexagonal angles of the wood offer a classy, traditional look. Secured with black nylon string, they hang from a discreet silver ring.

    • JUST THE RIGHT SIZE. This medium chime is 29 inches long from the hanging ring to bottom of wind catcher. There are six, beautiful aluminum tubes that range in length from 10 inches to 14 inches. At the top, the suspension platform is 5 inches wide while the striker and wind catcher are both 2.5 inches wide.

    • IT REALLY STRIKES A CHORD, in fact, it strikes a unique variation on the G-major Pentatonic scale.


    I can see why the Wailua Chime is the #1 top selling wind chime on Amazon from UpBlend Outdoors, as it is not not only stunning to look at, but the music the chimes play is so relaxing and beautiful.  We have been lucky with two days of good weather (minus the rain last night), so I have been able to open up the kitchen window and can listen to my Wailu Chime dance along in the wind and play rich and long lasting notes generated by each tube.  

    Depending on how the wind is blowing, you can enjoy a high, melodious song, that is so soothing to listen to.  None of that clang, clang, clang you get with many of those other wind chimes on the market.  As I write this post, I can hear the wind chimes swaying and offering up a peaceful tune.  

    I only put the chimes out a couple days, and am already loving them.  Even my girls run to the door and open it up, just to listen to the chimes.  And, like I mentioned earlier, my Fed-Ex guy loves them, too!  :-)

    So, as Mother's Day draws near, why not consider giving mom a relaxing gift that she can enjoy year round?

    I read in one of the customer comments that they engaged the tubes with each of the family member's names before gifting the chimes to their chime.  What a great idea!  I am also planning to buy another Wailu Chime to gift to my mom from the girls and I for Mother's Day. She has been working hard to get her garden ready, and these chimes will be a pefect addition to it, and be a talking point when she has family and friends over for backyard cookouts and gathers.  

    And, her garden is positioned nicely under her kitchen window, so she do like I have been doing, and open up her window, and fill her kitchen with the melodious sounds of her Wailu Chime from UpBlend Outdoors.

    To learn more about the wind chimes available from UpBlend Outdoors (which you can order directly through Amazon), head on over to  

    There you will find their Kindness Chimes, Wailua chime and even iron hangers to hang the chimes off the house, in the garden, on a fence post, etc. 

    Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.


    1. I think one of these Wind Chimes would be a lovely Mother's Day Gift. Happy Mother's Day to all moms!

    2. Both of these chimes look fantastic! I would love to put one of them in my garden. It would be so relaxing!