Thursday, May 2, 2019

And Still I Rise

If there is one term that reminds human beings of the brevity of life, that would be ‘Cancer’. There is no dearth of people and situations that would betray us in life, and in all honesty, we have learned to let things slide and move on. However, the one thing that does not sink in is when our body betrays us. What is cancer? It is a part of our body. An uncontrolled and abnormal multiplication of cells, to be precise. The cells that help us to carry out the vital life functions decide one fine day that we have lived enough, and it is probably time to kick the bucket. Cannot really blame them, but it is how it is. However, there are ways to beat even the deadliest of diseases. If you thought that cancer is here to ruin your life, then it is perhaps time to dismantle the foundation of the idea and show cancer what it is like to live life on your terms. This brings to me to the motto of the article. Women have stumbled on the fringes of the margins of their own story since a very long time now. Things have changed for the

better, but it is still going to a long time until women get to live a life free of every bane, be that in the form of patriarchy or a fatal disease. There are enough issues that women confront head-on in their lives, and it does no good to fall prey to the clutches of cervical cancer, that affects millions of women worldwide. Cervical cancer can be treated and eradicated in its entirety, with a proper and timely diagnosis. It also requires a bit of change in your food habits which you can find in biogreen life. One only needs to learn how to spot the symptoms on time.

Take a minute or two to read your body:

No one can provide you with a better diagnosis of your body, than your body itself. It might come as a surprise, but if you feel that something is wrong with your body, then it definitely is. Your body starts acting out and giving out danger signs from a really early stage. It is just that, you have never cared about it much. Something to think about, and change maybe? Read the signs carefully. Your body is never wrong. The moment you feel an abnormal or unusual change in any part of the body, consult a doctor.

Be aware of the signs:

There are certain signs that you must always watch out for. Vaginal discharge is normal, but only to an extent. The moment you feel that the discharges are abnormal, in color, smell or quantity, it is time to consult a gynecologist. Other symptoms include excessive pain during sexual intercourse, marked changes in the menstrual cycle or unexplained bleeding.

The Pap test and the HPV test:

Your doctor will chart out a schedule as to how often you need to take the Pap test. The Pap test checks for abnormal cells in your cervix, and the HPV test checks for the presence of the Human Papilloma Virus, which could lead to cervical cancer. Taking the tests at regular intervals can help spot the abnormalities at an early stage, and the right combination of treatment and therapy can battle cancer while it is still in situ or grade 1. There might be several situations that would want to break your spirit, but the one thing that is required the most to brave the battle of cancer is to have a will undaunted by the adversities. The journey will be hard but will be worth it. Take the test, stay informed about your own body and rise again like it’s nobody’s business.

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  1. Cancer is such a scary word. This is all great advice that we all should follow.