Monday, April 22, 2019

Where To Find Inspiration For Your Baby's Name

It’s one of the simplest details in a person’s life but it can take a lot more effort and thought to actually come up with a good name than you might have expected. If you have a newborn on the way but not a name, it might feel like the clock’s ticking. Here are a few ways you can find the inspiration you need and a few tips on what to avoid.

Take a look at the family tree

It’s the most traditional approach, and also the easiest. You can choose to honor a member of your family by naming the child after them. Parents, grandparents, and paying tribute to recently or dearly deceased can be an incredibly heartfelt way of showing respect and love to those who have had a big impact on you. Choosing a name with some family value is going to make personalized gifts feel all the more special for those who share the name, as well.
Consider your heritage

If you have some European, Asian, or South American roots, then going to them for some inspiration can help you choose a unique and meaningful name, as well. Look for a baby name generator that helps you pick out names from a wide range of nationalities to make sure that you get covered. Find some that you like and do a little digging on the meanings of those name to find the perfect one that fits the kind of person you want to bring into this world.
Who inspires you?

If you’re looking outside the family for inspiration, then look those who you would like to emulate best. It might be someone you personally know, it might be someone from history who has achieved great things, it might even be your favorite pop culture character. So long as you avoid naming them something like Superman or Tyrion Lannister, you should do just fine. Besides, naming them after someone great means you have an excellent story to tell when they ask about how you decided on their name in particular.
What to avoid

There are plenty of head-scratching names out there. Simplifying or switching up the spelling is an easy way to make their name a little more unique, but if you go too abstract, like from Michael to Mikehail (this one actually happened), it will provide a host of spelling and pronunciation mistakes throughout their entire life. Check out some of the most bizarre names chosen to get an idea of what to avoid. For instance, more parents are naming their children after famous brands than ever, which can make it seem like you’ve created a walking advertisement rather than a member of your own family.
At the end of the day, you’re likely going to end up loving whatever name you choose so try not to get too stressed out by this particular dilemma. If you’re still feeling stuck, why not leave it up to fate? See which names a generator picks for you and choose from the results.

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