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Welcome in Spring with Some New Board Games, Puzzles and Classic Toys Like a Yo-Yo from TCG Toys -- Review + #Giveaway

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

We have all been waiting for spring to get here, so that we could say goodbye to the cold, snowy winter.  But, many of us forgot that with spring comes the rain.  While I love falling asleep to rain falling on the roof, or waking and smelling the air after a rain storm, having your kids ask what they can do as they are bored is not fun, especially when it rains for a few days straight.  I guess it is a little give and take in April -- April showers bring May flowers -- and oh how the flowers look pretty when they are in bloom.  I am seeing many of perennials trying to peak out of the ground after the cold winter, and I know the wet weather is what they have been looking for.

Thanks to the folks at TCG Toys, they have been the past week and half a little easier, when it comes to entertaining my girls, as we were sent a fun "Springtime Box" that included the classic checkers game, a fun spring-themed puzzle, and even a yo-yo, for the girls to enjoy. Read on, as I also have a 'Springtime Box" that included the three TCG Toys just mentioned, for one lucky Inspired by Savannah reader to win. 

My girls were all excited when they opened the box from TCG Toys the other day, and couldn't wait to dump the puzzle pieces out on the dining room table and work on, as it was raining cats and dogs outside, and they knew they were stuck indoors for the day.  

"Be captivated by Dogwood Cottage 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle, featuring the art of Abraham Hunter. This puzzle showcases impeccable landscape paired with fine architectural detail. The Official SURE-LOX™ Fit promises that the puzzle pieces will fit together with a snug and tight connection. Go ahead and lift-it-up!"


  • 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

I don't know about you, but I love working on puzzles.  Growing up, my mom would always have a puzzle going at the puzzle table.  You could stop by and place a piece or two, or sit down for hours and try and finish it.  And, whenever it rained out, or was too cold to be outside, my family always found our way to the puzzle table, to work on it together.  Ahh, the good 'ole days. :-)

I have continued the tradition of having a puzzle going, just for times like last week, when I knew the girls would be coming to me to ask what they could do.  You know it is only a few months into the new year, and they are already tired with toys that Santa brought.  Go figure!  But, they never get tired of puzzles and trying to put them together, especially if they are lucky enough to place the last piece.  

The girls ended up completing the Manors & Cottage 1000 piece puzzle we were sent from TCG Toys in a couple hours, and then moved on to playing a few games of checkers before dinner.  And, then after dinner, they had a rematch before getting my husband and I to play a few games.  

"Build your Classic Games library with this high quality, carefully crafted game of Checkers. Linen finished game board with sturdy game pieces, creates a perfect combination of durability and classic design for your home library.
Slide your pawns up the board, capture your opponent’s pieces by jumping over them. King your piece when you reach the other end of the board and be the last one standing to win in the classic game of Checkers."


  • 1 game board
  • 24 game pieces
  • Instructions
Checkers is one of those classic board games you never grow tired of, and when family game night rolls around, someone is bound to pull the game off the shelf to play.   Even though we have a few checkers games, I liked how this game came in a small box and had a durable gameboard.  Usually my girls are pulling down a Ziploc bag with a fabric checkers gameboard to play, and someone usually bumps the table or pulls the gameboard and pieces go everywhere.  So, I was happy to see that this was a durable gameboard - simple, and easy to set up, and then store away.

As far as the Yo-Yo Classic which was sent, I was hoping to snatch it up and keep it for myself, as I loved playing with my yo-yo as a kid, and still remember how to do a few yo-yo tricks. 

"YO-YO® Classic is a traditional wooden YO-YO® perfect for beginners of all ages! It offers a variety of functionality that complements each player’s personality and skill level."


  • Performs all tricks!
  • Precision balanced
  • Polished wooden axle
  • Classic round shape
  • Available in 2 wood stains

But, my youngest saw it, and wanted to learn how to use it.  So, when we weren't playing checkers or doing the puzzle, I was schooling my girls on how to roll up the string of the yo-yo and then get it going, so it wouldn't jump drop off at the end.  It took a few tries, but eventually they both got it, and were all smiles, showing off their yo-yo skills.  

I couldn't resist showing the tricks I learned as a kid, and then they wanted to learn.  They even watched a few videos online of other fun yo-yo tricks they hope to master soon.

My girls really enjoyed the TCG Toys we were recently sent, and I know your family will, too. They are not only fun to play, and will provide hours of enjoyment, time and again, all while not breaking the bank. And, with Easter fast approaching, why not consider picking up these or other games or toys from TCG Toys to add to your child's Easter basket.  It is amazing how something as simple as a checkers game can provide hours of enjoyment, and get siblings playing nicely together.  And, a yo-yo, which most kids nowadays don't know how to use, is really fun, and kids want to learn how to do it, if shown.  I have to get my girls their own yo-yo's as they want to practice, and like putting the yo-yo in their pockets, to pull out and play with when they are bored.

You can learn all about these fun games/toys, as well as others from TCG Toys by visiting their website here: https://tcgtoys.com/.


And, as mentioned above, thanks to the kind folks at TCG Toys, they are providing me with a Springtime Prize Pack which includes the 3 products I was sent and talked about above -- the classic checkers game, the yo-yo classic and the springtime-themed puzzle, for one lucky Inspired by Savannah reader to win.

To enter, please complete the entries on the Rafflecopter form below.  Good luck!

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About TCG Toys:

"TCG is a privately held toy company based in Toronto, Canada with distribution in over 40 countries. It began in 1998 with a focus on outstanding puzzles and games with the well-known SURE-LOX® brand. As a manufacturer, TCG continues to offer a variety of products for the whole family most recently introducing the MEGA MAT™ line of licensed play mats. Working with top-tier licenses, TCG has re-introduced beloved brands such as Fisher-PriceHot WheelsThomas & Friends and Peppa Pig back to the market with innovative game play. Valued for its premium materials and advanced processes, TCG takes great pride in the quality and affordability of the products it creates and distributes."

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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