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The Techno Gears: Crazy Train Set from The Learning Journey Makes for a Great Last Minute Easter Basket Gift Idea -- It Introduces Kids to the Mechanics and science of Gear Ratio + Aligns with STEM Standards (Review)

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

The Learning Journey

I was introduced to The Learning Journey a few years ago, when my youngest was given a few of their toys for her birthday. I saw just how much fun she was having playing with them, and how she was learning at the same time, that I made note of the brand and visited their website.  I couldn't believe the wonderful selection of educational games and toys, for kids of all ages, that they offered. Being a homeschool mom, I am always looking for hands-on learning tools and products, as this how both of my girls learn best.  After spending what seemed like hours on the computer browsing their entire product offering, I filled a basket and completed the check out process. I couldn't wait for my order to arrive, as I planned to give some for my youngest daughter's November birthday, and then put the rest away for Santa to give.  But, when the order came in, I couldn't help but share all the goodies with the girls. I knew they would have a blast playing with the games and toys I bought, and that we could incorporate them into our schooling. Not only would the girls be having fun playing with the products, but they would be learning at the same time...so it was a win-win for everyone. :-) 

Since that purchase, I have continued to buy toys and games from The Learning Journey to incorporate into our schooling, as most (if not all) meet STEM standards, as well as give as birthday and holiday gifts, including Easter.  I also make a point to give their products as gifts to the girls' friends, not just to introduce families to The Learning Journey (if they weren't already in the know), but also because I know that these toys/games will be played with time and again, and grow with kids.  Out of all the toys that my girls have, the ones from The Learning Journey seem to be pulled out more often than others, and they continue to play with them as they grow, and find new ways to incorporate these toys into their play, with and without friends.

At the NY Toy Show this past February, all the major toy brands came together to announce their new toy line ups for 2019, and The Learning Journey was there, and had some great products to show up for 2019, many of which were recently released.  Included with the released toys was the Techno Gears: Crazy Train, from their popular Techno Gears line, which the kind folks at The Learning Journey recently sent my way for my girls and I to review.

"Kids love to construct, and the Techno Gears line from The Learning Journey is the perfect way to encourage them to build. With its colorful construction pieces, power motors, gears and more, these kits include everything a child needs to build their own motorized creations. 

The Techno Gears: Crazy Train set includes 60+ construction pieces that will introduce a child to the mechanics and science of gear ratio. This set is geared towards children ages 6+ and has a retail price of $23.99.  It is available at most major retailers, as well as specialty stores nationwide.

This product challenges problem solving skills, expands mechanics and engineering knowledge and inspires creativity, so it aligns with the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math standards (STEM)."


My girls were excited to play with the Techo Gears: Crazy Train, as they are fans of The Learning Journey Techno Gears product line, which includes marble run sets, which they have and love playing with. If your kids are fans of marble runs and the Techno Gears line, then you will have to check out the new Techno Gears: Marble Mania Slingshot  which just released. 

 I plan to pick this up and give to my oldest for her birthday in July. I showed it to her online last month and she thought it was the coolest thing, and said it would be fun to construct and play with. She has all the other Techno Gears run sent up in a corner of her room, and I always find her playing with them, so I know that this new Techno Gears: Marble Mania Slingshot will be a hit with her, and her sister, too!

The Techno Gears: Crazy Train is an action packed construction set that moves and works.  With over 60 pieces and a full color instruction manual included, kids ages 6+ will have a blast putting together the train and watching it really move.  With rotating gears and moving rail wheels, kids are also to see how a real working train moves. This is the educational part of the toy that I love.  My girls get to not only put together the train, but then can visually see how it is moving and working, and then explain to me what they are seeing.  :-)  I love seeing them get excited talking about the gears and the whole engineering process.  They have no idea that they are learning while playing with these toy, but then start seeing it in action, and can explain what they see.  It really is cool, and this is what makes these toys so much fun, and worth investing in.  

We have only had the Techno Gears: Crazy Train for a few weeks, but my girls can't get enough  it. It is so easy to put together and take apart, so they have been busy taking apart and reassembling, and then watching it move across the floor.  I have seen their toys ride on the top of this cute and oh so colorful train, as well as other push and propelled toys race the train - just another way the girls use their imaginations to come up with fun ways to incorporate this toy into their daily play.  My girls also love to come up with stories for their stories, and this crazy train as been a star in many recent stories, as it is just so much fun to play with.  

If you have other Techno Gears sets, you can interchange the pieces, which makes for more fun and creative play.  We have another set and the girls have been swapping up pieces to add fun new features to their Techno Gears: Crazy Train.  I could go on and on about just how much this new Techno Gears toy is from The Learning Journey, but instead, why don't you pick it up and share with your kids this Easter.  This is going to be one of those toys you give them that they actually play with and don't get bored with.  And, seeing them learn about engineering and architectural design, as well as how gears and motors work, makes this a win for parents as it truly is a great educational toy purchase.

To learn more about the new Techno Gears: Crazy Train set, as well as other new products for 2019 from The Learning Journey, head on over to https://www.tlji.com/.

About The Learning Journey:

"The Learning Journey opened its doors in 1995 with the mission of providing an opportunity to offer every parent affordable, high quality educational materials to ensure a successful start in school for their children. Since then, The Learning Journey has been designing and manufacturing an exclusive line of award-winning children's interactive educational products worldwide. All products at The Learning Journey encourage learning and develop confidence as they enhance a child's potential. All products build on the skills necessary for children to be prepared for school and beyond.  With The Learning Journey's complete range of interactive products, children have fun while learning and parents and educators know they have the right quality educational products for their children. For product information, please visit The Learning Journey."

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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