Thursday, April 11, 2019

Last Year's Christmas Must Have Toy Just Got Blinged Out...Introducing the New Special Edition FingerBlings -- A Perfect Easter Basket Filler! (Review)

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

This past Christmas, parents were scrambling to find Fingerlings for their kids as they were top of most kids wish lists to Santa...I know as my two girls were asking for them, and I was searching high and low for them, right up until Christmas.  Now, the folks at WowWee have taken it up a notch with their popular Fingerlings toy line by adding a little bling.  :-)

Just like the previous Fingerlings toys, these loveable, wearable companions can swing and interact with other Fingerlings, making for a great Easter basket filler, for kids of all ages, who can't get enough of these super cute interactive toys from WowWee.

Fingerlings respond to sound, motion, and touch with blinking eyes, head turns, and silly monkey babble.

What makes these different from other Fingerlings you kids may own, is that they are full of glitter making them sparkle and shine, and also come with bedazzled gem sticker jewels your kids can place on their special edition Fingerblings to add a little bit more bling.

The kind folks at WowWee recently sent along a Sparkle Fingerblings toy for my girls, and they were all smiles.  They already have a collection of Fingerlings, along with accessories which include a swing they love having their Fingerlings hang out on.  

Silly me to think that my girls didn't know about these new Fingerblings toys.  They were quick to school me and let me know the names of the four Fingerblings that make up this new series in the popular Fingerlings toy line.  You can either get Sparkle, which is a white/silver, Glitz which is purple/pink, Glimmer which is Pink/Rose Gold and Glam who is Turquoise/Blue.  Right now you can score these Fingerblings from Amazon for only $9.84-$4.99, depending on the style/color you choose. No need to worry about scouring the toy stores to find these new Fingerlings. And, they are cheaper, too, making them a great price to pick up a couple to add to your child's Easter basket. :-)

My girls had a lot of fun adding the gem stickers to their new Sparkle Fingerblings, and can't wait to add to the other three Fingerblings to their growing Fingerlings collection.  They also wonder what the folks at WowWee will think of next for characters to this popular toy line.  

To learn more about the new Fingerblings, as well as all the other Fingerlings available from WowWee, head on over to today.

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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