Thursday, April 11, 2019

Kids Who Like Pranks and Gag Gifts Will Love the New Line of Buttheads Toys from WowWee -- They are a Real Gas! (Review)

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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Leave it to my husband to teach my girls how to make farting sounds with their mouth, and also their hands in their armpits.  This all happened a few weeks when I left them home with him, and drove to drop off Girls Scouts cookies to my parents.  I was gone about 4.5 hours, enough time for him to teach them this, and then some.  As soon as I walked in the door, the girls greeted me with all the new tricks they learned and were so proud of.  My husband watched in the background as the girls made farting noises, all proud.  Leave it to guys to be proud their daughters can do this. :-)

It has been a few weeks and my girls still like to bust out their new fart noise skills, especially when it is quiet.  Then, they blame each other for farting, as they cover their noise and complain it smells.  So, when I received the new Buttheads toy from WowWee, I knew what to do.  I was going to prank my girls, and really get them going.  They knew I couldn't make the fart sounds they do with their mouth and armpits, but they also didn't know about this new toy link that lets out fart noises.

Without the girls seeing, I took the Tushi Buttheads toy and hid it behind a couch throw pillow.  As we sat on the couch watching a movie, I slowly slipped my hand behind the pillow and pulled down the finger of the toy.  It was so quiet in the room, you couldn't miss the gaseous fart sounds that the toy was making.  I tried to hold back a laugh, as I looked at my two girls and asked who farted.  They both looked at one another and tried to smell around each other, but couldn't tell who had farted.  Then, I pulled the finger again on the toy and this time a loud squealing fart came out.  We all giggled, as I blamed my youngest daughter. Her cheeks turned red, and she tried defending herself saying it wasn't her.  But, my oldest was already too busy moving away and complaining she was smelly.  Not wanting my daughter to get upset, I had to let them both in on the prank and show them this silly new toy line from WowWee.  Like I said, neither of my girls had heard about the toy, and wanted to check out the packaging to see what it was all about.  

My oldest giggled as read the packaging -- "Master of the Martial Farts".  Included in the box along with the farting ninja was a smelly trading card, which my girls wondered really smelled. :-) 

And, as they read the back of the box, they learned that this is one of a handful Buttheads available, and that they have a prank and battle fart mode.  

Now you would think you would be happy with one fart sound to joke around with people.  Well, the Buttheads are loud and proud and come with 20+ fart sounds. 

I was lucky enough to grab a photo of the girls holding the Buttheads toy in the package, before they tore the box open to check out the smelly trading card and Butt Heads ninja up close.  They couldn't stop giggling as the pulled the ninja's finger and heard it fart.  And, having a butt as a face only added to the fun and laughter of playing with silly toy.  Now, I know many parents are not fans of sound effects toys, as they get tiring after hearing them for awhile, but this toy is only activated when you pull its finger, and when you hear it fart, you can't help but laugh, and wonder if that was a real fart, or just the Buttheads toy sounding off.

With Easter fast approaching, why not consider picking up a Buttheads toy to add to your child's Easter basket. This is definitely one gift they will not expect, and one that will provide countless laughs and gag jokes.  To learn about the new Buttheads toy line from WowWee, head on over to

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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