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Kids and Adults of All Ages Will Love Etchart: Secret Sea Activity Book -- Use the Stylus to Etch Away Ink to Reveal a Beautiful Underwater Scene Right Before Your Eyes! (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent a review copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Is your family big on coloring for relaxation purposes, just for fun, or to pass the time? Ever since I welcomed the girls, I have made sure to have a bag of crayons, paper and mini coloring books in my bag, as well as in the car handy, to keep the girls busy when we are on the go. But, every once in awhile I like to switch things up with the girls, and give them something else, like an activity or puzzle book to keep them entertained. And, now, thanks to experiencing Etchart firsthand, I can add another fun activity book to the mix.

What is Etchart you ask? Well, just like how the name sounds, you do etching to create art. But, don't worry you don't have to be an artist to enjoy Etchart books...quite the just have to enjoy using a stylus (included with each book) to remove ink, revealing amazing folk-art inspired scenes.

Thanks to the kind folks at QuartroKnows, I was recently sent their Etchart: Secret Sea activity book to review with my girls.  I couldn't resist trying out the book first, before sharing with the girls.  While I love to color with the girls, I am not big on sitting down for hours coloring in a pattern or scene in the adult coloring books on the market.  It is fun for a short time, but then my mind starts running with things I have to get down, and I find myself getting up to conquer my waiting to-do list, than just sit and relax and enjoy coloring.  But, when I sat to do a little etching in this Etchart book, I found myself engrossed with the scene, and sat for over a half hour, slowly etching away at the scene, to reveal a beatiful underwater scene.

This is how an Etchart scene looks before you remove the ink...

And, this is the final scene...isn't it beautiful?  I love how life-like it looks, mixed with a folk-art feel.

My girls saw me using the Etchart book and wanted to try for themselves.  I told them they had to wait until I was done :-) .  They sat and watched me, as they, too, were eager to see what colors would appear and fill the underwater scene I was working on.  

My youngest thought I drew the picture at first, but then I showed her how the Etchart pages were set up, and this only made her want to have her turn more, as she loves underwater marine life, and couldn't wait to see create a stunning scene filled with fish, seahorses and more.

More about this book:

"Embark on a journey through nature with this stylish folk-art inspired activity book. With your stylus, etch away at nine beautiful underwater scene to discover fish, seahorses, dolphins, octopuses, and other marvellous marine beasts hidden beneath stunning artwork made up of panels of special scratchable ink. 

With your stylus, remove all the ink, or create swirls, dots, and other patterns to personalize your very own piece of art. Let yourself be absorbed by this new mindful, creative hobby as you reveal the hidden beauty in each scene – and the artist in you!"

Illustrated by: 
Format: Novelty book20 Pages
ISBN: 9781786030498
Publisher: Wide-Eyed Editions
Series: Etchart


In addition to the Etchart: Secret Sea activity book, QuartoKnows also offers the following etchart novelty books, all of which would make for a great Easter basket filler, or gifts for kids and adults of all ages for birthday or a special occasion.  

My girls and I really enjoyed this Etchart book, and I will definitely be buying the other books in the series, so that we have for summer travel and to keep busy on rainy days, or when the girls come and tell me they are bored and need something to do.  All they have to do is grab an Etchart book, and etch away to reveal a beautiful design.  

Disclosure: I was sent a review copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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