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It Isn't Easter Without R.M Palmer Candy and Their Deliciously Sweet Chocolate Bunnies, Eggs and More! + Fun Edible Snacks and Favors You Can Make and Share Using Their Chocolate (Review)

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What is Easter without candy and chocolate bunnies?  Growing up, I always looked forward to the Easter Bunny leaving me Palmer milk chocolate bunnies.  the R. M. Palmer Company (aka Palmer) has been around since 1948, and has been putting smiles on children's faces each and every Easter, every time they find these cute hollow milk chocolate bunnies in their Easter baskets.  And, now that I have children of my own, I am making sure to carry to carry on the tradition of giving Palmer Easter chocolate bunnies as part of the girls' basket fillers.  I love seeing their eyes light up, as they look at the different milk chocolate bunnies the Easter Bunny has left for them, in neatly packaged boxes with cello peek-a-boo wrap.

And, thanks to the folks at the R. M. Palmer Company, I didn't have to wait until Easter morning to see my daughters' reactions to a few of their hollow milk chocolate bunnies, as they were kind enough to send along samples for us to enjoy, including some of their new additions for 2019.  

New for 2019! Hero Bunnies are joining the hollow bunny line up to save Easter, one basket at a time. 10 ounces.

New for 2019! Everyone says the ears are the best part of the chocolate bunny. Three creamy chocolaty ears to nibble on. 3 ounces.

New for 2019! Decorated Double Crisp® Chocolaty ‘n Smooth…Crisp ‘n Crunchy candy. 2.5 ounces.

New for 2019! A delicious mix of Smooth & Creamy, Double Crisp and Peanut Butter flavors, perfect for filling all those baskets! 44 ounces.

The icon of the Palmer Easter candy lineup, Baby Binks is creamy milk chocolate in a hollow shell with sweet candy eyes. For generations, Easter baskets everywhere have included Baby Binks, Easter’s classic chocolate baby bunny. 2 ounces.

Double Crisp® chocolaty carrots are individually foil wrapped – perfect for all your “little bunnies” and their baskets. Make them part of your egg hunt and add something different to your festivities. 3.35 ounces. Also available in bulk.

What could be better than a Double Crisp® bunny on a stick? This Chocolaty n’ Smooth…Crisp n’ Crunchy pop is just what every Easter basket needs. 3 ounces.


The difficult part of the whole review process was deciding which chocolate to sample first. :-)  The girls really wanted to try the new Hero Bunnies, as they couldn't believe how big they were. Just looking at them through the clear window packaging, had their mouths watering. :-)

How do you and your children eat milk chocolate bunny candy?  Well, my daughters and I love to nibble off the tall milk chocolate ears first, and then bite off the eyes.  :-)  With each bite, we can't help but smile, as the creamy, rich milk chocolate melts in your mouth.  With most of the Palmer Milk Chocolate bunnies averaging 5 oz. each, you can't help but eat one in a sitting. :-) But, we warned, the Hero Bunnies are 10 oz., so you may have to try and save some for later. 

In addition to trying the new Hero Bunnies, my girls were also excited to try the new Double Crisp Bunny Bottoms.  Just seeing them in the box with the other samples, they couldn't help but smile and giggle.  They never expected to see a bunny's bottom as candy.  But, once they saw this new treat from R.M. Palmer, they couldn't wait to tear open the packaging and take a bite, especially because they are both fans of their double crisp chocolate.  The girls were not disappointed, and wound up eating the whole thing.  Sniff, sniff...I was hoping they would save me some.

While the girls were busy snacking on their Bunny Bottoms, I was quick to grab the Hoppies Bunnies Mix to stash away. 

I wanted to use this 2 3/4 lbs bag of individually wrapped chocolates to fill the plastic eggs for the girls' egg hunt come Easter morning. 

I have been a fan of this bulk size bags of candy from R.M. Palmer, as they are always reasonably priced, and can be used for a multitude of things including holiday party favor bags, to make cute edible snacks (read on to see a few of my favorite Easter edible crafts using R.M. Palmer candy), or to fill a pinata for birthdays or plastic eggs for Easter.  And, there is usually some candy left over for me to enjoy, or add to my secret candy drawer, so that I can reach for it when I am looking for a quick chocolate fix. :-)

My girls and I had so much fun sampling the new R.M. Palmer candy for Easter, as well as seeing some of our favorites including the Baby Binks bunny and carrot double crisps.  After wiping the excess chocolate from their mouths/lips, the girls told me that they hope the bunny brings them more R.M. Palmer candy, as they love it, and can't get enough of it.  I had to agree with them, too, and said I would be leaving out a basket for myself in hopes he fills my basket with R.M. Palmer candy, too. :-)

So, as you head out to the stores in these final weeks leading up to Easter, why not make a point to check out the fun selection of R.M. Palmer milk chocolate character bunnies, as well as their other Easter themed candies?  This is one brand you grew up enjoying, that hasn't changed in all these years.  Your children will enjoy the same great taste of Palmer's milk chocolate that you did as a child, and still do today. :-)  And, make sure to pick up a milk chocolate bunny for yourself, as you will find yourself craving one once you see your children nibbling away at the bunny ears. :-)


If you follow my blog then you know I love sharing edible snacks that you can make with R.M. Palmer candy, and this Easter is no exception.  There is a section on their website where you can see the different fun edible treats you can make and give for particular holidays.  I had so much fun looking at their Easter ideas, and wanted to share a few of my favorite, which I will be trying with my girls.  They want to make a couple of these as party favors to give to friends at their upcoming Easter parties. If your child needs to bring an Easter treat or party favor to hand out, why not consider one of these cute sweet treats.  They are easy to make and use everyone's favorite candy, R.M. Palmer, which you find in most grocery store holiday aisles, other major retailers like Walmart and Target, as well as online at Amazon.


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