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Give the Gift of Fun, Hands-On Play This Easter with All-New Items from Play Visions! (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Looking for a few last minute gifts to pick up and add to your child's Easter basket?  How about some fun, new hands-on toys from Play Visions, that are sure to provide hours of fun for kids of all ages, time and again.  In addition to their ever popular compounds Sands Alive!, Play Dirt, and Floof sets, the folks at Play Visions have added some new additions that will fit perfectly in your child's baskets, and put smiles on their faces come Easter morning. And, best of all, most of these Easter basket fillers are under $7, making then not only fun for kids, but affordable for parents, too! :-)

First up, is Aqua Squisheez, a fun squishy and grow product that will amaze kids, as it inflates five times its size in under 30 minutes, just by adding water.  My girls were so excited when I showed them the Aqua Squisheez creature the kind folks at Play Visions sent our way.  They had never heard about these toys and couldn't wait to see how it expands, and wondered just how big it would get. :-)

"Aqua Squisheez represents a totally new concept in squishy and grow products. Filled with a material that expands in water, Aqua Squisheez will ``inflate`` five times their original size in 10-15 minutes after emerging in water. Once inflated they become super soft and squishy, and will not dry out or shrink! Lots of fun to watch grow, and even more fun to squish and play with! There are five styles to choose from!"

Age: 3+
MSRP: $5.99
Availability: Amazon and Specialty Stores

There are different style Aqua Squisheez available.  We were sent the Puffer Fish style, and the girls had so much fun playing with this fish out of water, after it expanded to 5 times its original size.  We have only had this toy for two days, and it is still expanded.  My girls woke this AM just to check out their Puffer Fish Aqua Squisheez, and were all smiles when they saw it was still inflated and could be played with.  This is definitely one of those toys that kids of all ages (and adults) will have fun watching it expand and grow, and then enjoy hours and days of squishy fun.  I highly recommend Aqua Squisheez, and can't wait to pick up more styles including the unicorn one show above, for my girls to enjoy all summer long.


Just squeeze and feel relief! When you squish and squeeze this stress ball, you`ll feel the soft gel and see the amazing color changing before your eyes! An amazing and sensory experience to both feel and see.

Age: 8+
MSRP: $17.99
Availability: Amazon

At Christmas I shared a review about one of their other Morph Gel Balls, and can say all these months later my family, including myself still reach for it, and play with it.  The Morph Gel Balls line from Play Visions are perfect for those with sensory process issues and/or anxiety.  And, we all have stress in our lives, and this ball, after a few minutes of squishing and squeezing it, really does help in reducing your stress and helping you to relax.  I have arthritis in my hands, and I have found this to be a better exercise ball over others I have used over the years.  This new Giant Color Morph Gel Ball is like the others balls, except this one changes colors as you squish and squeeze it.  My girls couldn't wait to try it out and see the colors change.  This added to the fun of this Giant Morph ball, and had them not wanting to put it down.  If you are looking for a gift that the whole family will use and enjoy, then look no further than the Giant Color Morph Gel Ball from Play Visions


New for this year, Play Visions has introduced the Crayola Dough Surprise Eggs. These palm-sized eggs come with mystery colored dough and a shaping tool for unlimited possibilities.

Introducing Crayola Dough Eggs! These palm-sized eggs are jam-packed for hours of creative fun. Each colorful Crayola Dough egg includes 1 Dough Pack and 1 Shape Cutter, but you don’t know which color you receive until you crack open your egg! Available in 6 different colors, these mini eggs feature a variety of different shaping tools for unlimited possibilities!

Age: 3+
MSRP: $1.99/each
Available: Specialty Stores and Amazon

We were sent one of the new Crayola Dough Surprise Eggs to review, and my girls couldn't wait to peel off the plastic and pop open the egg to see what color dough and shape cutter were inside.  And, I knew it was something good when my oldest let out a big scream, before running over to me to show me she got a dog shape cutter.  She is all about dogs, so this was the perfect Crayola Dough Surprise Egg for her.  Together the girls sat at the table and played with the Crayola Dough and shape cutter, cutting out dogs and make toys for it.  I loved seeing the girls get creative and use their imaginations to come up with fun ways to use the dough and watch what they were able to create.  Before they picked up the dough, they showed me the agility course they had made for the dog, which included a mini ramp, hoop to jump through, as well as a hurdle which the dog had to jump over.  The girls were so excited to show off their obstacle course, and I couldn't believe they were able to make all of this with the Crayola Dough that was included with the new Crayola Dough Surprise Eggs.  This is definitely a must have for fans of play dough, and is priced right for you to pick up a few Crayola Dough Surprise Eggs for each of your children -- that way they can have an assortment of colored Crayola dough to play with, as well as fun shape cutters.  I just ordered more to add to my girls' baskets, and know they will be excited to find them come Easter morning.


You can have a little piece of each fun Crayola Dough color! The Party Pack comes in assorted colors and can be used for hours of fun and creative play!

Age: 3+
MSRP: $6.99
Available: Specialty Stores and Amazon

In addition to the Crayola Dough Surprise Eggs, the folks at Play Visions have also come out with the Crayola Dough The Party Pack, which includes 15 mini packs of dough, in a variety of colors, for you to add to oversized plastic eggs for egg hunts (in place of candy), use as a party favor if you are hosting an Easter gathering, or need to send your child to school with favors for their school Easter party, or just add a handful to their Easter baskets.  I loved the cute mini sized Crayola Doughs, and how they looked like crayons.  My girls, on the other hand, loved all the colors, especially the yellow and blue, as they said they were vibrant and colorful.  They ended up using these Party Pack Crayola Dough with the Crayola Dough Surprise Egg Dough and shape cutter I just shared about, to add color to their dog and to their obstacle course.  This made for more fun in their creative process, and had them sitting at the table for a couple hours, just thinking up things to make with the Crayola Party Pack dough colors that make up the 15-piece pack.  If you have a few kids, this is definitely the way to go this Easter, as you get 15 mini dough packs for only $6.99.  They are the perfect size to add to all the goodies you have picked up for your kids' baskets.  I ended up ordering a few packs so that the girls have for upcoming play dates with friends.  The girls and their friends can play with the Crayola Dough, and then I can send their friends home with some.


We had so much fun trying out some of the new Play Visions products, which are all perfect for last minute Easter basket fillers.  You can learn more about these and other new product additions by heading over to https://www.playvisions.com/.

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Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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