Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Celebrate Antsy Pants' New Spring/Summer Line Up of Active Play Toys -- They Will Get Kids Moving...and Families Enjoying Quality Time Outdoors Together!!! (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Antsy Pants, a brand with the mission of bringing back imaginative playtime with toys that encourage kids and families to create, imagine and build together, has announced its new spring and summer toys for 2019. 

How is spring treating you so far?  I just had a friend in NH send me a photo of snow they got today.  It was like a cruel late April's Fool joke, and hopefully not something that will repeat itself again this year.  My girls have been taking advantage of the warmer weather and spending as much time outdoors as possible.  We ended up skipping plans we had this past Sunday just so that we could stay home and enjoy the warm weather together as a family.  

Usually my girls are not big in helping with lawn work, and tending to the yard, but they wanted to get out and run around and needed all the sticks and debris that fell from the winter out of their way, so they ended up making a game of it, and racing to see who could clean up an area first, as well as who could carry the most sticks to the woods.  After an hour of spring yard clean up, the backyard was clear of sticks and ready to be enjoyed.  So, what did the girls do first?  They created an obstacle course for the whole family to do, thanks to some of the new products from Antsy Pants.

Antsy Pants’ new kites, jump ropes, stepping stones and colorful play covers continue to help families get active and imaginative, both indoors and outdoors.

Recently, the kind folks at Antsy Pants sent a sampling of some of their spring/summer products for my family to enjoy.  We were sent a cute shark jump rope, along with their new 5 piece stepping stones, and even two kites (a flamingo and a fish).  

The girls were really excited to try out the 5 piece stepping stones, and this is what prompted them to come up with the fitness obstacle course that they set up.  

5 Piece Stepping Stones, Age: 4+, MSRP: $19.99.  Kids can test balancing skills and learn colors while jumping from stone to stone. 

They started by spreading out the stones, which are made of approved phthalates-free PVC, making them durable, yet lightweight, and then added in a few fitness tasks to do throughout the course.  

When all was said and done, they were ready to demo the course, so that we all knew what we had to do.  They weren't playing with this course, as I found out, when my youngest pulled out her stopwatch and planned to time us all. :-)  

Here is a video I took of my girls showing the fitness obstacle course they set up, and that everyone in the family, including my husband and I, had to do. 

While I didn't break any time records, I can say I stayed on my feet and finished the I should get some sort of medal for this.  :-)  The girls had a lot of fun with the 5 piece stepping stones.  They used them to mark off a fairy path they created near their swing set one minute, and then next they were carrying them in the house to use for indoor play.  What I loved, next to how versatile these indoor/outdoor stepping stones are, is that they stack one on to of the other for easy storage.  You can either put them back in the box they come in, or stack on a shelf or the floor in the house or garage.

In addition to playing with the 5 piece stepping stones from Antsy Pants, the girls also enjoyed playing with the shark jump rope we were sent..  

Jump RopesAge: 4+, MSRP: $10.99. Jump for joy with jump ropes in new mermaid and  shark shapes, joining rocket ship and ice cream cone shapes. Featuring hand-painted wooden handles, the jump ropes are the perfect size for at home fun and on-the-go exercise.

It ended up being longer than the ones they are used to, so I showed them how to jump with two people together, as well as having two people swing and another person jump in the middle and jump.  These were both firsts for my girls, and they loved learning these fun jump ropes games that I shared with them, as well as listening to stories of my childhood, which involved many summers with my friends playing jump rope. 

We were planning to go to the beach on Sunday as the weather was nice, but when the girls asked to stay home to play in the backyard, how could I say no.  It is always nice to just a day at home on the weekend where you don't have to drive anywhere. And, thanks to these new toys/products from Antsy Pants, it made for a truly memorable and fun day.  Hopefully if the weather holds up this weekend, we will head to the beach in RI to try out the new kites Antsy Pants sent us.  

Kites, Age: 5+, MSRP: $11.99. Kids can take fun to new heights by gliding through the breeze and diving in the wind with the Antsy Pants Kites in Flamingo, Shark and Fish designs.

The girls really like the playful flamingo and fish designs, and can't wait to see them flying high up in the sky.

With Easter fast approaching, why not consider picking up a few of these new products from Antsy Pants to add to your child's basket?  While candy and little trinket toys are fun, these products from Antsy Pants will provide limitless play for kids of all ages, while also sparking their creativity and imagination to use these products in different ways, as was seen with my girls and the 5 piece stepping stones.  I loved seeing them come up with fun new ways to use the stones, and incorporate fitness into their play. Not only were they able to enjoy the nice weather, but they got a good workout in, and lots of laughs, as they watched my husband and I try to complete the course they set up. 

You can learn all about these new spring/summer additions to the Antsy Pants line by visiting today.  

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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