Thursday, April 4, 2019

Cartoons And Video Games: They’re Not All Bad

We are often told that video games and cartoons are destroying our kids’ lives. Yes, there needs to be restrictions. Yes, we need to promote physical activities. However, cartoons and video games aren’t all bad, and we will discuss some distinct benefits in this blog post.

How video games can help your children prepare for exams

There is nothing worse than the examination period – for children and parents alike! Children often get filled with worry yet they either cannot be bothered to study or they find traditional methods of studying tough. On the other hand, parents dread the examination period because they want their children to do as well as possible yet they don’t know the best way to help them. After all, bringing out a whole host of textbooks and dumping them on the table is not the most effective strategy. Is your child struggling in school? If so, traditional methods of studying won’t work. So, what can you do?

You will be pleased to know that there is an innovative and effective solution. You are always told to try and combine enjoyment with education. Yet for most people this seems like mission impossible. After all, learning cannot possibly be fun, right? Well, that was the case until video games came on the scene. If you dig a little bit deeper then you will see that by playing video games your child can actually become better prepared for the examination they have coming up. Therefore, if your child wants to watch Tom and Jerry video games and Batman games before an exam, then you may want to let them.

Quick thinking

One of the main benefits associated with video games is the fact that they get your child’s mind accustomed to quick thinking. When your child is playing a game they need to think on their feet. There is only a limited time period for them to make a decision otherwise they run the risk of losing the game. This quick thinking is replicated in exams because children only have a certain amount of time to complete the test. They need to use time management skills to ensure they dedicate enough time to each question.


Video games require a certain level of concentration. Your child needs to be fully focused at all times in order to complete the levels. After all, if they miss something then they can easily be knocked out of the game. This concentration will prove to be very helpful in exams. If your child spends all of their time staring at the clock during the test they are taking then they are not going to get anywhere are they? Online games help your children to get into the mindset of concentration. This relates to all games available, from opting to play Scooby Doo games to watch Tom and Jerry games to enjoying Ben 10 games or even taking on car games like Drift Hunters 2. This means that no matter what games your child enjoys you will still see some great gains.

Solving problems

The majority of cartoon games revolve around problem solving. Children will have to deal with several puzzles and equations in order to come up with the solution. In a lot of these games there are several methods of getting to the one solution. Your child is given a situation and they need to find the answer. Does this sound similar? Of course it does, this is exactly how examinations work. Getting your mind accustomed to this way of thinking is advantageous because their brain will be completely tuned in to examination mode.

Helpful in learning foreign languages

Videos can also actually be very beneficial for children in a whole host of different areas; including strategic thinking, problem solving and coming to grips with technology. Nevertheless, one area of learning whereby children’s games are highly advantageous is when it comes to learning foreign languages.

Foreign languages are important in today’s society

Before delving into how computer games can help it is important to acknowledge how beneficial it can be to learn foreign languages in today’s day and age. Because most of the world speaks English a lot of people underestimate the importance of embracing other languages. There is a lot of money to be made via being multilingual because the job market is advanced in that area. Moreover, your child will be able to work in various different countries as well. It is advantageous to get your children learning different languages from a young age because it is easier to learn and absorb a foreign language from being young in comparison to when you are a teenager and especially when you are an adult.

Why are games the best way to help children learn a different language?

If you go on the internet you will see that there are wealth of games which are focused on helping your child to learn a different language. These are extremely beneficial because children tend to learn better when they are having fun. In fact, your child may not even realize that they are partaking in an educational activity because of the sheer level of fun that they will be having. This not only makes it easier to get your child to learn, but it actually makes the learning process a lot more effective and you will find that they pick up on the language a lot quicker than you may have imagined.

An alternative way to aid your child’s learning of a foreign language

Once your child begins to become competent in the language they are studying there is a different way in which you can improve their learning and their fun factor. For example, let’s say your child has been learning Chinese. You can then search for their favorite games, in the language your child is learning. You will find that a lot of these games are available online in other languages aside from English. Therefore, your child will be able to play the games that they enjoy, however the instructions and the story line will be in a different language. This is great because it is not directly a learning game, like those mentioned earlier are. Instead these games are entirely focused on fun and so you won’t have to nag your child in order to get them to play.

All things considered, online games can be highly beneficial when it comes to a whole host of learning areas, and foreign languages are no different. If you want to give your child the best possible chance for the future then you should certainly encourage them to learn a foreign language, and the games available on the internet can help you to do this.

As you can see, children's games and cartoons aren’t all bad. There are lots of different benefits associated with them. Plus, this merely scratches the surface, as there are other advantages too. Therefore, it is certainly worth exploring this further. Nevertheless, boundaries are critical too.

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