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10 Things I Didn't Know The Cricut Maker Could Make and/or Cut #ad

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.


What can't this machine do or cut?  

Read on to learn more about this must have machine for crafters (of all levels)!

If you follow my blog, then you have probably seen a few Cricut Maker posts I have shared.  I received the Cricut Maker as well as accessories and supplies a few months ago from the folks at Cricut, and have been learning as I go, all about the amazing things I can do and make with it.  

Just this past Easter, I ended up making most of the gifts I gave my girls, including new Easter Baskets.  When the girls came down on Easter morning, they were all smiles as they sifted through their Easter tubs looking at the different personalized gifts the Easter Bunny had left them. 

I don't know about you, but I find personalized gifts, especially given to kids, make for the best gifts, as they love seeing their names on things.  

My girls LOVED everything the bunny brought them, including the plastic egg storage containers, which I had filled with plastic eggs filled with trinket toys, as well as the mini egg containers filled with handmade cookies I had a local cookie artist make, so that I could fill the reusable plastic egg containers with...

I have to admit, when the folks at Cricut first reached out at Christmas to see if I wanted to join their Cricut blogger program, I was hesitant at first to sign up.  I love to craft and make things, but I was intimidated by the Cricut Maker, after reading about it online from other users.  I thought you had to be a hardcore crafter or live and breath with your sewing machine.  But, I was wrong, and this I learned fairly quickly after receiving a Cricut Maker and EasyPress 2 for review.  If you missed my previous Cricut Maker posts, you can Google Cricut and Inspired by Savannah and you will find them, or use the search on the side bar of my blog to find them.  There you will see the introductory card and PRESS crafts I made, as well as experience with the Cricut Everyday Iron on.  But, today, I wanted to share 10 things I didn't know the Cricut Maker could Make or Cut.  Hopefully if you are on the fence about buying a Cricut Maker, this post will help you decide, as you will see it truly is an amazing machine and something all crafters of all levels should own.


1.  The Cricut Maker Can Cut Wood...Yes, you read that right! It can cut through wood.

The Cricut Maker, using the knife blade (sold separately) can cut through wood.  So, if you are a fan of wood crafts, or would love to make a personalized family signs, a name puzzle for your child as a gift, etc., then the Cricut can help make wood crafting a breeze.

Here are just a some of the fun wood projects you can find using the Cricut Design Space. 

How to start in Design Space:

The "Cricut design space is a design program that works with the Explorer family of machines. This design software and apps let you think the way you want to think. Come with inspiration from elsewhere or browse hundreds of project in Cricut Design Space to spark an idea. And when you’re ready to start designing Cricut gives you unlimited access to over 60,000 fonts, images and pattern." 

Aren't these stunning?  These would make for great gift ideas, and when the gift recipient finds out you make them yourself, they will cherish them even more. 


2.  The Cricut Maker Can Cut Vinyl -- You have probably gone to a craft fair/show and seen personalized wine classes, water bottles, and more with vinyl lettering or sayings?  These personalized gifts were most likely created using the Cricut Maker.  This was my introduction to the Cricut Maker last fall when I went to a craft fair and fell in love a kid's lunch box and accessories set one crafter was selling.  After talking with her for a bit, she shared all about the Cricut Maker and how all her items being sold that day were made with the Cricut Maker.  She said it was easy to create these personalized gifts, and that they are always a hit at holidays and for birthdays.  When I got home I looked up the Cricut Maker and this got me excited about the machine and all the possibilities of things to make with it for my girls, and to give to family and friends for gifts.

When it comes to planning or making things, if you were to ask my friends, they would all say "I go big, or I go home."  I am always bringing more to a party or event than is needed, just to have all the bases covered.  And, I go above and beyond when giving a gift, as I usually can't settle on just one thing to give.  :-)  So, after spending a couple months getting a feel for the Cricut and what it can do, I put it to work this Easter and went all out creating personalized gifts for my girls, right down to new Easter baskets (in this case, plastic tubs).  I found all the non-Cricut supplies at storage container or home goods stores, as well as the dollar store.  So, while the gifts looked really expensive and fancy, I knew that the supplies were relatively cheap.  If you love making top-notch gifts at a fraction of the price, then you will love the Cricut, and the personalized gifts you can make with their vinyl rolls (which come in a variety of colors and designs).

Just look at what I made for my girls for Easter....I have to say, I even surprised myself when all was said and said, and I saw the final product.  They really did come out great...

Yes, that burlap pouch is a tic-tac-toe gameboard for my youngest. I found clear oval markers in the floral section of the dollar store and made colored "X" and "O" letters to apply to the markers.  

And, viola, my daughter has her own on-the-go tic-tac-toe game (with storage) to bring in the car and enjoy anywhere she goes. :-)

While I intend to use the egg container for future egg decorating with the girls, this time around I filled it with plastic eggs filled with trinket toys, to get my girls excited about the eggs the bunny hid in the backyard for them to find. :-)

And, what you see above was all done with the Cricut Maker and their vinyl rolls, and a little guidance and inspiration from ready-to-make projects and templates found in the Cricut Design Space.  

I was able to turn these personalized Easter gifts out while the girls were sleeping, and even found time to make a cute plate for the girls to leave carrots out for the Easter Bunny the night before.

My girls loved this plate, especially with their names on it.  They had so much fun leaving out carrots for the bunny, along with a thank you note. :-)

I have a handful of birthdays coming up for family and friends, and am itching to find time to sit in my craft room and see what I can come up with and make for them using my Cricut Maker and supplies.

3.  The Cricut Maker Can Cut Leather -- This is another thing I was amazed at, as I thought leather would need a stronger machine or hand cutter to cut through the thick leather...but, I was wrong again!  The Cricut surprised me, and when I tried cutting leather firsthand I was in awe at easy the Cricut Maker made it look. :-)

Here are some leather crafts you can make with the Cricut Maker...


4. The Cricut Maker Can Cut Felt -- And, with so many great ready-to-make projects in the Cricut Design Space, you could be making these cute home decor projects, to hang in your home...

And, the kids will go crazy when you make these fun felt handmade toys for them to play with, too...


5.  The Cricut Maker Can Cut Foil  -- Making party streamers, banners,  and even whimsical kid's mobiles is easy as 1-2-3, and will have people complimenting you on how lovely they are...

This Acetate Whimsical Ocean Mobile is on my to-do of things I want to make.  Both of my girls love the ocean and collecting shells when we go to beach.  This mobile would look cute hung from the ceiling in their bedrooms.


6. The Cricut Maker Can Make handmade cards complete with fabric embellishments --

This was the first project I completed with my new Cricut Maker, and it really helped me to gain confidence in using the Cricut Design Space, and think of other ways to put this machine to work, making unique handmade cards and gifts.  I really like the fine detailing of the card with all the cutouts, and how the Cricut Maker knew this pattern thank to the template, and was able to cut a piece of fabric to fit the kite, for a nice textured embellishment.

Using Maker for the first time -- in minutes look what I was able to make...

My daughter ended up writing inside this card and sending it to her Nana and Papa.  And, after that, she wanted to learn how to make her own dogs, especially ones with dog cuts outs, so that she can could send more handmade cards to family and friends. So, we have been spending quality mother-daughter time together, browsing the ready-to-make projects available in the Cricut Design Space and using supplies sent from the folks at Cricut, including their fabric sampler, to make more fun cards like the one you see above.


7.  The Cricut Maker Can make iron-ons, which you can then press to t-shirts, totes and more with the EasyPress 2 (sold separately).  

I shared a post last month about my experience with pre-made iron ons I found on sale at Michaels - https://www.inspiredbysavannah.com/2019/03/snow-day-cricut-craft-day-in-our-house.html.  

I got this all for under $15!

And, look what I was able to make for my girls...

Since then I have created iron on using templates and designs available in the Cricut Design Studio, including a dog-lovers iron on for my husband. :-)

The Cricut Design Studio walks you step-by-step through the entire design process, which I love...

Seen in this picture is the Essential Tool Set, a 7-piece set that comes with every tool you will need for a Cricut crafting session.  Without the weeding tool and spatula lifting this dog t-shirt iron-on would be hard to remove, especially all the fine details.

And, here  is my husband's new t-shirt which he loves! :-)

The Essential Tool Set, and other accessories are all sold separately. As you start getting used to using the Cricut and getting more confident with what this machine can do, then you will see what projects you will do more often, and then realize which tools will help with these particular projects. 

I highly recommend the Basic Tool Set (on sale right now for only $15.29, down from $25.99) pack, or at minimum the Scraper and Spatula Set (only $6.29) and Weeder (only $5.08)  if you plan to do a lot of iron on or vinyl work, as these make it easier to prep the stencil for application.  


If you plan to use the Cricut Maker for a lot of fabric work, then the Rotary Cutter, 45 mm (only $11.39) is a must have accessory to own, as it cuts through a variety of fabric styles and weights

8. The Cricut Maker can make coloring pages for kids and adults to color using cardstock...

So, no need to buy coloring books, as you can make your own with your Cricut Maker and stash of cardstock. :-)


9. The Cricut Maker "revolutionizes sewing craft projects with hundreds of digital patterns from

top brands like Simplicity®, all immediately available for the making. 

Just a few clicks and Cricut Maker® cuts and marks all the pieces for your next stuffed animal or clutch. 

The sewing is still up to you."


10.  And, last but not least, and just in time for Mother's Day, the Cricut Maker can make beautiful flowers using paper -

These look real...and, to think they are actually paper.  I would love to get these as a gift, as I could cherish them forever, without fear of overwatering, or watching them die.

And, how about a vase to put these fresh cut paper flowers in?...

Yes, these vases are made of paper, too!

You can also make pinwheels for the kids to play with, or to add to your decor...

"Paper comes in a huge range of colors, textures, weights, and finishes. Use it for party decorations, table settings, paper flowers, cards, notes, and so much more."

I can't wait to make this paper wreath, before moving onto holiday paper ornaments to adorn my Christmas tree with come December...

The possibilities are endless when you have a Cricut Maker and assorted paper.  You can find inspiration and project ideas from Cricut and other crafters by utilizing the Cricut Design Space. I can't emphasize this enough.  You can find yourself getting either overwhelmed or lost in what to make with the Cricut Maker.  But, the Cricut Design Space is there to offer up project ideas, step-by-step instruction, and more.

I could go on and on with what the Cricut Maker can do and what it can cut, but just with my list of 10 things mentioned above, you get the idea that the Cricut Maker, the EasyPress 2 and all the accessories available for purchase online at the Cricut online shop, as well as through online stores and local craft supply stores, is definitely a must have for crafters and DIY handmade gift lovers. I have only been using my Cricut Maker for a few short months, and still am learning about new ways to use the machine. And, whenever I visit the local craft store with my girls, one of the first aisles we go down is the one that has all the Cricut supplies and accessories.  

As I browse the shelves, I feel like I am in Heaven or that it's Christmas morning, as I take in all the beauty and wonder that is the Cricut brand.  From vinyl to cardstock and even wood, the Cricut Maker really is one machine that can do so much.  So, say goodbye to your old clunky cutting machine and say hello to the amazing Cricut Maker.  I am truly in love and awe of what the Cricut Maker can do, and I know that once you try it out for yourself, or see it demoed in person, you will fall in love and want to own one, too.

You can learn more about the Cricut Maker and their other product offerings and accessories by visiting their website at https://tap.fit/HJW2AZJBE. And, be sure to follow their social media channels for special offers, new product ideas, news and more:


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.


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