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The EasyPress 2 is an Essential Companion to the Cricut Maker (Review) @officialcricut #cricutmade #ad

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

Iron-on success in 60 seconds or less!

Cricut EasyPress delivers fast and foolproof iron-on results that really stick, wash after wash.

I never thought I would share a blog post where I would say that my husband is into crafting now.  While he sits with the girls and does art projects and drawing, he was never into the whole crafting scene...that was until I was recently sent the Cricut Maker and EasyPress 2, along with supplies and accessories, to try out and share my thoughts in blog posts.  
Why do I say he is into crafting now?  Well, a couple weeks ago, I starting using the Cricut Maker, to help with a review of the machine, and then pulled out the two different sized Cricut EasyPress(there are three sizes available 6"x7", 9"x9", and 12"x10"). 

 I was sent the 12"x10" and 6"x7" to review, and like the Cricut Maker post I shared a couple weeks ago with you, was not familiar with the EasyPress 2 family either.  So, it was all about setting up the Cricut maker and companion EasyPress 2 and trying out different things. My husband saw me making cutout cards with the maker, and then iron-on transfers that I used the EasyPress 2 to apply to bags and shirts, and he thought this was the coolest thing.  He wanted to give the Cricut Maker a try...and, after a little tutorial and trying out a couple sample projects, he was off and running.  And, from that point on, it was like I had to fight to get a chance to use the Cricut.  

My husband is a computer programmer by trade, but when he sits down to use the Cricut maker to design and make things, you would think he was a designer of sorts.  Just this past weekend, he was making iron on's for him and the girls, and even made a trip to Michael's to buy white shirts so that he could use the EasyPress 2 to apply the iron-ons.  

My husband used the Cricut Design Space to add a template to a "New Project" 

Here is a quick video he took showing the Cricut Maker cutting out his template, based on what he made with his computer and the Design Space

Then, he used the Cricut Maker to cut out the iron-on, before using the EasyPress 2 to apply to the new white shirts he picked up

He positioned this iron on to where he wanted it on the shirt

Then, set up the EasyPress with the correct temperature and timer, and pressed the iron-on to the shirt

Here is the final product, which amazed me, and delighted the girls, who now have matching shirts like their Daddy...and, that Daddy designed and made for them :-)

And, you ready for this...he even used a coupon and took advantage of a sale, and came back all happy to report how much he said, and that he got a deal on Cricut cardstock.  So, I have to thank the folks at Cricut for turning my husband into a creative guy, who can't get enough of the Cricut Maker and EasyPress 2.  :-)

Even though my husband has been churning out project after project using the Maker and EasyPress 2 from Cricut, I also have snuck in time over the past two weeks to design and use the EasyPress 2.  What is the EasyPress 2, and is it a must have accessory for those with a Cricut Maker.  Here is more information, as well a features of this essential Cricut companion....

The Cricut EasyPress 2 -- the speed of a heat press; the convenience of an iron.

"Perfectly petite for pint-size projects. Now with adjustable heat up to 400℉ (205°C). Cricut EasyPress 2 gives you professional iron-on results in 60 seconds or less. Combining the speed of a heat press and the convenience of an iron, the Cricut EasyPress 2 gives you fast and foolproof results that really stick, even after repeated washes. Eliminate guesswork with rigorously tested time and temperature settings for every project, apply gentle pressure, and when the beep sounds, you’re done! Helpful safety features include an insulated resting base and auto-shutoff feature. Cricut EasyPress is lightweight, portable, easy to store, and compatible with major brands of heat-transfer vinyl material. And of course, it’s a perfect complement to Cricut cutting machines. Features:

  • Precise control up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. - wider heat range handles more iron-on applications
  • Start button with countdown timer -- Beeps when iron-on transfer is complete
  • Super-fast heat-up time -- Set exact temperature with digital controls

  • Comfortable handle -- Safe and easy to grip during use
  • Advanced heat plate design -- Dry, even heat and ceramic coating produce flawless transfers

  • Streamlined safety base -- Keeps Cricut EasyPress 2 in a protected, resting position
  • Auto shutoff -- Shuts off automatically after 10 minutes of non-use"


Just like withe Cricut Maker, you are given a sample project to complete, to get a feel for the EasyPress 2.  The project included with both of my EasyPress 2 were the same -- a tote with a Cricut symbol to iron-on.  

I really like how they walk you through each and every step, and show you images to go along with the steps, so you know which button to push and what you should be doing in a given step.  My husband also agreed that this is what got him excited and comfortable using the Cricut Maker and EasyPress 2. He is not one to usually read instructions, but when he was learning how to use these two Cricut projects, he took the time to read the instructions, and liked having the photos as a guide.

This is the sample project included in the box, along with step-by-step instructions

Step by-step instructions with photos to guide you through your first EasyPress 2 project (included with EasyPress)

I took a handful of photos to show you the step-by-step instructions I followed to make my very first iron-on bag, thanks to the Cricut EasyPress 2 sample project.  

The first step was to lay out everything provided, and read through the Welcome Book and the double-sided instruction card.

While I was reading, I powered up the Cricut EasyPress 2 -- I can't believe how quickly it heats up!

With every project you use the EasyPress with, they say to press the material you are using for at least 15 seconds first to prepare it for the iron on. You don't want to miss this step.  Plus if you have wrinkles in the fabric/material, this with smooth it out, so you have a clean canvas to apply your iron-on to.

Then you want to make sure the temperature is set correctly for the project you are working. The temperature varies per project and you can learn which settings to use by visiting the Cricut website

You will also want to set the timer -- in this case, I set it for 30 seconds and pressed the iron-on on the front of the bag, and then flipped the bag over and pressed the back of the bag, for double reinforcement, before peeling off the plastic from the iron on applique

I couldn't get over how quickly I was able to apply the iron on, and how easy it was to peel off the backing

Peeling off the plastic backing was so effortless...


And, here is how the sample project with the Cricut logo on a canvas tote turned out -- not bad for the first project with my new EasyPress 2

I made one bag, and my husband did another.  

They grey mat in the photo above is an accessory you can buy to go with your EasyPress 2 -- there is one for each of the 3 different size EasyPress.  While the EasyPress at is highly recommended to use with the EasyPress, you can also use a thick folded up towel. I tried it both with the EasyMat and a towel, and found it was so much easier with the EasyMat.  It is shaped to fit each EasyPress and isn't bulky like a towel, which can bunch up.  And, right now they are on sale on the Cricut website, so great to buy in addition to your new Cricut Maker and/or EasyPress 2. :-)

And, after that, we were both off and running, and coming up with fun iron-on designs using the different templates found in the Cricut Design Space.  

This is what the Cricut Design Space looks like -- offers up templates and lets Cricut users share designs and projects they have created for your own use. 

I plan to make a couple book bags and do an cute iron on with a stack of books, so that my girls have a tote to bring back and forth to the library.  They go each week to our library to take out books, and usually come back with a plastic bag filled.  But, I thought it would be nice and environmentally-conscious for them to have a tote just for bringing their borrowed books back and forth to the library.  So, stay tuned for another Cricut post in the next week or so, where I will walk you through the process of making this cute, and oh-so easy children's book bag/tote, in case you have a Cricut Maker and EasyPress 2, or plan to get one soon, so that you can make one as well.  This is perfect timing also for the book tote/bag, as I will be kicking off my annual "Welcome in Spring with a Good Book" series, where I will be featuring new spring children's book releases, to have on your radar.  With April vacation and all these snow days and delays, what better way to keep kids busy than with some new books.  My girls have been enjoying helping me read and review the books I will be sharing with you, and they will soon have a tote to bring them in the car or up to their rooms to read at bedtime.

You can learn more about the EasyPress 2 by visiting https://tap.fit/HJW2AZJBE. Like I said, after using this product for a couple weeks, I have found it to be an essential companion to the Cricut Maker.  If you love making iron-ons and wish for an oh so easy way to apply them, then the EasyPress 2 is what you need.  Just imagine all the beautiful projects you can make with the Cricut Maker and EasyPress 2 -- iron on film works wonderfully not just on clothing/fabric, but can also be applied to paper and wood.  I can't wait to get some wood to make a welcome sign to hang up in our home.  And, I found some neat templates and ideas on the Cricut Design Space site to make iron-on designs to add to pillows, pillowcases, and duvet covers. So, the possibilities are endless when you sit down to design and make things with the Cricut Maker.

I could go on and on raving about the Cricut maker and the two EasyPress 2 products I was sent to review, but my husband just went up to bed, which means I can score some time with the Cricut Maker...and don't want to lose out on this opportunity. :-)  

Just look at all this gorgeous iron-on supplies you can purchase through Cricut to use with their EasyPress 2 and Cricut Maker

As I was typing up my post, my husband was creating vinyl stickers for him and his colleagues at work, for the to apply on the front of their laptops. He said it would help with team building, as they are newly formed testing team, and will set themselves apart from others with their cool new laptops.  To say my husband is a fan of Cricut is an understatement. :-)

You can learn more about the Cricut Maker, EasyPress 2, accessories, and supplies by visiting their website at https://tap.fit/HJW2AZJBE. And, be sure to follow their social media channels for special offers, new product ideas, news and more:


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