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Love is in the Air with These Three Children's Books from Macmillan Children's - Perfect for Valentine's Day! (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent review copies from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

I love when the holidays roll around as it gives me an excuse to read to my girls.  Now that they are reading on their own, they rarely ask me to read to them, especially at bedtime.  Instead, they will grab a book, or stack of books and head to bed early, just so they can get a little reading in.  But, with the holidays, I am usually sent some wonderful new and recently released titles perfect for kids of all ages to enjoy (on their own) or with their parent/caregiver. 

Last week, I received a few books from the folks at Macmillan Children's, that are perfect to give to your child this Valentine's Day, or even to pick up and read to them, as you get in a few extra snuggles and warm kisses. :-)

(Also available in Kindle format)

About this Book:

"When a shiny, beautiful stranger catches Robot's eye, he knows she's the one. He thinks about her all the time. He even makes her a gift. But will he be able to keep his circuits from overheating and work up the courage to talk to her? T. L. McBeth's Robot in Love spins a funny and heartwarming story of love―perfect for sharing at Valentine's!"

My Thoughts:

When I first showed this book to my girls, they didn't show much interest in it.  They said, it looked like other robots in love books they have read.  But, having read it before showing it to them, I told them this was not like others they had read before.  And, it didn't have many words, and was presented kind of like a comic, so they would like.  The girls agreed to give it a chance, and sat to read it with me.  As they took turns reading the pages, they tried to figure out who the robot fell in love with.  It wasn't until the end of the book that they realized it was love at first sight with a toaster.  Yes, you read that right!  A toaster stole this robot's heart, and he was ready to do anything it took, to find his love and live happily ever after.  

My girls both loved this book, and were all smiles when they found out the robot fell for a toaster.  They even let out a few giggles.  And, when they were done reading this book, they wanted to read it again. We have only had this book for about a week, but it has become a favorite with my girls.  I continually find them pulling this book from the shelf to read on their own.  My youngest has even been drawing the robot and his toaster, and adding to the story with her drawings.  :-)

If you are looking for a cute book that will have your kids smiling and giggling this Valentine's Day, then you will want to pick up "Robot in Love."  It was a hit with my girls, and I know it will be with your kids, too!

(Also available in paperback and Kindle formats)

About this Book:

"A wonderfully exuberant teddy bear and his little boy go on all sorts of grand adventures collecting stories (and a few scrapes and bruises) along the way in Loved to Bits, a picture book about friendship from Teresa Heapy and Katie Cleminson.

Ted and his boy do everything together.
They fight beasts and have feasts.
They tickle monsters then flee on rafts,
They search, explore, escape. . . . and laugh.
But sometimes things get rough, and Teddy loses an ear.
He's still got his best one though, never fear!
And an eye? PING!
It's nothing―he didn't feel a thing!
A leg, then the other. An arm, and then the next.
What do you do with a broken Ted?
You lay down with him at night and snuggle in bed."

My Thoughts:

If you kids love Knuffle Bunny by Mo Willems, or books in general about their favorite stuffed animal or lovey, then they will love this cute children's picture book by Teresa Heapy and Katie Cleminson.  "Loved to Bits" introduces us to a little boy and his favorite teddy bear.  But, like many stuffed animals kids tote around all over, his teddy starts to fall apart.  Each time his friend losing a body part, his imagination kicks in and we see how his forever friend lost that particular part. 

Kids will go on a fun-filled adventure when they sit to read this book.  And, at the end of the book, when the little boy's teddy is missing his arms and legs, and need of some TLC, the little boy tells his mom she doesn't need to fix him, as he loves his teddy just the way he is, and the shape that he is in now making it easier for him to love on more and carry around.

My two girls loved this story, and could relate as they both have special blankets and bears that have seen better days, but they don't want to part with or have me try and repair, as these "war wounds" each have their own story behind them, and that is what makes their bears so special to them, just like this teddy bear is oh so special for this little boy.

(Also available in board book, Kindle, and paperback formats)

About this Book:

"A board book edition of the companion to IF ANIMALS KISSED GOOD NIGHT, which imagines how animals would say I love you.

If animals said “I love you,” how would they say it? Gorilla would pound her chest, whale would sing, and cheetah would purr. In this board book edition of If Animals Said I Love You, Ann Whitford Paul and David Walker imagine all the ways the members of the animal kingdom might express love. A perfect bedtime story for the youngest audience."
My Thoughts:
I was excited to read this book to my girls, and knew they would love it, as they both love animals...and, this book is filled with many of them, as mommy and child pairs.  Included are 
gorillas, whales, hippos, and many other parent/child pairs celebrating the holidays, and showing each other how much they love each other.  My girls were all smiles when we were snuggled up to read this book.  And, when we got to the very end, they each took turns showing me how they show their love for me, and say "I Love You!"  
This really is a cute book, and one that would make a great Valentine's Day gift, that you can share during the month of February, as well as year round, to remind your kids that you love them so!

Disclosure: I was sent review copies from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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