Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Take the Stress Out of a Snow Day By Sharing Playfoam Pals Snowy Friends with Your Kids -- This Surprise Egg will Provide Hours of Fun and Creative Play! (Review)

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Did you wake to find that school was cancelled today?  Many surrounding towns in my area cancelled school yesterday, as they didn't want to have to worry about the buses not starting, or slipping and sliding around on the icy roads.  Also, they would find it hard to heat the schools with the single digit temps (factor in the wind chill and we are below zero).  While kids love snow days, parents are left having to take another day off of work, or getting in the mind-set to play entertainer for the days.  It is funny how kids can't find things to do when a snow day comes.  And, unfortunately with the cold temps outside, they can't be sent outside all day to play in the snow.  So, what can you do with the kids, or have them do on their own, to keep them entertained, without pulling out phones and gadgets, or having them sitting in front of the television all day?

Why not compile a bag of fun arts and crafts kits, puzzle books, some new coloring books with crayons and colored pencils and some Playfoam Pals, to have ready when you find yourself with a "Snow Day" with your kids.  What is Playfoam Pals you ask?

"Playfoam Pals is just like the other surprise toys in which your child will open a package and find in this case a play foam animal pal. Series 3 features 12 Snowy Friends Playfoam® Pals™ plus a rare snowman, for your kids to collect.

But, the best part of this toy is that you not only get this cute animal pal to play with and collect, but the no-mess Playfoam it comes hidden inside is another toy your kids will love, and spend hours playing with.


We were recently sent three of the Playfoam® Pals™ Snowy Friends 2-Pack, which you can purchase online from the Educational Insights website for only $7.99/2-pack, as well as find online over at Amazon and in major retail stores.  

My girls' faces lit up when they saw me taking the Playfoam® Pals™ out of the box, as they received some for Christmas in their stockings from Santa, and have been collecting the different series and versions ever since.  They love how you can mix and match the Playfoam pals head and bodies, which detatch and re-attach with ease.

My girls were not only excited to have more Playfoam colors to play and sculpt with (it is great as it never dries out), but they couldn't wait to see which cute Playfoam pals they would find inside.  

My oldest was hoping for Wolfgang the husky, while my youngest really wanted Masha the Seal...and, they both got what they wanted, so they were even more thrilled at this fun surprise egg toy.

"Chill out and open a world of Playfoam® to find a surprise Pal inside this fun-filled 2 pack! Hidden within each mystery snow globe, a collectible (and totally adorable) animal from the arctic awaits. Use Playfoam, the squishy stuff that never dries out, to create everything your Pal needs, again and again! Collect them all! "

Psst...They're Learning! 

  • Pretend play develops social and communication skills
  • Building with Playfoam encourages creativity and imagination
  • Sculpting again and again develops sensory and fine motor skills

Cut to the Chase 
  • Includes 2 mystery globes: each pod includes Playfoam and a Playfoam Pal
  • Series 3 features 12 Snowy Friends Playfoam Pals plus a rare snowman
  • Collect them all

Our plans yesterday were cancelled due to the icy roads and effects of the snow we received over the weekend. So, it was the perfect day to sit at the dining room table and play with Playfoam pals all day.  The girls had so much fun sculpting homes and accessories for their new adorable Snowy Friends pals.  They couldn't stop giggling when they were mixing and matching the pals to make new ones.   I didn't have to worry about finding things to keep the girls busy with, and not once did they ask to use the phone or want to sit and watch television. They were so engrossed in Playfoam Pals play that I had to tell them to start picking up, so we could get ready for dinner.  This bummed them out, but as soon as dinner was done, they were back at it, along with their Daddy, playing and having a blast with their new Playfoam Pals Snowy Friends surprise eggs.

My girls can't wait until the roads get better so that we can head to Target and pick up some more of these to add to their collection.  They are both hoping for the rare snowman, and to complete their Snowy Friends collection.

To learn more about the different Playfoam Pals products including the cute Snowy Friends 2-Packs we were recently sent to review, head on over to the Educational Insights website today.  

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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