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Create a Space Designed by Nature® with Plants from Wild Interiors - Their Succulents, Which Are Perfect for Non-Green Thumbs Would Make a Great Valentine's Day Gift! (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

"Wild Interiors® is here to help every plant owner, from newbie to green thumb, feel empowered and enthusiastic about creating a space Designed by Nature®."

I like to gift family and friends with flowers for special occasions and just because. But, I have found over the years that flowers arrangements sent by florists contracted out by online vendors I buy from either arrive looking nothing like what I ordered, or only last a few days, not making it worth my while to send for them to enjoy, or spend my money on.  So, I have been looking for alternatives, and have found succulents as the way to go, when I want to share the gift of a plant.  Not only do succulents look unique, but they are one of the most easiest plants to take care of, as they don't require much care and attention.  So, you don't have to be a green thumb to have luck with a succulent, which if you ask many of my friends and family, they are all for.  I know also with my busy schedule, I have found myself from time to time neglecting my house plants.  But, with succulents, the guess work over how much water and sun to give, questioning need for fertilizer or other special flowering care is not needed.  All you really need is a water bottle to spritz your plants with, and a shelf or table (with indirect sunlight and without a draft) for your succulent (which there are many varieties to choose from) to thrive.

Recently, I was contacted by the folks at Wild Interiors, and asked if I wanted to review one of their indoor plants.  I had never heard of them before, but once I checked out their website (which directs you to Amazon to purchase their indoor house plants), I jumped at the opportunity. Being a lover of succulent plants, and indoor plants in general, I couldn't get over the wide assortment of plants Wild Interiors had to offer.  And, the prices were also amazing, making them perfect to give as gifts, or to add to your growing indoor house plant collection, or even start one, without any fuss.

Here are just a few of their indoor plants available, that I fell in love with...

In addition to these indoor house plants, I also found myself lingering on their page admiring the Wild Interiors 407065 Echeveria Live Indoor Plant, Shelf Size (5" Pot), Green.  I have seen Echeveria succulents at garden centers before, and have always wanted to get one to add to my growing succulents collection. 


  • "This Echeveria Succulent has rosettes of plump leaves in a range of green hues. These easy-care desert plants are drought resistant and can go weeks between waterings, making them a low-maintenance choice for your home. Echeveria is pet friendly, so it's okay if your pet gets curious and takes a sniff! Our Echeveria succulent is potted in a shelf size 5" diameter clay pot for easy decorating with your existing style. Measures approximately 5-7" wide and 6-7" high.

  • PLANT BENEFITS: In addition to adding a natural aesthetic and a touch of greenery, indoor plants like succulents help purify the air inside your home and can even boost your mood and productivity. Echeveria succulents are also pet-friendly in case Fluffy gets curious.

  • INDOOR DECOR GUIDE: Aside from needing bright light, succulents are happy additions to any decor! Place your Echeveria on a desk, tabletop, windowsill, or shelf, or hang it from our Macrame Hanger for a distinctive bohemian look. Succulents are an on-trend addition for any style and decor. We can't wait to see what you do with yours!

  • EASY CARE PLANTS: Wild Interiors succulents are easy to care for and enjoy. Keep in bright but indirect sunlight and add one inch of water to the clay pot about once every three weeks. Avoid drafts, and keep your plant between 65 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • FROM GREENHOUSE TO HOME: You can feel secure in knowing that your Wild Interiors foliage house plant was grown “low and slow” to fully develop its roots and leaves before making its way to your home. This ensures the health of the plant and its transition to the home environment."


There is something about this drought-resistant desert plant with its fleshy leaves, that makes is such a beautiful plant.  Not only it is pretty to look at, but Echeveria plants are also good for your health. How you ask?  Not only are they simple to care for, but they also promote a healthy lifestyle by helping to filter and purify the air in your home. They have also been shown to boost mood and productivity.  And, with the cold winter months here in New England, which see to go on for ever, this succulent would be a good plant to have to help boost your mood, especially after the snow/ice storm we just had.

It is amazing how even just one indoor plant can transform your home or work space into a lush, natural haven.  And, succulents like this also blend in nicely with any home decor or style you have going on in your house.  And, like I said, this is one of the easiest plants to take care of, as they can go weeks without needing to be watered, as they retain water for a long time.  Sounds like your type of plant, right? 

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, why not consider checking out the different indoor plants available from Wild Interiors, including their succulents.  They also offer pet-friendly plants and foliage plants, both which are also easy to take care of, and add a burst of color to your living space, while also boosting your mood and spirits.  I, for one, will be gifting some of their plants to family and friends this Valentine's Day, and have already given my husband a wish list of plants I would love to add to my indoor potted plants collection, from Wild Interiors.  After receiving the Echeveria succulent after the holidays for review, I can see that this is a brand that can be trusted to offer and deliver top-quality indoor plants, each and every time. 

To learn more about their succulents and other indoor plants, which you can purchase through Amazon, head on over to  I can't wait to see which plants you order for yourself, or to give as gifts this Valentine's Day, so be sure to share photos on your social channels and tag me so that I can see them. :-)

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Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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