Thursday, December 13, 2018

Last Minute Gift Ideas: The NXT Lunch Bag is Perfect For Urban Professionals, Commuters, Students & Bag Lovers (Review)

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

Ugh, not again!  I hate when my husband comes home and tells me I need to soak his messenger bag again, as his lunch container opened up and spilled all inside of it.  While I wish I could just throw out his bag, it is one of his favorite ones, and he would hate to part with it.  Like us women have ties with our handbags, guys can get attached to their backpacks and messenger bags, too, and when it comes to parting with it even for a half hour to clean it, it is like the end of the world...well, at least that is what it seems like when my husband hands over his bag after yet another food spill.

The last time this happened, I told my husband he should invest in a lunch tote or bag to bring his lunches in. But, he said that was for kids, and also there weren't any stylish or professional looking lunch bags out there.  Whenever I go to the stores with my girls I will snap a photo of a lunch bag I spot and send to him, but he is quick to respond, "No thanks."  That all changed the other day, when I sent him a snap shot of NXtbag, which I was recently sent to review.  As soon as he saw the brown lunch bag, he was quick to question if it was actually a lunch bag or not, as it looked to stylish to store food.  

After snapping and share a few other photos of the inside of the NXtbag lunch bag, he was quick to follow up with "I'll take it!"  I don't know who was more happier about this new lunch bag, him or me?  I was looking forward to not having to save his precious messenger bag from another lunch spill stain, and now he could walk the halls of his work as he makes his way to his desk and/or lunch room, sporting his new NXtbag. :-)

Here is more about the lunch bag from NXtbag, along with its many features:

NXtbag is a collaboration of a small group of like minded people, It was our dream to create a bag that was not just useful and environmentally friendly but also great to look at. nXtbag is made of 8 oz waxed canvas with an insulated lining, carry strap and removable shoulder strap and three external pockets to keep those extra essentials, like you phone, iPad, books, wallet, purse, keys or whatever else you may have. So it’s great to take to work and use for your lunch or take it on picnics outings or its great for grocery shopping as its insulated.


✅ HIGH-QUALITY stitching and seam work means this bag is built to last.
✅ BIODEGRADABLE - free of any synthetic or plastic-based materials.
✅ PACK YOUR LUNCH WITH STYLE: Waxed canvas body provides waterproof protection and stylish look for the workplace and beyond.

✅ KEEPS FOOD COLD OR HOT: Insulated lining keeps food and drinks cold or Hot through the lunch hour. Wide base designed to fit cooler packs.

✅ EASY TO CARRY: Handle makes it convenient to carry, unlike traditional lunch bags.
✅ FEATURE: Dark waxed canvas makes them unique, stain resistant and water resistant, we makes them durable. It is pretty large that can easily fit a medium size Tupperware container. Insulated lining keeps your food fresh Hot or cool for hours when you go to work, school and picnics. Also a good choice for a daily portable bag. Shopping bag 

✅ EASY-ACCESS OUTER POCKETS : Features wide opening for easy loading and unloading. There are 2 side pockets for storing your mobile phone,car keys wallet or purse. A deep rear pocket for putting snacks, candies, napkins, cards, books, iPad and other small things.

* Dimensions of nXtbag are 7.5” x 6” x 11” ( 190mm x 150mm x 380mm ) when closed and 7.5”x6”x15” ( 190mm x 150mm x 380mm ) When Open.


My husband couldn't wait to fill his new NXtbag lunch bag and bring it to work this AM.  I asked him to snap a photo of the bag, and this is what I got...

And, just a few minutes ago he called to provide an update on how his first day with the NXtbag lunch bag went.  He said he received a handful of compliments on the bag, after co-workers saw that it was a lunch bag. And, it kept his lunch cold, without needing a refrigerator.  He has tried to keep his food in the company fridge in the past, but someone would always steal it.  So, that is why it would sit in his messenger bag at his desk, until he was ready for lunch.

My husband really enjoys his new NXtbag, and is happy that he no longer has to put his food in his messenger bag, and have it smelling or leaking everywhere.  And, I am happy I finally found a bag that he likes and that makes transporting his lunch and food containers easier and without mess.  

If you bring your lunch or your spouse or even children do, and you are looking for a stylish bag they will love being caught with, then you will want to check out the NXtbag lunch bag, which is available now over at Amazon for only $39.99, in either blue or brown 

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.


  1. I like that these are biodegradable! The blue one is my favorite!

  2. I go for the tan color. Cool and neat!