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Last Minute Gift Ideas: Bohemian Mama Offers Luxurious Bohemian Clothing and Unique Gifts for the Home (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

We are getting down to the wire....9 days and counting, until Santa's arrival.  Did you get something for everyone on your holiday shopping list?  I have to admit that I found it difficult to find gifts in stores this holiday season, as there really wasn't much of a selection, and what stores did have -- minus the toys -- really wasn't unique or special, and jumped out as a "Wow" gift for family and friends.  As a result, I took my holiday shopping online this year, and did most of my shopping online, which I loved as I didn't have to brave crazy parking lots looking for a spot, or standing in long lines for gifts that I would probably return last minute or after the holidays, after finding something better online.

One store that I found offered a wonderful selection of gifts for women, children (including babies) as well as for the home, was Bohemian Mama. I only learned about Bohemian Mama this month, but as so happy to now know about it, as it has made gift giving this Christmas and for holidays and birthdays to come, that much easier.  

They offer a unique collection of gifts for women, children, and home, with brands that include Free People, Moonwater Co, Lack of Color, Show Me Your Mumu, Rylee and Cru, Skylar Luna and more.   If you are into the whole Bohemian vibe, then you will love Bohemian Mama, and their different collections and gift ideas.  I personally love how each piece is showcased on this website in a natural way, celebrating a sense of individuality.  I am not one to go by styles I see in magazines as you usually have to be a size "O" or be ready to drop a lot of money like celebrities have, just to get a piece that is stylish and in.  

When I became a mom, I found myself worrying less about the clothing designers or need to be current with the style trends, as all my time and effort went to raising my girls.  But, now that they are getting older and becoming more independent, I am getting back into clothing, and have found myself gravitating towards the Californian bohemian vibe. I love how women, of all ages and sizes can wear a dress, jumpsuit, or even hat and leave stylish and pretty, all without breaking the bank.  

And, after a long week with the kids, it is nice to look forward to the weekend when you can put away your "mom clothes" and put on a bohemian style tea and mom jeans like the ones shown below, and get out and enjoy time with family...

In addition to updating my wardrobe, I am also venturing back into making the house look nice with fun decor that represents my individual style, while also being family-friendly.  I am all about throw pillows and blankets, and have even introduced candles back into my decor. Before I was afraid the girls would get into the glass candle jars and drop them, and have glass shattered everywhere.  But, now, I can light a candle and enjoy the scent, while it adds a calming, relaxing feeling in the room, without having to worry about my girls touching it. 

Recently, I was sent the following two candle samples from the folks at Bohemian Mama and absolutely LOVE them.  Even my girls thought that these candles were cool, and couldn't wait for me to light them, as they wanted to see how they burned, smelled and what surprise was in the 
Pyramid Surprise Candle.

"Feeling uninspired?  Help un-stick your mind and boost your creative energy with Creative Magic! It was made to clear your mental blockages and spark creativity."

The Ritual- Light your candle, as the candle burns, focus especially on creative inspiration. Sit before the candle and imagine that its light is surrounding your head, clearing your mind of any distracting thoughts. let the light illuminate and inspire your mind.
Gemstone- CARNELIAN/ motivation & creativity.
Herbs- MUGWORT, CORNFLOWERS, SUNFLOWERS / mind opening, patience, energy, mental focus.
Colors- BLUE, YELLOW, MAGENTA / harmony, joy, success, communication.

(All candles vary in scent and colors)

"Can't decide which candle to choose from? Don't. Try our Pyramid Surprise Candle! Each candle is layered with colors, it's own unique scent, and a fun little surprise hidden inside! 

Bella couldn't wait to open the Pyramid Surprise Candle and see what it looked like...
It comes nicely wrapped in colorful cello wrap inside a container, which you need to pop the lid...

She was so excited after unwrapping this cute candle, which smells so good!!! :-)

And, here is Bella posing with her new Bohemian Mama Pyramid Surprise Candle. 

She said I could enjoy the candle and its relaxing effects, but she gets the surprise inside.  We haven't burnt it down to reveal the surprise, but I will update through social media once we do.  And, I know Bella will be all for posing with her candle surprise.

Savannah opted for the creative candle, as she saw a rock on the top and loves collecting rocks. Before I lit the candle, she grabbed the rock and shined it up, before adding it to her collection. 

I told her all about the candle and how it is supposed to help those feeling uninspired.  She loved seeing all the different herbs and gemstones mixed into this candle.  

The colors alone shout "creativity" and got my daughter excited to go draw and write up a little story after seeing the candle and watching it melt for a bit.  

In addition to these two wonderful candles, which would make anyone on your shopping list, including yourself, I was also sent the one-of-a-kind Paint Palette Ornament Set, which I saw on the Bohemian Mama website and fell in love with, and just had to have.

I have shared in previous posts how I love to pick up ornaments and give to my girls that represent a passion or love of theirs, or that would signify a special memory during a particular year. I have been giving them ornaments ever since they were born and by the time they move out on their own, they will have a nice collection of ornaments to add to their first tree. And, hopefully when they add each and every ornament to their tree, year after year, they will be reminded about why I gave them each.  Each ornament holds a special meaning and story, and I love sharing these with the girls each November when we pull out their ornament boxes and add their ornaments to the tree.  This year, in addition the "2018" dated ornaments I gave them, I also surprised them with one of the Paint Palette Ornaments that come as a pair from the Bohemian Mama website.

"For the Artist you know, or the artist in you, gift a set of 2 hand painted resin palette ornaments! 

(Assorted colors)"

When I saw these, I instantly thought of the girls, as they have really gotten into art and painting this year.  And, thanks to a few didn't art classes they have been taking, they have found different artists like Monet and Renoir that they love and try to make artwork that is inspired by these artists and their works.  So, when I saw the paint pallets, I knew it was just the ornament for them.  And, at only $24.00 for the two ornaments, you can't go wrong.

My girls were all smiles when I gave them their special Paint Palette Ornaments and couldn't wait to find the perfect spot on the Christmas tree to hang them. 

I ended up buying their Macaroon Arrows Ornament Set to gift to my husband, who loves fancy French macaroon cookies.

I was so happy with the samples sent from Bohemian Mama for review and inclusion in my holiday gift guide, and am happy I know about this site, as I can recommend it to family and friends, and my readers, who are looking for last minute gift ideas, or that special gift they want to get and put under the tree for them to enjoy on Christmas morning.

Just look at the different gift ideas available now from Bohemian Mama, that would make for a great gift idea this holiday season.  You can find these and so many more by heading over to today.  And, be sure you take advantage of their "5 Days of Christmas" specials going on now.  Today you can score 25% off Mumus.  

Follow their social channels to find out the additional holiday sales, as they count down to Christmas.

Follow Bohemian Mama on their social channels below to stay up-to-date on new product additions, special offers and giveaways and more...

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review.  All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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