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Goliath Games Has You Covered for Fun Games and Toys for Kids of All Ages This Holiday Season -- Check Out These Four Great Products My Family Tried and Loved! (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

We can't go a birthday or holiday without gifting Goliath Games, and this Christmas is no exceptional.  If you follow my blog then you know that my family loves games, and we have a weekly game night on Saturday nights. And, usually when game night rolls around, the girls are picking one of their favorite Goliath games off the game shelf to play.  Recently, though, they have found new favorites thanks to a sampling of Goliath Games we were sent to review.

Just check out the four fun new games from Goliath that have made our family game nights more enjoyable and memorable....

Like I said, we have been fans of Goliath Games for years, and I especially love their assortment of game for younger kids, that kids and adults will enjoy playing together.  So, when I saw the four games mentioned above arrive at our doorstep recently, I, myself, couldn't wait to play them with my girls, as they looked super fun!

The first game we played was Giggle Wiggle.  My girls had been asking for this game for awhile, after seeing commercials on television for it.  It is geared towards kids ages 4+, and can be played with 2 to 4 players.   The object of the game is your marbles on the caterpillars hands as he sways all around to the music.  This is one of those race to the finish games that will have everyone on their feet and rushing to get their pieces in place in order to win.

This game really was fun to play and had us all laughing as the caterpillar twisted and turned. It seemed like every time I was getting close to winning, my marbles would get knocked off, leaving me to race to catch up.

The game itself takes about 10 minutes to play, which is great for times when your kids want to play a game, but you don't have a lot of time to sit down and play a long board game.  But, I will warn you, when you sit down to play Giggle Wiggle, get ready for rematch after rematch, until everyone wins, as everyone will want to beat the caterpillar in this highly addicting and oh so fun game.  This game has become a staple at our weekly game nights, and is usually one of the first games we play.  Kids and adults will go crazy for Giggle Wiggle, making it a must have for families this holiday season.

The second game we played and also loved from Goliath was Pop Rocket.  

Another game geared towards kids ages 4+, and 2-4 players, Pop Rocket is another game of speed, where you need to catch the most stars when the rocket pops in order to win.  What I love about games like this and other from Goliath that are suitable for preschoolers and up, is that the directions of each game are easy to explain to kids, so that you can get the game going quickly.  Kids will pick up on the rules and want to dive right in, especially when you pull out Pop Rocket to play.  And, set up is easy...simple collect the starts and fill the rocket.  Then, pull the string and start the countdown.  Now the real fun begins...roll the dice and place your star catcher cups. When the time runs out, the rocket will pop and the stars will shoot out into the air.  The person who collects the most stars in their star catcher cup wins.

Like Giggle Wiggle, this is another quick game that lasts about 5-10 minutes, making it a great game for little ones who can't sit for a long board game, or for families looking to get in a few fun games for family game night.  Pop Rocket will have the whole family laughing and jumping as the rocket pops and the stars spill out on the table. And, once the stars are all picked up and counted, you will all be wanting to play it again...and again!

One of my favorite games to play as a kid was dominoes. Not only was the game fun, but lining them up and then tipping over one to see them all fall down as even funner.  So, when I saw Domino Junior Friends Dino from Goliath on their website, I knew it was something my girls (and I) would love playing together. 

While this is not a game per se, we ended up turning it into a competition to see who could set up the best domino path, and who could successful have all their dominoes fall down.  The addition of the volcano and four stunts that are included with the Domino Junior Friends Dino set, makes this even more fun for kids ages 4+.

If your kids love dinosaurs, then they will go crazy for this domino set, which offers dino stacking action, and to kick off the domino tumbling, is none other than a squish of a dino's tail, to kick it all off.  You can even stack dominoes on a dinosaurs backs and watch them tumble down.  And, be on the lookout for falling boulders. :-)  My girls really enjoyed playing with the Domino Junior Friends Dino set, as did my husband and I.  When we weren't competing to see who could set up the dominoes in the right way to have them all fall down, we were having fun trying out the 4 dino stunts and watching the boulders tumble out of the volcanos to help the dominoes along.  This is definitely one of those gifts that will be played with time and again, and comes in handy for rainy and snow days.  We have only had this set for a few weeks, but my girls can't get enough of it. They will play with it together and on their own.  And, each and every time it is time to watch the dominoes drop, they are quick to let everyone in the house know, so we can all gather and watch the fun. :-)  I highly recommend this and other Domino Junior Friends sets available from Goliath.

And, the final game we were sent to review from Goliath was i-Top

This is not like any top you have played with.  Geared towards kids ages 7 and up, this top has 10 different games for you to choose from.
  • Compass Mode:  Spin the Right Code to Unlock a Real Compass!
  • Top Score:  Practice Your Best Spins and Beat the High Score!
  • Jackpot:  You're a Winner if You Spin 777!
  • Lucky Charm:  Nothing is Luckier Than a Spinning 888!
  • Diamond:  Unlock a Precious Jewel at 333!
  • The "99" Challenge:  Spin to "99" Exactly to Unlock Cool Animations!
  • Cupid:  Love Will Have You Spinning on 214!
  • Airplane:  Prepare for Takeoff! Spin 747 For a High-Flying Surprise!
  • UFO:  Spin 606 for an Animation That is Out of This World!
  • PI:  No Math Involved Here - Spin 314 for PI!
We had a blast trying out each and every one of these i-Tops games.  You think you know how to spin a top...wait until they try this top and have to score a specific isn't as easy as you think!

Everyone in your house will want a turn spinning to win a game to see cool animations or to beat the high score and have bragging rights.  You can sit around the table and play with this top game, or enjoy it on your own, as you hone your spinning skills.  My girls love playing with the i-Top on their own, and then once they master a game, or get good at spinning the top, they want to challenge others to show off their skills.  This is another one of those games that once you try it, you don't want to stop.  You will want to keep playing, hoping to break the record.

I could go on and on about how great these four new Goliath games are. They would all make for great gift ideas for kids and families who loves games.  We have been enjoying them all these past few weeks, and are looking for our next game night to play them again, along with other Goliath Games favorites of ours.

You can learn more about these and other fun Goliath Games by visiting  These games can be purchased through online retailers like Amazon, or at most major retailers including Target, Walmart, Barnes & Noble, Kmart, Kohls, etc..  And, all are reasonably priced, making them a great gift idea for family and friends this holiday season.

Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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