Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Give the Busy Mom in Your Life (Or Yourself) the Gift of a Super Stylish November Rain Poncho + 10% of Your Purchase Goes to Water Projects in Developing Countries (Review)

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

If you are a mom, how is your style sense?  I used to think of myself of stylish back before having kids.  My closet was filled with work clothes, weekend casual clothes, dressy attire, etc. And, don't get me started on my shoe and handbag collection. But, that all seemed to change once I had my girls.  Slowly I gave up the stylish slack and dress tops for more casual and comfy t-shirts and jeans.  While I never got into wearing sweatpants or lounge pants, I did see myself slowly moving my old stylish clothes to the back of the closet to make room for my "mom clothes". And, now that my girls are getting older and more observant, they are quick to provide feedback on my look.  Just the other day, my youngest asked me if I wear anything else besides jeans, as she rarely sees me in anything else.  She did recall me getting dressed up for their preschool graduation ceremony and a few holiday parties and dinners, but other than that, I am usually in jeans, a t-shirt and a comfy sweatshirt.  Sad how my girls are picking up on my style sense...or lack there of.  As busy parents we can find ourselves in a style rut, especially if we have young children and babies to take care of, and are stay at home moms.  Not only am I a stay-at-home mom, but I also homeschool my girls, so they are always with me. To me, dressing in a comfy clothes is better than dressing to the 10's, knowing that I could get my "good" clothes dirty with an art project we are doing, or impromptu nature hike.  But, maybe in 2019, I can try to add to dress it up a little, and venture outside the "mom jeans" into some more stylish clothes, that will have even my 7 and 8 year old daughters taking notice. :-)

I am going to start with a super stylish rain poncho from November Rain.  Why a rain poncho?  Like I said, I am a busy mom on the go, and I find that homeschooling my girls always has us on the go or outside where the elements are unpredictable, especially here in New England. One minute it can be sunny and the next we can have rain or even snow.  I noticed this past year, that I don't even have a rain coat.  I used to have a few back when I worked, and would pair them with my work clothes.  But, after having my girls, I guess I got rid of my rain coats, along with some of my other clothes and jackets.  I found myself more of a homebody during the girls' baby and toddler years, as it was easier to be at home than try and lug two little ones out and about.  But, now that my girls are older, and we are doing more and more classes outside the house for school, I guess now is the perfect time to start adding pieces to my wardrobe including a rain coat.

The other day the folks at November Rain reached out to me to see if I wanted to review one of their high-quality, 100 % waterproof, super stylish rainwear, and include in my holiday gift guide.  I jumped at the opportunity, as I watched the rain come down outside my bay window.  The girls were waiting for it to let up so they could throw on their rain boots and gear and go jumping in muddy puddles, and I planned to watch from the window, where I would stay dry.   

After checking out the November Rain website and their line of stylish rain ponchos, I couldn't wait to have one sent for review.  

"November Rain ponchos are totally waterproof with heat-sealed seams, the clever one-size fits all construction allows for cover over even the biggest down jacket, or room to breathe in an 80 degree monsoon tropical shower."

What I loved most, next to how stylish these rain ponchos are, is that they can fold up neatly into a small 7" packet for easy storage.  

I could toss this in my handbag or car and have ready for a rainy afternoon out with the girls.  And, unlike other rain ponchos, this is made for busy moms in mind, as it allows you hold your child's hand, instead of trying to juggle an umbrella handle, your bag, and children.  All you have to do is throw on your hood, which is detachable from the November Rain poncho, and your hands are free to hold your groceries, child's hand, 

And, when you are done with your rain poncho, you can fold it up and put it in the handy storage bag it comes with, to store away for the next rainy day.

Like I said, the folks at November Rain sent one of their rain ponchos for me to try out.  I received it today, and couldn't wait to take it out of the package and unfold it, and try it out.  I loved how the poncho fit and how it was loose and not constraining.  And, my girls were quick to tell me I looked nice in it, and that it was stylish.  "I looked like a cool mom" my youngest said.  Too bad it wasn't raining so that we could go outside and I could try it out.  As I wait for a rainy day to show off and try out my new rain poncho from November Rain, I wanted to make you aware of this great product, which would make a great gift for the special mom in you life, women who commute to work, and other active travelling gal pals.  And, if looking stylish wasn't enough reason to buy this rain poncho, how is knowing that 10% of all sales are given to water projects in developing countries.  November Rain focuses their needs on projects involving children in Africa and SE Asia (More info about the Malawi Children's Hospital Project can be found at their website).  So, not only do you win with this stylish rain poncho which will keep you dry during the rain, but you are helping others in need, too.

In a range of stunning prints and lovely solids, the ponchos are sure to turn heads.  Plus they are printed using Eco-friendly dyes and printing methods.  Recently reviewed on the Today Show, LA Times and Chicago Tribune, November Rain has received a number of great press hits to date.  So, what are you waiting for?  Head on over to the November Rain website and browse their selection of rain ponchos which cost only $69.00 and come in sizes regular or tall.  

Currently, there are 12 colors to choose from, and you can purchase directly through the www.novemberrain.co or over at amazon.com.  

And, with your December poncho purchase, the folks at November Rain will throw in an Eco-tote, as a gift!

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in exchange for an honest review. All views shared are mine and mine alone.

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